Bayer segregates vaccinated employees from unvaccinated employees in the cafeteria! COMING SOON EVERYWHERE?


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Major German corporations are not waiting for the politicians and are segregating unvaccinated employees! Supermarkets in Germany are in discussions on whether to fully adopt the 2G corona rule for customers. What about the unvaccinated employees?

While we are discussing the merits of the 2G rule in the supermarkets in Germany, some corporations are already creating facts: In the canteens and cafeterias of Bayer, Eon or Alltours, vaccinated and unvaccinated employees will in future have to eat in their own areas.


The new corporate trend in Germany

Bayer, Eon and Alltours want to offer vaccinated and recovered employees their own canteen areas or their own cafeterias. This is reported by the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. In these special areas, employees should sit together completely casually, while those who are not vaccinated or who do not provide information about their vaccination status continue to have to live with distance rules, masks and / or partitions when eating. The insurance group Ergo is examining a comparable regulation according to its own information.

Everything is planned “in close cooperation” with the works council, Bayer said according to the report.

Widespread consensus among major German corporation

Bayer speaks of several pilot projects currently starting for canteen areas only for vaccinated and convalescent people. As with the other companies, it is emphasized that non-vaccinated people continue to have access to canteens. Everything is planned “in close cooperation” with the works council, Bayer said according to the report.

German corporations that are open to segregating employees based on their vaccination status

In addition to Byer, Eon and Alltours:

  • Ergo
  • Deutsche Post
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Henkel
  • LEG Wohnen
  • L’Oreal Germany
  • RWE
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Vodafone

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In the course of a survey of twelve leading companies from North Rhine-Westphalia, according to the newspaper, the companies continue to rely on high home office quotas for their anti-corona strategy. In addition to Alltours, Bayer, Eon and Ergo, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel, LEG Wohnen, L’Oreal Germany, RWE, ThyssenKrupp and Vodafone also took part. Even after the end of the pandemic, they want to stick to the home office, the newspaper quotes the company.


Bayer: Vaccinated people form voluntary working groups

▶ Bayer reported that the employees would join forces on their own to form work groups without unvaccinated persons: “Self-organized groups (for example in multi-person or open-plan offices, in laboratories or parts of production) can voluntarily apply the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) without distance and mask work together or hold work meetings in face-to-face meetings”.

Essentially the top German corporations are testing “2-class canteens”

In the run-up to the German Medical Association, Medical President Klaus Reinhardt pleaded that all federal states introduce 2G as an option for hospitality, sport and events – only for vaccinated and convalescent people. Reinhardt called this an additional vaccination stimulus and complained that the medical staff were at their limit. While the number of new infections is currently rising sharply again, no one wants to experience again that predictable operations have to be canceled.

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