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The 9-euro ticket limits commuters need to know before June 1st! Find out if you are affected

9-euro ticket limits

The relief package 2022 will have a lot of advantages. However, the measure also means that the 9-euro ticket limits will affect some commuters. Find out if these limits affect you!

9-euro ticket limits: It’s a commuter dream in Germany: traveling across Germany for just nine euros a month! The 9-euro ticket that the federal government decided on in the 2022 relief package makes it possible. The discount on the train is of course a welcome alternative, especially in times when fuel prices are going through the roof.

9-euro ticket limits from the relief package 2022: DB Navigator App also offers tickets

9-euro ticket for bus and train will start from June 1st and then stay for three months. Advance sales for the 9-euro ticket are also planned. The ticket offers a good opportunity to plan your summer vacation around these 3 months.

Start now! You can use the DB Navigator app to find the cheapest routes with the 9-euro ticket. You have to note that it might end up being a lengthy journey which is limited to Germany because the ticket is only valid on local trains. And that’s by no means the only restriction that travelers have to be prepared for.

Below is an overview of the 9-euro ticket limits and what you should pay attention to when using it (click on the respective link in the list to jump directly to the relevant section).


9-euro ticket limits: What commuters and travelers should pay attention when buying the ticket and when using the ticket

Can I also use the 9-euro ticket for long-distance transport?

Can I also travel abroad with the 9-euro ticket?

Is my 9 euro ticket also valid for 1st class?

9 euro ticket: what applies to subscription holders?

9-Euro-Ticket: What applies to students with a semester ticket?

Can I take other passengers with me with the 9-euro ticket?

Can I take my bike with me with the 9 euro ticket?

Is the 9-euro ticket also valid on ferries and tourist buses and trains?

9-euro ticket limits: Can I also use it for long-distance transport?

The short answer: no. The ticket is only intended for journeys in local public transport (ÖPNV) and regional transport. So if you want to use the buses in Munich, you can do so with the 9-euro ticket. If you want to travel from Munich to Berlin, you can do that too. However, the ticket is limited to regional trains, which might extend your travel time. ICE, IC or EC are not included in the ticket.

►You need an extra ticket to be able to use these faster train services.
►You also need an extra ticket for long-distance bus travel with providers such as Flixbus.

9-euro ticket limits: Can I travel abroad with the discount ticket?

People who live near the German border will know it: A quick trip from Munich to places just over the Austrian border is easy with the regional trains in Bavaria. The situation is similar with connections on the border from North Rhine-Westphalia to the Netherlands. It is often the case that a German ticket is valid up to the first stop abroad. It should be similar with the 9-euro ticket, but it has apparently not yet been finally clarified.

► Travelers should therefore inquire in good time whether their 9-euro ticket is really valid to their destination.

9-euro ticket limits: Can I also take a seat in 1st class?

NO. As can be seen from the definition of the relief package measure, the 9-euro ticket is only valid in areas that are declared as 2nd class. This is probably one of the reasons why overcrowded trains are expected at popular travel times due to the discount – and there is a risk of further problems with the relief package measures.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of 1st class, you have to buy and pay for a 1st class ticket.

9-euro ticket limits: Will subscription customers get any discounts or refunds?

Are you a regular train driver anyway and have already booked a monthly or even annual subscription for certain local or regional transport areas? Then they should still benefit from the 9-euro ticket as planned.

What has not been clarified yet is how subscription customers will benefit. However, what is certain is that subscription customers should not incur any additional costs from the 9-euro ticket to be able to use its advantages. Scenarios such as a credit note or a refund are in the air.

Some public transport companies have stated that they want to adapt the systems in such a way that subscriptions “can be billed automatically at a lower price”. However, subscription customers should keep an eye on further developments for their respective areas of validity in order to stay informed about any refunds or changes in validity.

9-euro ticket limits: What happens to the semester ticket for students?

With their semester tickets, students can often use local and regional transport for the entire time after a one-time payment at the beginning of the semester in a mostly extended area of ​​validity, which often extends across the federal state in which they are studying.

However, the 9-euro ticket would also mean a discount for students during the three months of validity – and could be extended to the whole of Germany, not just to the semester ticket area. What regulation for semester ticket holders will look like has probably not yet been finally clarified. A solution is likely to be possible regulations for subscription customers (see section above).

Non-official alternatives for students floating around

There are also alternative ideas. For example, the University of Wuppertal wants to extend the semester ticket until December 31st and reduce the costs for the following semester ticket with a shorter duration. The same applies here: Students should keep an eye on the regulations at their university or in their area of ​​application until the start of the 9-euro ticket.

9-euro ticket limits: Can I take other passengers with me?

Yes, but under certain conditions. Of course, taking another passenger with you is only permitted if, for example, a subscription customer has a ticket that entitles you to take another person with you. This means that if you already have a ticket for taking other passengers with you, which falls within the period of validity of the 9-euro ticket, then you can continue to take people with you despite a refund or credit.

NOTE: This does not automatically extend to being accompanied throughout Germany! It applies only in the tariff area provided for in the subscription.

9-euro ticket limits: Can I take my bike with me?

The regulation here is exactly the same as for taking other passengers with you (see paragraph above). This means that if you have a subscription ticket that allows you to take your bike with you, you can of course continue to do so during the period of validity of the 9-euro ticket. However, this is of course only possible in the tariff area agreed in the subscription.

A special regulation still applies to folding bikes. These may be carried free of charge as they count as luggage – even outside of the 9-euro ticket.

9-euro ticket limits: Can I use the 9 euro ticket on ferries or tourist buses?

There are limits here. In Hamburg, for example, certain ferries are part of public transport and can therefore also be used with the 9-euro ticket. In principle, it should be the case that ferry journeys, which are counted as local transport, should be included in the 9-euro ticket.

► However, tourist ferries or special offers for translations or the like are not. Buses and trains that are designed for tourists and have their price structure may not be used with the 9-euro ticket either.



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