Bavaria tightened corona measures: bars CLOSED, NO Christmas markets


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Can you keep up with the corona rules? Bavaria is tightening the corona rules. Clubs and bars should close, Christmas markets should not take place. What is true now.

Bavaria tightened corona measures: There is an overwhelming situation in Bavaria. The incidence rate is running high and hospital beds are full. For this reason, the state government is tightening the corona rules until December 15. The approval of the state parliament is still required for the new rules. The vote and government statement are scheduled for Tuesday. The new rules could come into force on Wednesday night.

Bavaria tightened corona measures

Clubs and discos closed, Christmas markets canceled

▶ Clubs, discos and pubs will be closed. The reason: data from the Luca app had shown that clubs are infection drivers.

▶ In addition, all Christmas markets across the country are being canceled. Söder emphasizes that he and the government feel sorry for the move. He had hoped for the organizers to take responsibility, but now see himself forced to take the step. For the showmen, who hit the rejection massively, there should be financial support.

Contact restrictions for unvaccinated people

▶ There will be a de facto lockdown for those who have not been vaccinated. The Bavarian state government provides contact restrictions for this group. Unvaccinated people should be allowed to meet a maximum of five people from a maximum of two households. 

▶ Children under the age of 12, as well as those who have been vaccinated, are not included. 

▶ From Tuesday the 23rd, unvaccinated people will have no access to the areas where 2G or 2G-Plus applies. That means large parts of public life.

Bavaria tightened corona measures

2G and 2G-Plus in certain areas

▶ The 2G rule will continue to apply in the areas in which it already applies. For example this is the case in gastronomy.

▶ Services close to the body – which include hairdressers, for example – should only be allowed to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. 

▶ In addition, 2G should apply in adult education centers and driving schools.

2G-Plus will apply primarily to the leisure sector. For example, at cultural events, sporting events – such as Bundesliga games – and trade fairs, only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered with a negative rapid test are allowed. In addition, there should be an upper limit of 25 percent of full occupancy.

▶ The retail trade should be exempt from the rules. However, there are again upper limits for customers: only one customer should be allowed in the store per ten square meters.

Bavaria tightened corona measures

Full LOCKDOWN for hotspot counties and cities with a particularly high incidence

▶ In Bavarian counties with a seven-day incidence of over 1000, public life is to be largely shut down. Gastronomy, sports and cultural facilities have to close completely. Events are prohibited.

▶ The hotspot rule applies to eight Bavarian districts until December 15. Schools and daycare centers should also remain open there.

These counties in Bavaria are currently be affected

The hotspot regulation will apply from next Wednesday. According to the current status, eight districts would be affected in southeast Bavaria (status November 19, 12 a.m.)

– District of Rottal-Inn (1423.6)
– District of Freyung-Grafenau (1366.9)
– District of Berchtesgadener Land (1120.1)
– District of Traunstein (1117.8)
– District of Mühldorf am Inn (1095.4)
– District of Landshut (1068.9)
– District of Dingolfing-Landau (1043.8)
– District of Passau (1007.0)

Not far from the 1000 limit on Friday were the districts of Altötting (967.3), Deggendorf (917.3) and Rosenheim (914.3).

Bavaria is increasing its vaccination capacities

The seven-day incidence of the unvaccinated is 1500, that of the vaccinated at 110. Bavaria is therefore increasing the capacities of the vaccination centers.

Vaccination centers will be open fulltime. In addition, general practitioners will be allowed to vaccinate people as well.

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