It’s official! Unvaccinated in Germany are now 2nd class citizens! Corona 2G rule from Monday” – Saxony


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Starting Monday the 8th of November: FFP2 in buses and trains ++ compulsory testing for children ++ schools and daycare centers remain open

2nd class citizens: Now it’s official: Saxony is the first federal state to partially block unvaccinated citizens! That makes the unvaccinated feel like 2nd class citizens!

2nd class citizens

2G or 2G flexible? What are the rules now for 2nd class citizens?

From Monday, the Free State will implement the 2G rule across the board in parts of public life. This is the central point of the new Corona Protection Ordinance, which the cabinet decided on Friday in Dresden. This means that only those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated have access to indoor restaurants, discos or leisure and cultural facilities.

There are exceptions for children, adolescents and people who cannot be vaccinated. But you need a test. Major events such as football in stadiums are also affected. 2G does not apply to retail or church services.

“The situation in Saxony is dramatic,” said Health Minister Petra Köpping (SPD). The hospital occupancy is therefore a major concern. Experts have advised the government to act now. However, the new protection ordinance is not an innovation in the true sense of the word. Just do what has been agreed beforehand. Köpping expects that the overload level will be reached on November 10th or 11th.

So far, the 2G rule was only intended for the affected areas when the overload level was reached – when 1,300 normal beds or 420 intensive care beds are occupied by corona patients in hospitals or a hospitalization value of 12.0 has been reached.

2nd class citizens

FFP2 compulsory on buses and trains

The value indicates how many corona patients per 100,000 inhabitants were admitted to hospital within a week. This regulation has now been brought forward. There is also another innovation: FFP2 masks are now compulsory on buses and trains, but not for schoolchildren.

The Saxon 2G rule also applies to major events with more than 1000 visitors – regardless of whether they take place indoors or outdoors. At the same time, there is a maximum limit for guests. With a maximum of 50 percent occupancy, a maximum of 25,000 visitors are allowed. Exceptions for Christmas markets remain.

Schools and daycare centers remain open

Schools and daycare centers remain open even when the overload level is reached, and the originally planned alternating lessons are dispensed with. The mask requirement also applies in class.

The regulation, which is valid up to and including November 25th, also contains new requirements for employers. It is strongly recommended that all employees work from home if possible. The obligation to test twice a week for employees with customer contact remains. In order to better protect nursing homes, all staff will be tested daily in the future. In addition, from now on there will be more control.

Two vaccine shots DOES NOT MEAN fully vaccinated!

AfD and FDP had already criticized the plans in advance. AfD party leader Jörg Urban spoke of a “lockdown only for unvaccinated people” and accused Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) of dividing society in half. The Saxon FDP member of the Bundestag Ulrike Harzer sees in the plans a “mandatory vaccination through the back door”. Saxony has been overshooting the target with its corona policy for a year and a half. Critical voices were also heard from the municipal level as well as from the trades and the tourism industry.

Saxony’s Premier Michael Kretschmer can end his domestic quarantine. As government spokesman Ralph Schreiber announced on Friday, a second PCR test with the government chief was negative. That is why he will be making appointments in public from now on; for example on Saturday the CDU state party conference in Dresden, where Kretschmer is up for re-election.

The prime minister went into quarantine at home earlier this week after his wife tested positive for the corona virus and also experienced mild symptoms. Kretschmer is double vaccinated with Astrazeneca’s vaccine.


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