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Christmas markets in 2021 despite Corona? But of course. Despite the increasing number of infections and the expected new wave in winter, many cities have already announced their plans for the Christmas market, bazaar and the like.

While last year the Christmas markets were initially restricted by complicated concepts and then canceled entirely in many places , everything is to be different in 2021. The 2021 Christmas markets will take place!.

Christmas market are to be open for a full 32 days this year. Among other things, the dates have now started to be announces!

Christmas market Bremen in 2021

After a break last year, Bremen’s city center will once again be the scene of a Christmas market. The first details are already known. The atmospheric event should be open from November 22nd to December 23rd – a full 32 days.

A spokesman for Bremen’s economic department said on Friday: “Due to the success in fighting the pandemic and in view of the high vaccination rate in Bremen, there will be another Christmas market in downtown Bremen in 2021 – unlike last year.” “There is currently a close exchange between the economic authorities and the health department and the showmen’s associations on the specific design.”

Bremen Christmas market: opening times have been set

The opening times have also already been set. The Christmas market will be open from Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Detailed plans are to be presented to the public shortly, it said.

Karlheinz Heine, 2nd chairman of the Bremen Showmen Association, told the Weser-Kurier that there were three conceivable concepts to choose from. All should resemble the well-known Christmas market. The decision of the Bremen health department is decisive for this.

Christmas market in Darmstadt in 2021

There will be another Christmas market in Darmstadt in 2021. Changes are planned due to the corona pandemic. All information about the period, rules and special features.

“There should be another Christmas market in the city center,” announced the city of Darmstadt in a message. Darmstadt residents and visitors from the surrounding area can meet again this year in front of steaming mulled wine stands and sip hot drinks there. The magic of the booth is actually quite early: it should start on November 15th. However, it remains closed on the Sunday of the Dead (Totensonntag).

Christmas market Darmstadt 2021: which corona rules apply?

Due to Corona , however, there will be some changes at the Darmstadt Christmas market. “The usual image of the dense crowd in the aisles and between the stalls on Marktplatz and Friedensplatz as well as around the White Tower will not materialize,” said the city. Instead, a decentralized Christmas market is planned in various places in downtown Darmstadt.

Corona rules currently in force are to be implemented at the Christmas market. The decentralized concept enables compliance with distance and hygiene measures. The plan is for the showmen to be able to sell their drinks and food stalls in the following places:

  • On the Friedensplatz
  • The Karolinenplatz between the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt and the House of History
  • The Luisenplatz
  • In the upper Wilhelminenstrasse / Wilhelminenplatz
  • On Ludwigsplatz

According to the city of Darmstadt, the dealers will be placed on the market square. “In addition, children’s rides are planned on Friedensplatz, Ludwigsplatz and Luisenplatz,” the city said.

New concept for the Christmas market in Darmstadt 2021: visitors need to know that
In concrete terms, the decentralized Christmas market in Darmstadt means: fewer stalls than usual, more space between the stalls and wider aisles. The stand owners must also follow the current Corona rules. There are higher requirements for food and drink stands than for dealers.

2021 Christmas market

Christmas market in Kassel 2021

After the compulsory break due to Corona last year, the Christmas market in Kassel is to take place again in 2021. Here is an overview of all information.

The fairytale Christmas market is scheduled for the period from November 22nd to December 31st, 2021. The City of Kassel and Kassel Marketing of HNA have confirmed this.

What are the opening times of the Kassel Christmas market?

The fairytale Christmas market opens daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The food stands are operated until 10 p.m. However, a three-day break is planned: the Christmas market will be closed from December 24th to 26th.

What applies to the Christmas market in Kassel with a view to Corona?

The Corona cabinet of the State of Hesse adjusted the requirements for Christmas markets in mid-October. After that, Christmas markets are treated in the same way as weekly and flea markets and may take place subject to certain rules. This means, for example, that you are not allowed to eat or drink on the paths, but only in designated, cordoned-off areas. Children’s carousels are allowed to drive on the Christmas markets. 

According to the Hessian minister president Volker Bouffier, there are no access restrictions. In addition, the Christmas market may be held without the approval of certain numbers of people. Which distance and hygiene rules (e.g. wider aisles, mask requirement) will apply at this year’s fairy tale Christmas market in Kassel is currently still open. These rules depend on how the infection process develops in November.

Other 2021 Christmas markets: where do they take place?

Christmas markets in 2021 despite Corona in these cities is being discused or has beed announced. So far, some organizers have already commented on Christmas planning this year. There are already plans in these cities:

1. Christmas markets in Baden-Württemberg: planning for 2021

There has already been a “go” for the Stuttgart Christmas market, but a final decision has not yet been made for others. Plans are already underway in the cities of Freiburg, Tübingen, Ulm and Heidelberg as to the conditions under which the markets will take place, but according to information from the Stuttgarter Nachrichten it has not yet been determined.

2. Christmas market in Bonn: longer opening times in 2021

The former state capital Bonn has also decided to accept this year’s Christmas market. And even extended the opening times in 2021. According to information from the “General Anzeiger” , the market should open on November 17th in 2021. The market stalls are spread out as usual on Münsterplatz, Bottlerplatz, Friedensplatz and between the squares in Windeckstrasse and Vivatsgasse. According to initial information, the Christmas market in Bonn will take place this year under 3G regulation. That means: Anyone who has been vaccinated, recovered or tested comes in. The public order office will issue checks on a random basis.

Christmas market in Bonn: November 17 to December 23, Bonn city center

3. World of Lights Christmas Market in Dortmund canceled

Don’t worry, not all Christmas markets in Dortmund have been canceled – but a very special one has now been canceled. This is reported, among other things, by “Ruhr24.de” . The fantastic light Christmas mart from the event series “Medieval Fantasy Spectaculum” does not take place. “We had to cancel the PLWM 2021 now, unfortunately, with binding force – the alternative consideration with the little fantastic mythical creature Christmas market in Dortmund has now died,” the organizers say. The reason is probably the difficult framework conditions due to the corona pandemic. 

4. Christmas market in Essen: construction sites to be expected

The Christmas market in Essen will look a little different this year, not just because of the corona. The reason: a large construction site on Willy-Brandt-Platz. The square is currently closed due to construction work. It should therefore be rescheduled for the Essen Christmas market in the city center in 2021. How exactly, however, has not yet been determined.

Christmas market in Essen: November 12th to December 23rd, downtown Essen

5. Düsseldorf Christmas market 2021 also for unvaccinated people

Unlike many others, the Düsseldorf Christmas market opens not only to those who have been vaccinated and recovered, but also to those who have been tested. And that, although the city’s top has actually decreed the so-called 2G regulation for all city events. Why? According to the organizer Düsseldorf Tourismus, a 2G regulation “cannot simply be implemented across the board”. Attractions such as Christmas carols or live music, on the other hand, have been canceled this year, according to “rp-online.de” .

Christmas market in Düsseldorf: November 18 to December 30, downtown Düsseldorf

6. Hamburg Christmas markets confirm: These concepts are already in place

In Hamburg, fans of mulled wine and bratwurst can look forward to it. Because: As of now, none of the numerous Christmas markets have been canceled. At many Christmas markets, it is usually only a matter of defining 2G or 3G , explains the “NDR” . The Christmas markets in Wandsbek (Wandsbeker Winterzauber, from November 5th) as well as the markets in the Eimsbüttel district at the Apostelkirche, Osterstraße and on the Tibarg (from November 11th and 25th) have their “okay” for opening across the street confirmed by the press. It has not yet been decided whether and how the Christmas market will take place on Hamburg’s Rathausplatz. But be confident.

Hamburg Senate: Several options for the Hamburg Christmas Market 2021

The Hamburg Senate apparently shares this confidence. In a press release, he commented on the existing Christmas market plans. We are currently prepared for several models . This includes, on the one hand, the possibility of the 2G option (vaccinated or recovered) for the entire market area through demarcating fencing, a 2G option only for the gastro area, which must also be fenced, and of course the 3G option (vaccinated, recovered or tested), in which case a mask requirement and a ban on serving alcohol could remain. The Senate will announce further details in the coming days.

7. Big Christmas market in Berlin Charlottenburg Palace 2021 canceled

In the state capital, there is generally still no agreement on what the Christmas market planning should look like in 2021. One thing is already certain: the big Christmas market in front of Charlottenburg Palace will not take place this year. The organizer declared the cancellation due to considerable additional costs and too much effort. 

8. Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz will take place in 2021

However, according to media information, the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz should take place in 2021 under 3G requirements (vaccinated, recovered, tested). 

Date Christmas market Berlin Breitscheidplatz: November 22, 2021 to January 2, 2022, Berlin Breitscheidplatz in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

2021 Christmas market

9. 2021 Christmas market planning in Frankfurt am Main is

The popular Christmas market in Frankfurt am Main is at least already being planned. Of course, the concept must be based on the hygiene regulations, explains Thomas Feda, Managing Director of Tourismus + Congress GmbH to the Frankfurter Neue Presse. And there is even an appointment. The Christmas market in Frankfurt is planned from November 22nd to December 22nd. So that there is no greater health risk, there should be greater distances between the market stalls, but an exact design of the market is not yet available. Presumably there will still be a mask requirement here as well.

Christmas market in Frankfurt am Main: November 22nd to December 22nd, downtown Frankfurt (Römer to Hauptwache)

10. 2G rule for Christmas market 2021 in Duisburg

After Mainz, Duisburg has now also decided to introduce the 2G rule for this year’s Christmas market. This means that only those who have been completely vaccinated and who have been proven to have recovered have access to the stands . The city announced on Monday (October 4th). The reason for this is the current corona situation and the number of unvaccinated people.

11. 2021 Christmas market in Xanten from November 19th

On Monday, Xanten’s mayor, Thomas Görtz, confirmed in a press release that the Christmas market will take place in 2021: “After the corona-related break last year, we will have a Christmas market again this year on the Xanten market square”. This decision is “appropriate and responsible,” it continues. The Christmas market is scheduled to open its doors on November 19th. However, details on the corona measures will only be announced in the next few weeks.

2021 Christmas market

12. 2G in Mainz and lots of space at the 2021 Christmas market around the cathedral

There will probably be a 2G concept at the Mainz Christmas market. Ralf Peterhanwahr, spokesman for the city of Mainz, explains this to the SWR. As things stand, three smaller booth areas are planned, one of them on the market square in front of the cathedral. In order to control the flow of visitors, there should be several entrances, with mulled wine stands the mask requirement and the distance requirement should be omitted. 

Date Mainz Christmas Market: November 25th to December 23rd, 2021, Mainz city center & market square around the cathedral

13. 2021 Christmas market in Dortmund: new concept only for companies in planning

After the Christmas market in Dortmund was canceled last year, it is to take place this year under 3G conditions . Showman Patrick Arens told the press. However, there should not be a one-way street regulation like in Nuremberg. Much more is the proven 3G principle (vaccinated, recovered, tested) as well as wider distances between the stands and, of course, appropriate hygiene rules. A control of the 3G rule should also be carried out here on a random basis.

Another innovation should astonish market fans and operators. Because: So that companies do not have to go without a visit to the Christmas market or even the Christmas party this year, a so-called “pop-up company Christmas market” is planned from mid-November to the end of December at the racecourse. 

But this year it should finally work again with the Christmas party. In addition, the boss can book the “Christmas Village” or the “Winter Dream” for his employees to celebrate there – “of course, while observing the distance and hygiene measures and guaranteeing tracking,” explains the organizer “Supaevent” on his homepage . 

Christmas market in Dortmund: November 18 to December 30, Dortmund city center

The St. Wendel Christmas market near Saarbrücken is one of the most popular in Germany and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city has now presented the concept for this year’s Christmas market for the first time, which is to be called “Christmas Magic”.

Wider stalls and mulled wine stands and fewer stands are planned to ensure compliance with the distance regulations. In addition, up to 900 guests should be allowed to stay on the site at the same time. A central entrance and exit should make it easier to control the number of visitors.

Fully vaccinated, verifiably recovered and tested people are allowed to visit the St. Christmas Market.

15. Christmas market in Neumünster planned for 2021: “Return to normal life” despite Corona

The city of Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein) has pushed ahead with planning for this year’s Christmas market season. “By holding a Christmas market on the Großflecken, we want to take another step towards returning to normal life in the coronavirus pandemic ,” Neumünster’s Mayor Tobias Bergmann told the press. The planning for a Christmas market is currently being pushed ahead. It is currently particularly important to look ahead positively, explains Neumünster’s head. The 3G concept should take effect for the coming market season. This means: only fully vaccinated, convalescent or tested people have access.

2021 Christmas market

16. Christmas market in Bochum 2021: No final acceptance or rejection

In Bochum, the planning for the Christmas market in 2021 is already in full swing – even though there is neither a final acceptance nor a rejection. The current Corona Protection Ordinance, which prescribes a 3G rule, is currently used as a guide . One of the organizers, Christian Krumm, from Bochum Marketing, told the media whether the visitors to the market have been vaccinated, recovered or tested on a random basis . If the protection regulation changes, however, the regulation for the market must be changed.

Bochum Christmas market: November 18 to December 23, 2021

17. Nuremberg Christmas market 2021: one-way street system in planning

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is world famous and well attended every year. This should definitely take place again in 2021 – even if it will look a little different than in previous years, according to a spokesman for the city of Nuremberg. A “one-way street system” is planned to equalize the crowd.

Date Nuremberg Christmas Market: November 26th to December 24th

18. Striezelmarkt 2021 in Dresden: Difficult assessment

Many retailers have already registered for the Dresden Striezelmarkt 2021 . Preparations for the 587th Striezelmarkt are already underway. And yet it is not yet possible to say exactly whether the market will not be subject to further requirements, so Robert Franke, Head of the Dresden Economic Development Agency, told the German Press Agency. “How the infection process and the corresponding legal regulations will influence market events cannot yet be reliably assessed,” says Franke.

Date Dresden Striezelmarkt: November 24th to December 24th

19. Christmas market in Stuttgart: opening times extended to 2021

In many places in Baden-Württemberg, too, plans for the coming Christmas markets are underway. “We are currently in a preliminary planning phase and are in contact with other cities that are organizing a Christmas market, such as Nuremberg, Ulm and Munich,” explains Jörg Klopfer from the “in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft”.

While the concept is based on the current infection situation, a decisive change was already decided in July. The Stuttgart Christmas market will take place a week longer than usual this year in 2021 . In October at the earliest, it should then be determined how many market stalls may be set up.

Date Stuttgart Christmas Market 2021: November 24th to December 30th

20. Freiburg Christmas market: all booth spaces already taken

In Freiburg, too, there is diligent planning so that Christmas markets and bazaars can take place here in 2021 despite the ongoing corona pandemic. According to media information , all 137 stalls available for the Freiburg Christmas market in 2021 have already been taken , explains Thomas Barth, Project Manager Markets and Events FWTM in Freiburg to the “SWR” .

Date Freiburg Christmas Market 2021: November 18 to December 23, 2021

21. Mulled wine and Co. in Munich in a separate gastro area

More space should also be available at the Christmas market in Munich. The plan: enlarge the market area and build a separate catering area . However, the decision as to whether the Christmas market can take place is made by the Bavarian state government.

Date of the Munich Christmas Market: November 22nd to December 24th at Marienplatz

22. Cologne: Christmas market anticipation in 2021 is increasing

The Cologne Christmas market in the city center is always worth a visit. Even in 2021 despite Corona. So explain organizers and city. “We are confident and prepare the Christmas market at the Cologne Cathedral as in recent years,” Again, as probably in all of North Rhine-Westphalia, it relies on 3G with random controls . However, there should not be any fencing or admission controls. And masks also still have to be worn here in Cologne.

23. Esslingen medieval and Christmas market takes place

The Christmas market and also the medieval market in Esslingen (Baden-Württemberg) are to take place in November and December. At the moment there are plans to make the market safer, says Petra Peiffer from Esslingen City Marketing to the “SWR”. Artists should move across the market so that there is no large gathering of people. In addition, the area is to be expanded both at the medieval and Christmas markets.

While many Christmas and Christkindl markets fell victim to the lockdown requirements last year, it can be assumed that the Christmas markets will take place in 2021 despite Corona.


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