300 euro energy flat rate for everyone in Germany! Money Money Money! Everyone to receive it from the government!


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The German governing coalition parties have decided on a relief package in response to rising energy prices – a 300 euro energy flat rate for everyone!

300 euro energy flat rate for everyone! Because of the high energy prices, the German coalition leaders have agreed on a relief package for everyone. This will help to reduce fuel costs and it includes a subsidized local transport ticket! – and families will receive a bonus!

300 euro energy flat rate

Relief package decided: German governing coalition decides on measures due to increased energy prices

Due to the war in Ukraine led by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, energy prices have risen again. Both consumers and companies are therefore confronted with major financial challenges. Politicians have also noticed this and are now reacting to the precarious situation in the form of a relief package.

Electricity price in Europe 2022: 6 reasons why there is a rise in 2022

  1. Putin and his war in Ukraine
  2. More demand for electricity – the demand for electricity has recently increased again –
  3. Expensive electricity production from natural gas
  4. Purchase price for electricity temporarily quadrupled
  5. Less competition for the best price
  6. Network charges are increasing


Relief package 2022: German governing coalition decides on energy price flat rate of 300 euros for consumers

A 300 euro energy flat rate in the 2022 relief package

As a result of the Ukraine war, energy costs are also increasing in Germany. Politicians in this country are reacting to this with an energy price flat rate of 300 euros. This is to be paid once in the current year via income tax. All employees in Germany should receive this 300 euro energy flat rate.

300 euro energy flat rate

Child bonus approved and part of the 2022 relief package

That’s what the child bonus in the 2022 relief package is all about

Even before the relief package was officially passed by the German governing coalition, the child bonus was under discussion. Only the heads of the parties were able to agree on a one-time bonus of 100 euros per child. Families who are entitled to this bonus receive the money offset against the child allowance.

9 for 90 on buses and trains: German governing coalition makes local public transport cheaper

Relief package for public transport: How the German governing coalition makes traveling in buses and trains cheaper for the time being

The SPD, FDP and Greens want to introduce a ticket for nine euros a month for buses and trains for 90 days. For this special benefit in local public transport (ÖPVN), the corresponding funds should be provided in the relief package for the federal states.

Why are gas prices rising in Europe? 4 reasons why

  1. Increased demand for natural gas – the world currently needs more gas than has been produced in recent months. In principle, a higher demand for gas with a low supply causes gas prices to continue to rise.
  2. Gas is increasingly needed for electricity production – not only gas, but also electricity is currently much more in demand.
  3. Higher taxes and fees – as with electricity, charges and fees are also increasing for gas.
  4. Russian war in Ukraine – In 2020, Germany imported around 55% of our natural gas requirements from Russia.

Relief package 2022: German governing coalition Traffic light decides to reduce the energy tax on fuel for drivers – fuel prices for petrol and diesel fall noticeably

Coalition government reacts to current developments by reducing the energy tax on fuels

However, the leaders of the governing parties were also able to agree on lowering the energy tax on fuels, such as petrol or diesel. However, this fuel price brake is limited to three months in the 2022 relief package.

The fuel price for petrol is to be reduced by 30 cents and diesel by 14 cents.

Recipients of Hartz IV and social assistance also included in the relief package: German governing coalition light reacts to high energy prices

How recipients of social assistance benefit from the traffic light relief package

According to the will of the traffic light coalition, recipients of social benefits, such as unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV), should receive another one-off payment due to the high energy prices. 100 euros have already been decided. In addition, the traffic light decided that the relief package 2022 would add another 100 euros per person for recipients of Hartz IV.

300 euro energy flat rate

Summary: The resolutions of the 2022 relief package in Germany

  • Energy price flat rate: All taxpayers will receive a one-off 300 euro energy price flat rate of 300 euros as a salary subsidy. Payment is made via the employer’s payslip. The lump-sum is subject to regular income tax.
  • High earners receive less net than low earners because they pay higher taxes on the flat rate. This lump sum was particularly important to the SPD. It is not yet clear when the lump sum will be paid out. In coalition circles, there is talk of summer.
  • In addition to child benefit, families receive a one-time bonus of 100 euros, which is paid out via the family benefits office, to cushion particular hardship. The bonus is offset against the child allowance. High earners, therefore, do not benefit from this measure.
  • Transfer recipients will receive a further 100 euros in addition to the one-time payment of 100 euros that has already been decided.
  • The sharp rise in fuel prices will be cushioned by a three-month reduction in the energy tax on fuel. FDP boss Lindner said that this would make petrol 30 cents a liter cheaper and diesel 14 cents a liter cheaper. Relief for motorists was a demand from the FDP.
  • The German governing coalition is also issuing a temporary, nationwide discounted local transport ticket. For 90 days, the coalition is introducing a public transport ticket for just nine euros a month. The relief is planned for the summer, according to coalition circles. Holders of a monthly and annual ticket should also benefit.
  • With an amendment to the Building Energy Act, the German governing coalition wants to make the efficiency standard 55 binding for new buildings from 2023. By 2024, every newly installed heating system should also be operated with 65 percent renewable energy. In addition, there should be other funding programs, for example, to replace heating systems that are more than 20 years old and for energy-efficient building renovation. The Greens in particular had pushed for this.
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