How to travel with the 9-euro ticket on the ICE trains in Germany


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DB: Can you travel with the 9-euro ticket on the ICE trains? When is it possible? Find out how

The 9-euro ticket on the ICE trains: The German Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport recently announced that over 7 million 9-euro tickets have been sold nationwide and that number does not include people with a subscription and semester ticket! Now the ticket is causing trouble. It’s not valid on every regional train. However, we might just have found a way to travel with the 9-euro ticket on the ICE trains in Germany. Read below

9-euro ticket on the ICE trains

Using the 9-euro ticket is possible, in certain cases

The 9-euro ticket is actually not valid on long-distance trains. In certain cases, however, ICE, IC and EC may be used.

  • With the 9-euro ticket, the federal government makes journeys on public transport particularly cheap in summer
  • The tickets cannot actually be used on long-distance Deutsche Bahn trains
  • But there is one exception, with which you can also use the ICE with the 9-euro ticket

To travel from Munich to Berlin or from Munich to Hamburg with the the 9-euro ticket, you will have to change trains several times and put up with a long journey for longer distances. That’s because the ticket is not valid on long-distance trains such as ICE , IC or EC.


There is a loophole that allows travelers to use the 9-euro ticket on ICE, ICE or EC trains as well. However, this is only possible in certain cases. 

This is permitted in the case of train delays or cancellations of local trains that lead to a delay of at least 20 minutes at the destination station!

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Use the 9-euro ticket on the ICE trains: What’s the catch?

▶︎ The catch: if your train is delayed, you have to buy the expensive ticket for the long-distance train first – and get the amount refunded later by Deutsche Bahn. Customers must complete and justify the process using the passenger rights form. To do this, you must prove that the delay actually occurred.

▶︎ TIP: This is very easy – a screenshot of the displayed delay in the DB app is sufficient. For travelers who miss the last train of the day, Deutsche Bahn provides alternative travel options with buses or taxis or organizes accommodation for stranded passengers.

9-euro ticket on the ICE trains

9 Euro ticket: No regular refund of the fare

If you are traveling with the 9-euro ticket and prefer to wait for the delayed train instead of buying a long-distance ticket, you will not receive reimbursement of the travel expenses. 

DB Compensation for delayed arrival at the destination station

For a delay of 60 minutes or more, you shall receive compensation amounting to 25% of the amount paid for the single journey, for a delay of 120 minutes or more 50%; for return journeys, compensation is calculated on the basis of half the ticket price.

Holders of season tickets (e.g. weekly or monthly tickets) are entitled to lump-sum compensation for each delay of 60 minutes or longer:

  • In regional and local transport: EUR 1.50 (2nd class), EUR 2.25 (1st class)
  • In long-distance transport: EUR 5 (2nd class), EUR 7.50 (1st class)
  • BahnCard 100: EUR 10 (2nd class), EUR 15 (1st class)

Passengers are entitled to compensation amounting to a maximum of 25% per cent of the value of the season ticket.

Compensation of less than EUR 4 will not be paid out. This means that holders of season tickets for regional trains ((e.g. regional day ticket (original name: Länder-Tickets), weekend ticket for Germany (original name: Schönes Wochenende-Ticket)) must submit multiple claims as one application.

This does not apply to the 9-euro ticket. That’s because it’s a time travel pass, where the reimbursement is a maximum of 25 percent of the price. For the 9-euro ticket, the amount is 2.25 euros, but according to the legislator, compensation only has to be paid from a value of 4 euros.


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