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30 grams of weed! Germans will start getting high! The federal government is planning a higher amount for private cannabis consumption

30 grams of weed

The limit for private individuals is to be 30 grams of weed! The German federal government is planning a higher cap for cannabis. Legalization in Germany is intended to counteract the black market. 

30 grams of weed! The upper limit for the possession of cannabis is to be raised for private individuals. The traffic light coalition is currently planning this. The plan is to counteract sales on the black market by legalizing small quantities.

Legalization of cannabis: federal government plans higher upper limit of 30 grams of weed for private consumption

On the way to the planned legalization of cannabis in Germany, the federal government wants to set a higher upper limit for permitted small quantities. As the SPD domestic politician, Carmen Wegge emphasized 20 to 30 grams of weed are under discussion. All adults should be able to buy cannabis in licensed shops.


Cannabis upper limit: Legalization should have a decriminalizing effect

Above all, cannabis should be decriminalized. Due to the licensed delivery, consumers can be sure that they will not get contaminated cannabis from questionable sources. Legalization aims to completely dry up the black market, according to SPD politician Wegge. By the end of the year, the SPD, Greens, and FDP plan to present a draft law on cannabis approval. There have already been demonstrations in Berlin for the legalization of cannabis.

Cannabis legalization is coming to Germany!

The German coalition government had already agreed on the legalization of cannabis in the coalition agreement. It states: “We are introducing the controlled sale of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed outlets. This controls the quality, prevents the transfer of contaminated substances, and guarantees the protection of minors.”

Cannabis cap: How much weed is still allowed in Germany?

At the moment there are different limits for personal use in the federal states, where no criminal prosecution takes place. Bremen and Berlin are the front runners when it comes to personal consumption with up to 15 grams. In Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and North Rhine-Westphalia you can still own up to 10 grams. In the other federal states, 6 grams are allowed.

Cannabis consumption in Germany: In which federal states is there an upper limit for cannabis for personal use?

German federal stateCannabis limit
Bremen, Berlin10-15 grams
Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia10 grams
The rest of German states6 grams

This measure is nothing new! The idea has been around since 2015! The German Bundestag under Angela Merkel’s government rejected it!

In 2015, the then parliamentary group of Bündnis 90 Die Grünen (Green Party) presented a draft for a so-called Cannabis Control Act (CannKG) under the motto “Regulate instead of criminalizing”.
It was justified, among other things, by the fact that there is no efficient youth protection on the black market created by criminalization and the weed sold there is often laced with dangerous substances.

The aims of the bill were, among other things, to no longer criminalize adult users and to relieve law enforcement authorities of numerous proceedings in the field of cannabis. With the creation of a regulated and monitored system for the cultivation, trade, and sale of cannabis, consumer and youth protection should be observed and addiction prevention should go hand in hand.

The law included the following regulations:

  • Decriminalization: Acquisition and possession of up to 30g of cannabis or three cannabis plants for personal use by adults allowed
  • Protection of minors: Under 18-year-olds are completely prohibited from acquiring and possessing them
  • Control: Cultivation, processing, transport, and wholesale and retail trade are regulated by law and are subject to strict personnel and organizational requirements as well as safety requirements.
  • Regulated sale of cannabis and cannabis-containing products only in approved cannabis specialty shops, shipping is prohibited. There is a strict advertising ban.
  • Specialty cannabis shops are subject to strict regulations. Children and young people are not allowed to enter them. The staff is trained in addiction prevention and receives regular further training. Customers are informed about the risks of consumption, the dangers of addiction, and harm-reducing measures and, if necessary, are referred to counseling and therapy offers.
  • Consumer protection: The cultivation of cannabis is subject to strict regulations.
  • Prevention: Products contain a leaflet with information on dosage and effects, possible interactions as well as precautionary and emergency measures as well as warnings, among other things, on the protection of minors and the dangers of addiction.
  • Road traffic: there is a limit value for cannabis when driving motor vehicles (5.0 ng/ml in blood serum).

The German Bundestag rejected the CannKG on the recommendation of the Health Committee in 2017.

Selling cannabis in Germany in pharmacies and coffee shops?

According to Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP), anyone who wants to sell cannabis for recreational purposes must prove knowledge of the drug and the risks associated with it

The goal agreed by the SPD, Greens, and FDP in the coalition agreement is clear: “It should be legally possible for adults to buy cannabis in licensed shops,” said the Minister of the German Press Agency. This could be pharmacies, for example, “but we will possibly also draw the circle further”. A prerequisite could be the “required expertise of the sales staff”. This would put the salespeople in a position to “ provide information about the products and risky cannabis use, especially in the case of evidently addicted people”.

The managing director of the young cannabis industry association, Jürgen Neumeyer, also advocated staff training as a prerequisite for a sales license. He said that those who do not want the black market must ensure that the nearest licensed outlet is not too far away, even in rural areas.



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