Which parties are running for the 2021 federal elections in Germany?


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47 parties will take part in the federal election on September 26, 2021. The Federal Returning Officer announced this on August 12, 2021. A total of 54 parties were allowed to vote.

Below is an overview of all parties that will stand for the 2021 federal elections in Germany. The list introduces the parties that are currently represented in the Bundestag (7 parties). Additionally, find out the parties with chances to move in (one party). 

Parties in the Bundestag for the 2021 federal elections

Party Details
Members: 399,110 | Foundation: 1950 | selectable: nationwide except in Bavaria

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany, or CDU for short, and the Christian Social Union, or CSU for short, are sister parties. They form a parliamentary group in the Bundestag and currently have the most with 245 seats.

Top candidate Armin Laschet
Election program   
CDU party profile on Bpb.de
CDU website
Members: 139,000 | Foundation: 1946 | selectable: in Bavaria

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany, or CDU for short, and the Christian Social Union, or CSU for short, are sister parties. They form a parliamentary group in the Bundestag and currently have the most with 245 seats. The CSU is only represented in Bavaria with a state list and can therefore only be elected there.

Top candidate Armin Laschet
Election program     
CSU party profile on Bpb.de
CSU website
Members: 404,305 | Foundation: 1863 | selectable: nationwide

The abbreviation SPD stands for Social Democratic Party of Germany. It is represented in the 19th electoral term with 193 seats in the Bundestag, making it the second largest parliamentary group.

Top candidate Olaf Scholz
Election program
SPD party profile on Bpb.de 
SPD Website
Members: 31,896 | Foundation: 2013 | selectable: nationwide

The alternative for Germany, or AfD for short, entered the Bundestag for the first time in 2017. With 88 members in the 19th German Bundestag, it is the third largest parliamentary group. 

Top candidate Dr. Alice Weidel and top candidate Tino Chrupalla
Election program
AfD party profile on Bpb.de
AfD website
Members: 70,000 | Foundation: 1948 | selectable: nationwide

FDP stands for the Free Democratic Party, also called Free Democrats. After the 2017 federal election, the FDP is again represented in the Bundestag, where it is the second largest opposition faction with 80 politicians.

Top candidate Christian Lindner
Election program
Analysis of the election program
FDP party profile on Bpb.de
FDP website
Members: 60,350 | 
Foundation: 1990 | 
selectable: nationwide

The LINKE has 69 seats in the 19th German Bundestag. 
The party is the fifth largest of the six parliamentary groups.

Top candidate Janine Wissler and top candidate Dr. 
Dietmar Bartsch

Election program   
Die Linke profile on Bpb.de
Die Linke Website
Members: 117.036 | 
Foundation: 1980 | 
eligible: nationwide (in Saarland only constituency candidates)

The Greens is short for the party name Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen. 
With 67 seats it is the sixth largest parliamentary group in the current 19th electoral term of the Bundestag.

Top candidate Annalena Baerbock
Election program    
Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen party profile on Bpb.de
Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen website


Parties with chances to move into the Bundestag with the 2021 federal elections

Current surveys show that another party has a chance of being able to move into the German Bundestag.

How can parties and political associations run for elections?

Established parties that are already in the Bundestag or in a state parliament (with at least five members) can automatically run for the Bundestag election. They may submit their nominations directly to the responsible state or district returning officer.

Political associations and small parties that have not been represented in the Bundestag or in a state parliament with at least five members since their last election must report to the Federal Returning Officer that they want to take part in the election. The federal electoral committee discusses and decides in a two-day public meeting which associations are to be recognized as parties for the upcoming election. The committee examines the formal requirements that the parties must meet in order to participate in the Bundestag election. The Federal Electoral Committee does not examine the content. Unauthorized associations can lodge a complaint against the decision with the Federal Constitutional Court.

In the case of recognition as a party, the association can participate in the Bundestag election with its own nominations. The so-called non-established parties and individual applicants must collect support signatures for the nominations. Due to the corona pandemic, the supporting signatures required for state lists and district election proposals have been reduced to a quarter in each case in the 2021 federal election. For a district election proposal, the signatures of at least 50 eligible voters of the respective constituency are required (previously there were 200). For the state list, the signatures of at least 0.1 percent of the eligible voters of the respective state in the last federal election, but of a maximum of 2,000 eligible voters (as in Baden-Württemberg) were previously required. In Baden-Württemberg there are now 500 signatures. 

The district election nominations and the state lists must be received by the state returning officers by a deadline (July 19 for the 2021 federal election) . The respective committees decide on their approval (July 30, 2021). Only then is it clear who is actually allowed to participate. However, complaints can still be lodged. Finally, a deadline has been set for the public announcement of the approved district and state election proposals (August 9 for the 2021 federal election)

How many parties wanted to participate in the federal election in 2021?

  • A total of 87 political associations notified the Federal Returning Officer of their participation in the 2021 federal election. They had until June 21, 2021 for this. That was 24 advertisements more than in 2017.
  • On July 8 and 9, 2021, the Federal Election Committee decided that 44 associations will be recognized as parties for the 2021 Federal Election. These are called non-established parties.
  • 20 rejected groups then lodged a complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court. The court upheld one complaint: the German Communist Party (DKP).
  • Together with the established parties, 54 parties were allowed to participate in the federal election. Ultimately, 47 parties with state lists or constituency candidates participate.

List of all 87 political associations that wanted to participate in the 2021 German elections

#Short nameParty name
1PDGParty of the Nonviolent
2DKPGerman Communist Party
3HUMAN WORLDHuman world – for the well-being and happiness of all
4thGerman tradition social, DTS for short
5Animal Welfare AllianceAlliance for human rights, animal and nature protection
6thThe partyParty for labor, rule of law, animal welfare, elite support and grassroots initiative
7thBPBavaria Party
8thDGPThe STRAIGHT party
9Garden partyGarden party
11German conservativesGERMAN CONSERVATIVES
12thGRAILHolistic right to life
13MLPDMarxist-Leninist Party of Germany
15thSSWSouth Schleswig Association of Voters
16LOVEEuropean party LOVE
17thAlliance CAlliance C – Christians for Germany
18thAllianz diversityAlliance for Diversity & Codetermination
19thINDEPENDENTSINDEPENDENTS for community-based democracy
20thAPPDAnarchist Pogo Party of Germany
21The humanistsParty of humanists
22ndSLAM group
23the baseBasic Democratic Party of Germany
24DFUGerman Peace Union
25thvoltVolt Germany
27DHDThe house of Germany
28Human Rights 100 per
29Non-German association
30thThe Natural eV
32AlphaHHPAlphaHHP – Health Policy Party for Germany in Europe
33Team TodenhöferTeam Todenhöfer – The Justice Party
34ÖDPEcological Democratic Party
35BEGINNING CBEGINNING C – Christian values ​​for human politics
36Party Active Democrats
37BüSoCivil rights movement Solidarity
38PPPractitioner party
39LDLiberal Democrats – The Social Liberals
40pensionerAlliance of Generations – Pensioners and Family –
43DVBThe people determine
44FAMILYFamily party of Germany
45Health researchHealth Research Party
47ALLIANCE21diePinken / BÜNDNIS21
48CENTERGerman Center Party – oldest party in Germany founded in 1870
49SVPSaxon People’s Party
50PIRATESPirate Party Germany
51V party³V-Party³ – party for change, vegetarians and vegans
53NPDNational Democratic Party of Germany
54SGVSGV – solidarity, justice, change
55ZRSDFederal Central Council of Blacks in Germany
56PdFParty of progress
57DEUPROLIGAGerman Protestant League
58B *mountain party, the supra-party – eco-anarchist-realdadaist reservoir
59The graysThe grays – for all generations
601e1wOne Europe One World
61DGPThe Germanic party for women, the rule of law, nature conservation, child support and democratic love
62Gray panthersGray panthers
63THPThuringian Home Party
64LKRLiberal Conservative Reformers
65SGPSocialist Equality Party, Fourth International
66ReferendumFrom now on … democracy through referendum Politics for the people
68you.The urban. A hip hop party
69CIVIL MOVEMENTCitizens’ movement for progress and change
70BIGAlliance for Innovation & Justice
71LfK>> Party for children, young people and families << – lobbyists for children –
74DMGerman center – politics works differently …
75COME ONThe lot fraction
76Climate listBWBaden-Württemberg climate list
77otherTHE OTHER – X
78GFABasic income for everyone
79Quay partyQuay party
81AZAllianz future
82Team TodenhöferTeam Todenhöfer – The Justice Party (Saarland State Association)
83THE NEW CENTER – Back to reason
85KSPClimate protection party
86around for the rule of law and NEW DEMOCRACY
87ACPACP – the non-party
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