How safe is the 3G plus rule in clubs? Without a mask and social distancing


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The clubs and discos have reopened in Germany since October 1st. In Bavaria and Hamburg, 3G plus is currently valid, so only vaccinated, recovered and tested people are allowed to celebrate. But is that the most sensible solution?

Clubs and discos in Bavaria have been open again since the beginning of October . The party is crowded together and without a mask – almost like before the corona pandemic. The condition: 3G plus, i.e. only vaccinated, convalescent and people with a negative PCR test are admitted.

3G plus

Temporary solution

This could soon change again with the latest change in the Bavarian corona regulations. Depending on the incidences on site, 2G, 3G, 3G plus, voluntary 2G and voluntary 3G plus then apply. But since clubs have reopened, there are already Corona cases in the Schwaben district despite the 3G plus rule, such as in a discotheque in Aichach.

About 1000 people celebrated there on the night of October 3rd. Among them an unvaccinated visitor who initially showed a negative PCR test, but positive for Corona the following week after they developed COVID symptoms. According to the district office of Aichach-Friedberg, the operator of the discotheque had complied with all hygiene regulations, but did not keep a guest list. All guests were asked to do a corona test afterwards.

What’s behind 3G, 3G plus, 2G or 1G

3G, 3G plus, 2G or 1G – the different registration restrictions are quite confusing. These are the differences: Fully vaccinated, convalescent and unvaccinated people with a negative test result have access to 3G. This can either be a rapid antigen test that was done a maximum of 24 hours ago or a PCR test that is no longer than 48 hours old.

With 3G plus you need either a vaccination or a recovered certificate as well as a negative PCR test. This is currently the case in clubs and discos in Bavaria. The organizers can now also opt for 2G, in which case only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered can go to clubs to celebrate. Only vaccinated people are allowed in 1G, but this option is not currently used.

3G plus

What is safer in the club: 3G plus, 3G, 2G or 1G?

It is clear that those who have recovered or who have been vaccinated can also become infected with Corona. The likelihood of getting sick or infecting others is lower, but not impossible. 

But what is the safest way to party in the club? Professor Jörg Steinmann, who is the medical director of the Institute for Clinical Hygiene, Medical Microbiology and Clinical Infectious Diseases at the Nuremberg Clinic explains: “In comparison, 3G Plus is safer than 3G because the PCR test is more sensitive than an antigen test.” so far as the most reliable test method. With 3G, however, vaccinated people who are reinfected can transmit the virus to those who have not been vaccinated.

The expert goes on to say: “If there is 2G in a club or a discotheque, from a scientific point of view it is much safer for everyone than with 3G or 3G plus.” Infecting people, as these will most likely not go through a severe course in the event of an infection

A scientific point of view:

2G offers more security than 3G or 3G plus.

3G plus

The expert explains: In the club, 2G offers more security than 3G

At 1G, only vaccinated people celebrate together. From a scientific point of view, possible if everyone has the same protection and nobody becomes seriously ill. However, Steinmann points out that initial studies show that if the vaccination was a long time ago, protection against the delta variant also decreases and breakthrough infections become more likely. From a social perspective, such a regulation could also lead to more division between people. The expert Steinmann says from a scientific point of view: “2G offers more security than 3G or 3G plus.”


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