The 7 most beautiful canoe tours in Germany


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Paddling a canoe up and down a river or lake is fun throughout Germany and is a perfect leisure activity when the temperatures are high. Take a look at the 7 most beautiful canoe tours in Germany.

Canoe tours in Germany: Nice weather and high temperatures bring the desire for a refreshing cool down into focus. If you want to combine this with physical activity, you can combine both on a canoe tour. There is something for everyone on Germany’s waterways, whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler.

Another advantage of paddling fun is the meditative character. Just listening to the rhythm of the paddle stroke in the middle of nature and forgetting digital life for this excursion increases the relaxation factor. Below are some of the best canoe tours in Germany!

1. Canoe tour on the Lahn

Canoe tours in Germany
Canoe tour on the Lahn

The Lahn is Germany’s number one canoeing river. The banks are often lushly overgrown, some of the trees reach into the waterway, 150-year-old locks, castle ruins, and visiting interesting towns can be combined with a canoe tour on the Lahn.

TIP: It’s the perfect opportunity to visit the medieval city of Marburg!

One of the most beautiful routes on the Lahn is the section from the baroque Weilburg to the cathedral city of Limburg. In Weilburg itself, a Germany-wide specialty awaits: the only ship tunnel in the country can be paddled through here. It is 195 meters long and was built in the mid-19th century.

In addition, canoe tours on the Lahn also offer insights into a fascinating animal world. In addition to nutrias, kingfishers and turtles can also be discovered.

2. Canoe tour on the Saar

Canoe tours in Germany
Canoe tour on the Saar

Canoe tours through the Saar loop are a special experience. Whether on a guided tour or on your own, the Saarschleife draws its water visitors into another world with its special flora and fauna. The jungle-covered steep slopes and the tranquility of the surroundings can be particularly well enjoyed from the leisurely flowing Saar.

▶︎ Bird watching along the canoe route: The bird life of the river in the Saarland is also diverse. You’ll see kingfishers, mallards, and great crested grebes along the canoe route.

The provider Kanu-Saarfari offers canoe rentals and tours of various levels of difficulty. Starting points include the waterfall in the Leuk and the Hackenberger Mühle.

3. Canoe through the Spreewald from Lübbenau

Canoe tours in Germany
Canoe tour through the Spreewald

The Spreewald is one of the most popular canoeing areas in Brandenburg. Lübbenau lies 80 kilometers southeast of Berlin on the edge of the Spreewald biosphere reserve. From here you can start a canoe tour, there are enough rental offers for canoes here. The river area is characterized by a variety of ramifications, which extend like a labyrinth and have been expanded by artificial canals.

Paddlers of all levels get their money’s worth on a paddling tour through the Spreewald. The absence of motor boats is particularly welcome, allowing undisturbed exploration of the forest moorland, small bridges, hand-operated locks, and quaint villages from the water.

TIP: We recommend a visit to the island village of  Leipe and the open-air museum Lehde, which takes you back to the 19th century.

4. Canoe in the Mecklenburg Lake District

Canoe tours in Germany
Canoe in the Mecklenburg Lake District

The Mecklenburg Lake District is the largest contiguous inland water area in northern Germany. The paddling paradise is also ideal for paddling newcomers, as there is almost no running water. Beginners can also do 15-kilometer tours, while paddle tours with a total length of 140 kilometers are available to experienced paddlers. 

▶︎ Barrier-free access to a canoe or kayak is possible at the Dobbertin canoe station.

Reasons to canoe in the Mecklenburg lake district:

▶︎ The associated lakes are among the cleanest in Europe

▶︎ Turquoise water and the green shores

▶︎ Another special feature awaits everyone who uses the waterways here from the end of May: Thousands of water lilies then begin to bloom and by the end of August the lake district will be transformed into a sea of ​​flowers transform. The area north of Granzow is considered a water lily paradise.

5. Canoe tour on the Danube

Canoe tours in Germany
Canoe tour on the Danube

In Bavaria, for example, you can paddle on the Danube from Vohburg to Kelheim. On the banks, wet meadows and green alluvial forests accompany the river trip on the queen of Europe’s rivers, as the Danube is also called. The current on this section does most of the paddling work, so you can relax and enjoy the surroundings.

▶︎ There are no locks on this stretch and with luck, you may spot kingfishers or a purple heron.

▶︎ The scenic highlight of the tour is reached at the Weltenburg monastery. Here you can take a break and have a refreshment in the large beer garden of the monastery complex.

6. Tour the Bodensee canoe trail

Canoe tours in Germany
Canoeing on the Bodensee

The Bodensee-Kanuweg leads around the entire lake. The 270 kilometers in total are divided into 19 stages, each with its charm and beauty. The many bays of the 570 square kilometer lake and its small islands guarantee varied paddling fun.

If you want to explore the islands in Lake Constance in more detail, you can paddle to the island of Reichenau, which is part of the World Cultural Heritage and is located in the district of Konstanz. On the vegetable island, as Reichenau is also called, the picturesque monastery should be visited before continuing. Absolute beginners can learn a lot about the history of the island on guided tours and enjoy a safe tour.

7. Canoe tour on the Isar

Canoe tours in Germany
Canoe tour on the Isar

The Isar travels 292 kilometers in the federal state of Bavaria. About 70 kilometers from Munich there is a particularly beautiful part: the Isar section with a lively current between Sylvenstein and Lenggries. The environment in national park optics is dominated by mountainous forests and light gravel banks. With its untouched landscapes, this section of the Isar is one of the most beautiful in Bavaria that can be navigated by canoe.

On the wild river, the boat rushes through crystal-clear water, past fascinating mountains, and through tight curves. This tour is suitable for advanced surfers who can handle current passages. If you are not that experienced, you should take a guided tour that guarantees safety in non-tilting canoes. The Flecker weir is suitable as a picnic spot.


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