Are there enough vaccines in Germany? Doctors warn of a booster distribution war


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The rule is: Anyone who comes to the vaccination center will be vaccinated. This was confirmed on November 9th. What about the number of vaccines available?

Are there enough vaccines? General practitioners and patient advocates are warning of a battle over distribution of the booster vaccinations and are calling for a priority check. The German Medical Association wants a clear vaccination schedule. The question is: Will the surge in demand from EVERYONE who wants to now be vaccinated and for the booster shots be satisfied?

German family doctors not convinced there are enough vaccines

The German family doctors warn of a dispute over the booster vaccinations. If you want a quick booster, it should be taken into account “that this would possibly be at the expense of vulnerable patients or people who now want their first vaccine shot!

“According to current medical knowledge, it is not necessary (…) to carry out a booster vaccination after six months for younger, healthy people who are less at risk.”

enough vaccines
Ulrich Weigeldt, Hausärzteverband

The protection particularly in severe cases there is also beyond. In addition, far too many people have not even received the first vaccination.

No effective planning to get enough vaccines

Meanwhile, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) recommends that general practitioners carry out booster vaccinations for all adults quickly. Hausärzteverband sharply criticized the preparation of the booster vaccinations.

The start of booster vaccinations for all age groups had been announced without it being clear how the booster vaccinations could be effectively organized. The general practitioners have to pay for that now.

Patient protection: priority check

The board of directors of the German Foundation for Patient Protection, Eugen Brysch, called for a priority test for the booster vaccinations for certain population groups such as the very old and people with previous illnesses, similar to the one at the beginning of the vaccination campaign.

A prioritization according to age, illness and occupational group must be considered again. 

“A prioritization according to age, illness and occupational group must be considered again.”

enough vaccines
Eugen Brysch, Stiftung Patientenschutz

“Naivety” of the health minister

Brysch accused politicians of failure in pandemic management. “The fourth wave is driving the heads of government in front of him. He emphasized that” the naivety of all health ministers “is evident in the fact that in June” the herd immunity was expected to be achieved by the end of September “.

Brysch criticized the fact that vaccination centers were not being ramped up at the moment, that medical practices could not cope with the “rush of vaccinations”, and that short-term vaccine deliveries often did not work. It is now the “mandate” of the Prime Minister’s Conference to ensure an orderly booster process.

Medical Association: Create vaccinations

The German Medical Association is urging the federal and state governments to have a clear timetable for millions of first, second and third vaccinations this autumn and winter. The Funke Medien quote from a letter from the medical president to the state chiefs, the chancellery and the federal health minister. The prerequisite for accelerating the vaccination campaign is:

“(…) that the federal and state governments are now creating framework conditions for an equally safe, unbureaucratic and low-barrier vaccination campaign.”

enough vaccines
Klaus Reinhardt, Ärztepräsident

Before the Prime Minister’s Conference , Reinhardt calls for additional vaccination offers “by reactivating existing vaccination centers, by creating pop-up vaccination stations in residential areas and in public institutions” to relieve the practices that are heavily used during the flu season .

Central appointment allocation for booster vaccinations

Further possibilities are vaccination stations at selected hospital locations as well as vaccination vehicles, especially for rural areas. The municipalities should also set up central appointment points for booster vaccinations and in particular invite vulnerable groups by letter to booster vaccinations.

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