These are the 12 Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments


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Cheap apartments in Berlin: In these 12 Berlin neighborhoods you pay very little rent

Berlin neighborhoods: If you are looking for cheap apartments in Berlin, you have to be prepared to find what you are looking for outside of the S-Bahn ring. The apartments here tend to be cheaper than in the city center. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to keep track of things – and to find an apartment with a low rent. Below are the cheapest corners in Berlin in the housing market.

1. Griesingerstrasse (Spandau)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

At 5.70 euros per square meter, the IBB has determined the Griesingerstraße planning area in the Falkenhagener Feld district of Spandau to be the cheapest in all of Berlin. This quiet area can be found on the edge of the district. In summer, the Große Spektesee is a particularly popular place. For other errands or excursions you can also quickly jet over to Brandenburg, because the border to the neighboring state is much closer than the city center.

2. Schleipfuhl (Marzahn-Hellersdorf)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

The Schleipfuhl nature reserve can be found in the Hellersdorf district. The planning space around the body of water is an inexpensive area to live in: Here a rental apartment costs only 5.90 euros per square meter. The district is particularly known for its large housing estates in prefabricated construction. The district is connected to the city center with the U5 , even if it takes a good half an hour to get to Alexanderplatz.

3. Berlin neighbohoods: Gelbes und Rotes Viertel (Marzahn-Hellersdorf)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

The yellow and red quarters, as divided by the IBB, belong to the Kaulsdorf district in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district. In both areas you pay around 6.10 euros net rent per square meter. A nearby highlight is the cable car that takes you over the Kienbergpark and the Wuhletal to the Gardens of the World. There are gardens in the style of different countries and regions such as China, Bali or Italy.

4. Marzahn West (Marzahn-Hellersdorf)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

Marzahn West is an IBB planning room in the Marzahn district. In the south of the area flows the Neue Wuhle, an artificially created body of water, in the north is the Ahrensfelde S-Bahn station, then comes Brandenburg. For apartments in the triangle between Ahrensfelder and Märkischer Chaussee you don’t pay much, as the IBB shows: around 6.20 euros per square meter.

5. Living in Berlin: Wuhletalstrasse (Marzahn-Hellersdorf)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

Apartments are still cheap to the south of Marzahn-West. The Wuhletalstraße is located directly on the Seelengrabenpark in the Marzahn-Mitte district. In the planning area in this area you pay around 6.30 euros per square meter. It is very attractive in the vicinity: there is the Marzahn Citizens’ Park.

6. Zingster Strasse West (Lichtenberg)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

In the Zingster Strasse West planning area, the net rent without costs is around EUR 6.40 per square meter. The prefabricated housing estate belongs to the district of Neu-Hohenschönhausen in Lichtenberg, which was only created in 2002 from areas of the surrounding districts of Malchow, Falkenberg and Wartenberg. The rapper Capital Bra also grew up in Neu-Hohenschönhausen.

7. Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg (Pankow)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

At Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg you have to reckon with 6.50 euros per square meter for a rental apartment. With the location on the 29 hectare park, it’s not that unattractive. The Trümmerberg double summit is an essential part of the park and is one of the highest elevations in Berlin.

8. Marzahner Chaussee (Marzahn-Hellersdorf)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

A rental apartment here also costs around 6.50 euros per square meter, making it comparatively cheap for Berlin. The Marzahner Chaussee lies between the administrative districts of Lichtenberg and Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Not far from Marzahner Chaussee is the Tierpark Berlin, a popular excursion destination for families and many Berliners.

9. Wohngebiet II (Treptow-Köpenick)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

The residential area II, as defined by the IBB in its report, is on the edge of the Altglienicke district in the Treptow-Köpenick district. Thus directly on the border to Schönefeld in Brandenburg, the BER airport is not far away. Here an apartment costs around 6.50 euros per square meter. The beautiful Rudow-Altglienicke Landscape Park is right next to residential area II.

10. Cheap apartments in Berlin: Graetschelstieg (Spandau)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

The Graetschelstieg is located in the Wilhelmstadt district of Spandau. Right next door is the Südpark with its pond, which is well suited for a nice walk. The Havel is also not too far away from the Gaetschelstieg for a boat tour in summer. Apartments here are inexpensive: the net rent without any heating element is around 6.50 euros per square meter.

11. Treuenbrietzener Strasse (Reinickendorf)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

In the planning area around Treuenbrietzener Straße, according to the IBB’s housing market report, you have to reckon with around 6.50 euros for a square meter in a rented apartment. Most of the houses here belong to social housing. The street is in the Märkisches Viertel, one of the most notorious large housing estates in Berlin.

12. Dannenwalder Weg (Reinickendorf)

Berlin neighborhoods with cheap apartments

The area around Dannenwalder Weg is also one of the cheapest corners in Berlin. The area also belongs to the Märkisches Viertel, where there are still cheap apartments: Here you pay around 6.50 euros per square meter. The photo shows prefabricated buildings on Dannenwalder Weg.


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