Bavarian lockdown for the unvaccinated starting December the 8th!


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The Bavarian cabinet decided on stricter corona rules for anyone who is unvaccinated

Bavarian Lockdown: 2G in retail from Wednesday the 8th of December, ghost games in professional sport from Saturday the 4th of December, stricter contact restrictions: These measures were decided by Bavaria’s cabinet as announced. There is still no decision on compulsory testing in daycare centers.

Bavarian lockdown

Bavarian lockdown for the unvaccinated was expected

The Bavarian cabinet has decided to stricter corona measures for the Free State.

Stricter contact restrictions for unvaccinated persons

2G rule for large parts of the trade and all outdoor restaurants: These measures are taken by the state government after the federal-state decision on Thursday, as announced now in Bavaria. In addition, unlike in some other federal states, there will be no spectators at major national sporting events in Bavaria for the time being.

Number of intensive care beds: The state government wants to increase the number of intensive care beds in the Free State. Prime Minister Söder said: “But we are not waiting to move. The Minister of Health has received the order and he is currently working on a concept of how we can raise additional intensive care beds with our own financial means.”

Lack of hospital staff: The problem is not the lack of beds and equipment, but rather the lack of staff. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek therefore wants to make the profession more attractive again – at least temporarily, by temporarily doubling the salary of intensive care nurses.

Bavarian lockdown: 2G rule in retail from Wednesday

In the absence of Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters), Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced a nationwide 2G rule in retail from next Wednesday – the lead time should give businesses time to prepare.

Only shops for daily needs will then be excluded. According to Söder, what these are can be found in a corresponding list that existed a few months ago as part of the so-called “Federal Emergency Brake”: According to the catalog of the Federal Emergency Brake, daily needs include in particular:

  • Grocery trade including direct marketing
  • Beverage markets
  • Health food stores
  • Baby stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical supply stores
  • Drugstores
  • optician
  • Hearing care professional
  • Gas stations
  • Places of newspaper sales
  • Bookstores
  • Flower shops
  • Pet stores
  • Feed markets
  • DIY stores and garden centers (also selling Christmas trees)
  • and wholesale.

Unvaccinated and non-convalescent people in the Free State of Bavaria are still allowed to visit all of the above establishments.

Bavarian lockdown

Decided to tighten contacts

The cabinet has also formally implemented the previously announced tightening of contacts: Meetings in which an unvaccinated or not recovered person is involved should therefore be limited to one’s own household and a maximum of two people from someone else. Up until now, the following applied in Bavaria: only a maximum of five unvaccinated people from two households are allowed to meet, not counting children under the age of twelve and those who have been vaccinated / recovered.

When exactly the stricter contact restrictions apply, it is not clear. However, it should happen promptly – according to the cabinet decision “as soon as the federal government creates the legal basis by changing the protective measures exception regulation”. The cabinet has also passed the nationwide agreed ban on gathering on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s. “As far as legally possible, a ban on fireworks should be issued by the municipalities in public places,” says the cabinet report. The federal government is also calling for a “ban on the sale of pyrotechnics”.

Again ghost games in Bavaria

A point that goes well beyond federal legislation: There is a ban on spectators for large sporting events in the Free State. The new resolutions come into force this Saturday the 4th of December and, according to Söder, affect all “professional sport for national leagues”. Prime Minister Söder appeals to the sports clubs to take their social responsibility seriously and to limit themselves.

The also nationwide agreed upper limit for private celebrations from a regional corona incidence above 350 does not apply for the time being. 

▶ As soon as the federal government makes the necessary legal amendment, there will be “a participant limit of 50 people indoors and 200 people outdoors”, according to the State Chancellery.

Bavarian lockdown

Compulsory daycare test: proposal next week

There was no decision with regard to a possible compulsory test for daycare children in Bavaria. Söder announced that there would be a proposal from the Ministry of Social Affairs by Tuesday. As in primary schools, so-called PCR pool tests are being discussed. A corresponding regulation must, however, be practicable and implementable, it must not lead to an overload of the daycare staff, emphasized the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Christmas holidays in Bavaria should not start earlier than planned, as Söder and Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) said. Accordingly, the compulsory attendance for schoolchildren should not be suspended. Recently, there has been a particularly controversial debate about the question of early Christmas holidays .

Federal-state resolution: Many rules already apply in Bavaria

Several other measures, which the federal and state governments agreed on Thursday, are already in place in Bavaria. Clubs and discos are closed, and schoolchildren of all grade levels must also wear masks in class. Only vaccinated and convalescent people with a current negative corona test are allowed to take a seat in cinemas and theaters – and the occupancy rate is limited: In cultural institutions, the permitted occupancy rate of 25 percent remains. The Bavaria-wide curfew in gastronomy from 10 p.m. will also remain in place.

Bavarian Cabinet: Christmas market vendors should receive extra money

Meanwhile, the Free State wants to pay compensation to the vendors affected by the failure of the Christmas markets. 

▶ On Friday the 3rd of December, the cabinet commissioned the Ministry of Economic Affairs to work out a corresponding concept for paying entrepreneurs’ wages to market feeders and showmen. The wages of up to 1,500 euros per month could be paid for the period from November 1st to March 31st – in addition to federal aid. Söder spoke of a “good signal”.

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