630 streets in Munich possibly named after Nazis, Jew haters and racists to be renamed. Is yours one of them?


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Was your street in Munich named after Nazis, Jew haters and racists? Will hundreds of streets in Munich soon be called differently? Around 630 are currently under (Nazi) suspicion!

Historians are currently examining all of the 6300 street names in Munich. Objective: To find out whether they are named after Nazis, Jew haters, racists or places that glorify war.

According to the head of the expert commission, Andreas Heusler (59), “around ten percent” of these streets have “indications of a problematic past” – which we must therefore investigate more closely”

streets in Munich

Racist streets in Munich: Street shock!

Heusler intends to present his results in early summer – with a recommendation as to whether a renaming is “imperative” or “conceivable”. The city council then has to decide.

Renaming is rare: According to the municipal department, there have only been seven since 1998, including:

► In 2006 Von-Trotha-Straße in Hererostraße

► 2008 Meiserstraße in Katharina-von-Bora-Str.

► 2016 the Friedrich-Berber-Weg in Brunnthaler Weg

In 2016 the city council decided to review ALL street names – Criteria: Do they glorify militarism? Are you folk-reactionary, nationalistic, anti-Semitic, National Socialist or racist?

Hilblestrasse (Neuhausen) is one of the 630 suspected streets: Friedrich Hilble sent the unemployed to the Dachau concentration camp. Or Teuchertstrasse (Trudering), named after the right-wing extremist member of the “Thule Society” Franz Carl Freiherr von Teuchert – and perhaps Sedanstrasse (Haidhausen). It commemorates the victory over France in 1870.

Others sound mean, but are harmless: The Hessstrasse (Maxvorstadt) is not called that because of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess – but because of the painters Peter and Heinrich von Hess. This is explained by a small text on the street signs. That’s how it works too.

THESE Munich streets are supposed to be renamed!

There is an explosive list going on in the Munich town hall.

On it: 40 street names, with “increased need for discussion”. According to experts, they should be renamed (the full list can be found below).

The list was drawn up by historians – at the request of the city. After an SPD application, they checked which street names are “chauvinistic, extremely misogynistic, militaristic, racist, Nazi or anti-Semitic.

The aim is to include great personalities:

▶ ︎The expressionist painter Emil Nolde. A supporter of the Nazis.

▶ ︎ Ex-BMW boss Herbert Quandt – employed slave labor during the Nazi era.

▶ ︎ Bavaria’s folk poet Ludwig Thoma (“Lausbubengeschichten”) – wrote anti-Semitic writings shortly before his death in 1921, according to the experts.

▶ ︎ Composer Richard Wagner (“Ring of the Nibelungs”) – he too wrote anti-Semitic texts.

Also there:

  • Nobel laureate Robert Koch – namesake of the renowned medical institute. According to experts, he used colonies for experiments.
  • Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber, who did not denounce boycotts of the Jews and condemned an assassination attempt on Hitler.
  • Philosopher Martin Heidegger (NSDAP member).
  • And Nobel Prize Laureate Adolf Butenandt. The chemist was made an honorary citizen of Munich in 1985.

Munich is to rename Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse

streets in Munich
Ludwig Thoma

He wrote the “rascal stories” – but also anti-Jewish agitation: And because of that, Bavaria’s popular writer Ludwig Thoma († 1921) probably lost his street in Munich.

The municipal commission of experts recommended that Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse be renamed Pasing!

It is one of 40 streets that are currently being investigated at the behest of the city council. Whether they are anti-Semitic, racist, named after Nazis or glorify war.

Reason for the renaming: In his last 14 months Thoma wrote 175 anti-Semitic inflammatory articles in the “Miesbacher Merkur” in his house on Tegernsee.

▶ ︎ The city’s Ludwig Thoma Foundation wrote on its website: “The writer also wrote his hateful anti-Prussian and anti-Semitic hate speech on the tuff”. Thoma was “both a poet and a demagogue,” writes the foundation that administers the Ludwig-Thoma-Haus on Tegernsee.

The council of elders and the city council still have to follow the recommendation.

streets in Munich
Ludwig Thoma Realschule, Berg am Laim

If they do that, it could have consequences: In Berg am Laim, a secondary school is named after Ludwig Thoma. The question is also whether the city will keep the foundation and the house on Tegernsee.


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