3G rule for work: NO WAGES unless you are recovered, vaccinated or tested – Germans face a fine of 25,000 euros!


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Effective immediately, you will not have any access to the workplace in Germany – NOR will you receive wages until you are recovered, vaccinated or tested.

3G rule for work: Stricter corona rules for employees in Germany: In future, 3G will apply to jobs! Employees must be vaccinated, recovered or tested – otherwise they are no longer allowed to go to their workplace. The Bundestag decided on Thursday.

3G rule for work

3G rule for work: What does the new law say exactly?

Employees will probably have to prove to their employer from next week that they have been vaccinated or have recovered. If you don’t want that, you have to show a negative corona test every day. This also applies to those who have not been vaccinated.

▶ If employees refuse, they will face lockouts and be denied their wages. Social Minister Hubertus Heil said: “You are not allowed to enter the company, and then you have to expect that, for example, you might put your wages in jeopardy.”

3G rule for work

The German minister of labor confirmed the following

▶ Without a test or vaccination there is a risk of loss of wages!

▶ Also warnings and in extreme cases even a termination cannot be ruled out, it said in government circles.

Unvaccinated employees must see for themselves how they organize a certified daily rapid test before starting work.

▶ Employers have to check the tests of their employees on a daily basis, spot checks are not enough. A single check is sufficient for vaccinated persons.

▶ In the event of violations, both the employer and the employee face a fine of up to 25,000 euros (Section 73 of the Infection Protection Act).

3G rule for work

3G rule for work across Germany – some companies are already doing it!

In the Siemens factory in Nuremberg, for example, all ID cards were blocked. In order to reactivate them, the employees had to show their vaccination or recovery certificate. 3G is also already in place at BMW.

Chemical association boss Kai Beckmann (BAVC) calls for a clear regulation: Those who do not allow themselves to be tested should therefore not be entitled to wages and not to work from home.

Check 3G obligation in the workplace – implementation of the new Corona rule

▶ The draft law states that employers are obliged to monitor compliance with the requirements “by means of verification checks on a daily basis and to document them regularly”. Otherwise there is a risk of a fine.

▶ Employees and visitors to medical facilities are obliged to submit the required evidence. If employees refuse to accept the 3G rule, employers can try to make it possible to work without contact with other people. 

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) pointed out that unvaccinated people without a current test threaten financial consequences: Then, for example, continued payment of wages is in question. The Greens emphasized that redundancies could not be ruled out in the future.

Compulsory testing at work: Rapid tests may cost employees something

So far, employers have been obliged to offer their employees at least two corona tests per week. In addition, there has recently been the option of being tested once a week in community centers free of charge. 

▶ The employees could incur costs for any necessary further tests – employer representatives have already emphasized that they do not want to cover the costs .

3G Corona rule at work currently – this is what the traffic light parties are planning

The situation in Germany has worsened significantly in the past few weeks during the pandemic, with the so-called fourth wave rolling across the country. In view of the increasing number of corona infections, employers are demanding that companies be able to find out and save the vaccination status of their employees. In addition, the 3G rule and the obligation to work from home are currently required.

3G in the workplace: employers want the right to be informed about vaccination status

Employers only see something useful in a 3G rule at the workplace if they have a right to information. The general manager of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations, Steffen Kampeter, made it clear: If the employee fails to meet his obligation to provide evidence , he will in many cases no longer be able to be employed. Because then the principle applies: “Without performance, no wages”. This is the only way to effectively guarantee in-house health protection.”

If you want 3G, you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to the right to information,” Kampeter also told the German Press Agency. “This rule only makes sense if employers are in the know and can react appropriately. The health ministers recognized this unanimously and called on the federal government to act. If the unions now call for voluntary commitments on the part of employees, then they are weakening possible health protection for employees.”

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