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The beer prices for the Oktoberfest 2022 have been published! It’s no surprise that the impact of Corona and the inflation have contributed to the sharp increase in beer prices. The Oktoberfest 2022 beer costs up to 13.80 euros for a Maß. The prices at a glance.

Beer prices at Oktoberfest 2022: This year, beer at the Wiesn will cost you at least 13 euros! The prices for the Wiesn Maß are finally official – compared to the last Oktoberfest 2019 with a strong increase. In some cases, visitors have to shell out EUR 13.80 for a liter of Oktoberfest beer this year.

Oktoberfest 2022: Where the beer is cheapest

In 2022, the price of beer will range between 12.60 and 13.80 euros. For comparison: three years ago it was between 10.80 and 11.80 euros. In some cases, that’s an increase of over 20 percent!

The Marstall-Festzelt, the Schützen-Festzelt and the Käfer Wiesn Schänke have the highest prices for the large Wiesn tents, here the beer costs 13.70 euros. Only the smaller Poschner tent is more expensive at 13.80 euros.

In the big tents, the beer is hardly available for less than 13 euros, the only exceptions here are the Augustiner-Festhalle (12.80 euros) and the Fischer-Vroni (12.90 euros).

Oktoberfest tentMaß beer price 2022Maß beer price 2021% increasealcohol-free beer 2022 (Maß)
Käfer Wiesn Schänke13,7011,8016,1013,70


Wiesn 2022: The prices for other drinks including soda and water

Oktoberfest tentWeißbier 2022
1 l /EUR
Weißbier 2019
1 l /EUR
Lemonade 2022 1 lSpezi 2022 1 lTable/ Mineral water 2022 1 l
Käfer Wiesn Schänke17,0015,809,6011,009,00
Kufflers Weinzelt16,8015,909,6013,20

The innkeepers have also hit it hard this year when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks. The Limo-Maß costs 10.35 euros on average – with some big differences. For example, a liter of soda can be had for EUR 7.40 in the Ochsenbraterei, while it costs EUR 11.30 in the Armbrustschützen marquee.

There are also big differences in the liter of water: the “cheapest” water is available in the Fischer-Vroni, in the Oktoberfest tavern by Käfer and in the Schottenhamel-Festhalle (9 euros each). In the wine tent you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket: a whopping 13.20 euros are due for the Wasser-Maß!

The city emphasizes that as the organizer of the Wiesn, it is not responsible for the drink prices at the Oktoberfest. However, she checks the prices quoted by the restaurateurs “for their appropriateness”.

This is how the Wiesn landlords explain the expensive beer prices at Oktoberfest 2022

The landlords cite high inflation, increased personnel costs, and massively increased energy prices as reasons for the jump in prices. Additionally, material and craftsman costs in the area of ​​tent construction are also a facor.

“It’s good that the sound limit of 14 euros has not been broken,” said director Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU). “Nevertheless, the beer prices are pretty high. In the future, we’ll have to make sure that the Oktoberfest remains affordable.”

A complete overview of the drink prices in the large and small Oktoberfest tents can be found here.


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