Aurora Borealis: Northern lights over Germany!


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Because of a strong solar flare, people in Germany could see the northern lights this weekend!

Northern lights are special and magical! To be able to observe the green, purple or red veils is a real dream for many people traveling to Scandinavia. To be able to see them in Germany, you need a lot of luck – and the matching of various factors. In Central Europe and also in America, auroras could be seen unusually, because the high-energy particles can make certain atoms in the earth’s atmosphere glow. In order to be able to see the phenomenon, however, the weather would also have to play along and at least allow a view of the sky at times.

  • But why are the chances of seeing the Northern Lights increasing?
  • Where in Germany can auroras observed?
  • And what is the connection to the solar flare?
Northern lights

The probability of seeing northern lights in Germany is currently increased

On Thursday evening, October 28th , 2021 , there was a strong solar flare, reports A so-called solar wind affects us from late Friday evening to Saturday evening . In concrete terms , this means that the chances of northern lights not only increase in the polar regions

In Germany, too, the chances are better than they have been for a long time, provided the weather cooperates.

▶ ︎ On Friday evening, due to clouds in the sky, the probability of seeing the northern lights in the west of the country is low. 

▶ ︎ In the east of Germany, on the other hand, it looks better: the night is often clear on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Even up to the edge of the Alps, the sky usually remains free of clouds.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, however, the chances are very slim, because then even in the east, thick clouds can be expected.

Northern lights

Strong solar flare: eruption of the sun

On the evening of October 28, 2021 there was a so-called plasma outbreak. “According to the current state of affairs , the eruption and the associated mass ejection took place precisely grounded. Depending on the speed of the plasma cloud , it will reach the earth in the time window from late Friday evening to Saturday evening. 

The chances of seeing the northern lights in mid-latitudes are increasing significantly and are better than they have been for a long time, “explains Björn Goldhausen, press spokesman and meteorologist at WetterOnline .The eruption on the sun almost reached a strength of the highest category X . This measured value corresponds to the “strong” level on the warning scale of the US weather agency NOAA.

What are the possible consequences of the sun’s eruption?

In the summer, the last outbreak of the sun caused the GPS system to fail for around an hour. The radio reception was disturbed for a long time. Björn Goldhausen gives the all-clear when it comes to radiation: it doesn’t cause any problems for people. An exact prognosis about the effect on radio reception and GPS cannot be given at the moment.

Northern lights

Strong solar flares: possible consequences for technology

Strong solar winds can also affect technology on earth. GPS systems and radio systems could also be temporarily disrupted or fail this weekend. However, the plasma cloud is harmless to humans.

Tim Gumbert
Tim Gumbert
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