Will the 1-euro ticket soon replace the 9-euro ticket for buses and trains in Germany?


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The 9-euro ticket has been a hit since the beginning of June. The demand for cheap public transport tariffs is enormous. Now the 1-euro ticket is under discussion.

1-euro ticket: The 9-euro ticket, which has been in effect since the beginning of June, is a complete success – aside from the overcrowded trains and busy railway lines. According to the Association of German Transport Companies, around 16 million tickets have already been sold. But what happens when the 9-euro ticket expires at the end of August after the planned three months? Voices are being raised calling for a permanent 1-euro ticket. Find out what the 1-euro ticket could mean for commuting in Germany.

1-euro ticket

The 1-euro ticket is to replace the 9-euro ticket – this is what the change.org petition is calling for

Traveling by public transport 365 days a year for one euro a day: That is the idea behind the 1-euro ticket or 365-euro ticket. The background is primarily the climate protection aspect. The cheap ticket should allow more people to travel by bus and train and thus reduce the number of cars on the road. The German Environmental Aid has already started a petition on change.org, with which it is addressing Chancellor Olaf Scholz ( SPD ) directly.

This applies to the 9 euro ticket
From when and for how long is the ticket valid?Scheduled to be available from June 1st for three months
Where is the ticket valid?Nationwide validity, no regional restrictions
Who is the ticket for?No restrictions on groups of people, subscription holders will receive a refund
How much is the ticket?9 euros per month

▶︎ The demand of the petition is: bus and train for one euro a day – and that throughout Germany. When the 9 euro ticket expires, the 1 euro ticket is to come. But is that even feasible?

1-euro ticket

After the end of the 9-euro ticket: will the 1-euro ticket be introduced?

In Vienna, Austria it is already in use! The 1-euro ticket and the 365-euro ticket were introduced there in 2012. In the first five years, sales of annual tickets doubled, and around 5,000 new customers are currently being added every month, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Although the trains are also full in Vienna, this confirms above all that there is a great desire for low fares for public transport – as shown with the 9-euro ticket.

365-euro ticket for Nuremberg decided: talks about expansion are ongoing

The Nuremberg city council approved the 365-euro annual ticket for local public transport. 

The goal: There should be such a ticket in the entire metropolitan region of Nuremberg.

The ticket is to be introduced in the city of Nuremberg by January 1, 2023 at the latest. From January 1, 2021, holders of the “Nuremberg Pass” will be offered a monthly ticket without a time-limit for 15 euros per month in tariff level A.

1-euro ticket

Train and bus for 1 euro – now throughout Germany!

Want to help? Sign the Change.org petition!

Around 128,000 people have already signed. The goal is 150,000 signatures.

Why is the 365 euro ticket the solution? The annual ticket for 365 euros, for 1 euro a day, makes using the bus and train uncomplicated – just get on and off where and when you want, without having to understand complicated tariffs. 1 euro a day makes bus and train cheaper and more attractive. Once the 365-euro flat rate has been paid, people are more likely to use the public transport system than their car.

A permanent 1-euro ticket for local transport?

For many Green advocates, the solution is a permanent 1-euro ticket – users should pay one euro per day, which makes 30 or 31 euros a month, and 365 euros a year. More expensive than the 9-euro ticket, but much cheaper than most models currently available.


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