Aldilettens: Why are people waiting in line for hours to buy these Aldi sandals? 150 meter long queues!


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Aldilettens and jogging pants: the new Aldi collection ensures long lines in Essen, Hanover and Leipzig

The food discounter Aldi has designed a new fashion collection: Aldilettens and people in Germany are waiting in line for hours to buy the sandals and jogging pants!

▶ In Hanover, one of the five cities where it is sold, this has led to long queues in front of the branches.

▶ Hundreds of people are queuing in front of the Aldi “Airdome” in Leipzig

What’s the hype all about?

A “lockdown look” or cult of Aldi shoppers?

The discouter is currently selling jogging clothes from its own fashion collection in a large, white air dome – apparently setting a trend among young people. Last week there were hundreds of people in Leipzig lined up in front of the hall. Now the sales balloon was set up in Hanover and customers came in droves to buy the “lockdown look”, as teenagers call it.

It’s cold and it looks a bit like rain. But that doesn’t bother the 100 to 150 people who queue in front of the “Airdome” for around an hour. This is what Aldi calls its sales room, in which its own fashion collection with jogging clothes is offered. “This year the collection is connected to the trend theme of space,” says Aldi-Nord spokeswoman Verena Lissek of the “Neue Presse”.

And this is what it looks like inside the large, white air dome : the light is dimmed, small stars shine on the ceiling of the round dome, colorful lights glide through the room again and again, space sounds echo from loudspeakers. At the edge are mannequins dressed in the current collection: red sweaters (14.99 euros), t-shirts (7.99 euros), joggers (14.99 euros), socks (2.99 euros) and above all the popular “Aldi Letten” (5.99 euros) in red and blue.

Aldiletten for sale online

Aldilettens: An Aldi Original

The Aldi spokeswoman: “The collection, which is called Aldi Original, should also be reminiscent of the pioneering spirit. As a discounter, Aldi is a pioneer. We want to convey to our customers: Be an original, you are an original. “

That seems to be working. Because Hanover is already the fourth city in which young people stand in line for Aldi clothes. Before that, the goods were in Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig. Sales will start in Essen on Friday. Appointments are even shared and shopping appointments made on social media.

A collectors item? The Aldiletten sandals are now on ebay

Some shoppers did not waste time listing their purchases on ebay, for a profit

Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
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