Aldi is planning to switch to 5D principle – This is what you can expect when buying meat in 2022


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Big change at Aldi: The discounter wants to switch to a 5D principle in meat sales soon.

5D principle: Aldi wants to change the conditions for meat sales from 2022. This is intended to promote both animal welfare and German agriculture.

5D principle

Pork products to 5D standard

The discounter Aldi is planning a new regulation from 2022 that affects animal welfare and sustainability. As more and more consumers consider these two topics to be relevant, there will now be a big change in the meat range.

The discounter wants to switch to a complete value chain from Germany for fresh pork by the fourth quarter of 2022.

All pork products in the range are to be converted to a so-called “5D standard” in the future. The supermarket chain informs about this via Twitter.

5D principle

Aldi is planning a big change from 2022: pork only from Germany

The switch to 5D only describes the sale of pork from Germany. This affects the five steps of the value chain:

  • the birth of animals
  • the rearing
  • the mast
  • the slaughter
  • the processing

So far, the 4D principle has applied at Aldi. That means: The piglets are transported to Germany from abroad.

The discounter will soon do without imported pigs and would be the first German supermarket chain that wants to implement 5D one hundred percent. This applies to both Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. Also Lidl, Rewe and Penny want to join this concept.

5D principle

Piglet birth now in Germany too

From birth to processing from Germany, ie “5D” – with this one acknowledges “again to German agriculture”, according to the company. It was part of Aldi’s “change of attitude” to focus even more on goods from Germany in the future and thus to support German agriculture, it said.

Aldi Nord and Süd want to make the change by the end of 2022. In consultation with the suppliers, they want to allow sufficient time for the changeover.

At 5D, birth, rearing, fattening, slaughtering and cutting / processing take place in Germany. So far, only the first D, the piglet birth, has been obtained from neighboring countries. This gap should now be closed.

In the fresh meat sector, the discounter wants to switch completely to the more animal welfare-friendly husbandry forms 3 and 4 by 2030 at the latest.

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