Will the 4th corona wave bring empty supermarket shelves like in Britain?


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Experts are warning of a coming 4th corona wave and the British have started to panic. Images from a supermarket in Liverpool bring back memories of hamster purchases at the beginning of the corona pandemic. Will that happen in Germany?

The problem is understandable because more and more supermarket workers are expected to go into quarantine due to a possible 4th corona wave. Either because they are infected themselves or because they are in close contact with those who are sick.

WHO warns of a new 4th wave

4th corona wave

The British call it “Pingdemic” – because they are “pinged” by the English Corona app or by the health service after a corresponding contact.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of a fourth corona wave in Europe. New corona infections in Europe are increasing again for the first time after a ten-week decline, according to WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge, at a press conference in Copenhagen. The increasing number of cases can be explained by “travel, meetings and relaxation of social restrictions”. Europe is threatened with a new wave of pandemics, “unless we remain disciplined”.


The corona Delta variant is more contagious and dangerous than previous mutations

4th corona wave

Experts classify the delta variant as significantly more dangerous and contagious than the mutations that have been circulating so far. According to British data, Delta is up to 60 percent more contagious. Only those who have had a double and thus complete vaccination are well protected. 

4th Corona wave: vaccinations more important than ever

Experts are warning that to mitigate the impact that that the 4th corona wave will have, the speed of vaccinations has to increase. Corona vaccinations are required to keep this as flat as possible. “We now have to vaccinate as quickly as possible […] and achieve the goal of extensive herd immunity in early autumn,” said the expert. “If we get into a fourth winter wave again, it will be catastrophic.”

The vaccine manufacturer Biontech and Pfizer want to apply for approval for a third dose of their vaccine soon . On the basis of the data available so far, it is likely that “a third dose will be required within six to twelve months after the complete vaccination,”

It is assumed that such a third dose receives the highest level of protection against all coronavirus variants tested so far – this also applies to the delta variant. The clinical trials could begin in August.

The number of weekly vaccinations is decreasing. Around 60 percent of people in Germany have had their first vaccination, around 45 percent are considered fully vaccinated. In order to create herd immunity, a share of around 80 percent is required.

These are the things everyone should have at home in case of a 4th corona wave that results in supply chain disruptions

4th corona wave

Hamster purchase: groceries for emergencies – Logically, when buying hamsters, you make sure that the food can be kept for as long as possible. But also that they are easy to transport and store. 

Therefore, the following groceries could soon be out of stock in the supermarket.

1. Carbohydrates

Rice, pasta, rusks, crispbread and oatmeal, for example, are foods that you can store for a long time and eat straight away. Flour should not be missing from your hamster purchase, because in an emergency you can bake bread with it with water and salt.

2. Vitamins

In an emergency, you have to pick your vitamins from cans for better or worse. Fortunately, there are vegetables and fruit alike in pickled form. Since the canned foods are processed immediately after harvesting and professionally heated, they often even have a higher vitamin content than if you prepare fresh vegetables yourself. If you buy canned fruit, make sure it isn’t overly sugary. 

3. Egg whites & proteins

Of course, you also need protein in an emergency. When choosing your cans, try to make sure you get particularly protein-rich vegetables .

Peas, broad beans, and kidney beans are good sources of protein that should be stored for a long time. Canned mushrooms, spinach, lentils and soybeans also provide you with the essentials.

Canned meat naturally also contains protein and protein. Usually it can even be kept for one to two years. However, if you want to live vegetarian or even flexigan in an emergency, you can use vegetables and fruit.

4. Fat

You shouldn’t do without fat, especially in an emergency. Your hamster purchase should definitely include a few bottles of oil, butter or margarine and nuts. By the way, nuts are one of the healthiest foods around!

5. Additional for emergencies

This should cover your greatest need for vitamins, proteins and protein . But there are some other important foods that you must not ignore.

  • Water: If the tap no longer works, a large supply of mineral water is essential.
  • Coffee: an emergency sucks enough. Then why give up coffee? We have also collected some alternatives for coffee for you.
  • Milk: UHT milk can be kept forever. But the vegan alternatives can also be stored for a long time.
  • Salt, pepper and other spices
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