The Berlin rent explosion is affecting most of the 97 districts! Which districts are now too expensive?


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The Berlin rent explosion has made renting in all 97 districts a nightmare. Berliners have to pay more. Find out which districts have become too expensive.

Rent explosion in Berlin in 2022: Due to the high demand, rent prices have only been going in one direction for over 10 years: upwards. A recent analysis of all 97 Berlin districts by RealEstatePilot shows the development of purchase and rental prices per square meter and the number of offers by district and their districts in the period from May 2020 to May 2022.

▶︎ Rentals: Between May 2020 and May 2022, rents in the Pankow district rose from 9.81 to 13.84 euros/m² – plus 41.1 percent with a total of 89 rental offers! 

▶︎ Purchases: The price rose from 3277 euros/m² in the previous year to 6783 euros/m² now – plus 62.4 percent with a total of 57 offers.

Berlin rent explosion

The Berlin rent explosion in 2022

On average, Berlin saw an average increase of 13.18% in rent increase over the last 12 months!

In the period 2020-2021, the average rental price was 11.70 euros. In comparison, tenants had to pay 13.24 euros per square meter in the period 2021-2022. The number of offers also increased from 37,436 to 40,492.

► The average rent in the districts was 13.24 euros/m² for 40,492 offers – in the previous year the average of 37,436 offers was 11.70 euros/m².

► The average purchase price of all districts has increased by 11.14 percent. According to an evaluation of 23,782 offers, interested parties currently have to pay an average of 5870 euros/m². With the 28,716 offers in the previous year, it was still 5281 euros/m².

Which Berlin districts had the most rental and purchase offers?

Rental offers in the last 12 month:

  • 1988 in Prenzlauer Berg
  • 1756 in Friedrichshain
  • 1394 in Kreuzberg
  • 1192 in Köpenick
  • 1110 in Moabit
  • 593 in Charlottenburg

Purchase offers in the last 12 months:

  • 1550 purchase offers in Charlottenburg
  • 1398 in Friedrichshain
  • 1359 in Prenzlauer Berg
Berlin rent explosion

Districts experiencing the Berlin rent explosion

The Berlin district of Heinersdorf is the leader in terms of rental price development per square meter with a price increase of 41.13 percent. While tenants had to pay an average of EUR 9.81 for a square meter of living space in the period from May 2020 to May 2021, it was an average of EUR 13.84 per square meter last year. The number of offers in Heinersdorf has increased from 67 in the previous year to 89 offers in the last 12 months.

Following Heinersdorf are the districts of Fennpfuhl, Plänterwald and Wittenau with rent increases of more than 30 percent. In Fennpfuhl, average rents per square meter rose by 40.26 percent from EUR 6.23 in the previous year to EUR 8.74 in the following year.

Top 10 Berlin districts experiencing a rent explosion

RankDistrictRent increase /m²# of offers in the last 12 monthsPrice /m² in the last 12 months# of offers in the preceding 12 monthsPrice /m² in the preceding 12 months
1Heinersdorf41,13%8913,84 €579,81€
2Fennpfuhl40,26%1268,74 €1546,23 €
3Planterwald31,45%3012,36 €249,40 €
5Rahnsdorf28,85%8513,29 €8210,32 €
6Lankw itz22,33%29711,84 €2629,68€
7Rumme lsburg21,80%31713,10 €33010,76 €
8Britz20,72%19911,07 €2069,17 €
9Karlshorst20,02%35911,86 €3579,88€
10Alt-Hohenschönhausen18,02%45910,42 €5668,82 €
Source: RealEstatePilot 2022
Berlin rent explosion

These 10 Berlin districts saw rents drop in the last 12 months

The district of Falkenberg saw the biggest drop in prices, down 29.37 percent from an average of EUR 12.23 to EUR 8.64 per square metre. This is followed by the districts of Schmöckwitz with -17.90 percent and Märkisches Viertel with -11.34 percent. A slight drop in prices has also been recorded in the Berlin districts of Staaken, Alt-Treptow and Hansaviertel.

Parallel to the decline in rental prices, the number of rental offers in Falkenberg, Märkisches Viertel and Staaken has increased significantly compared to the other districts.

10 districts that are still not experiencing the Berlin rent explosion

RankDistrictRent increase /m²# of offers in the last 12 monthsPrice /m² in the last 12 months# of offers in the preceding 12 monthsPrice /m² in the preceding 12 months
83Hermsdorf0,48%11812,12 €12212,06 €
84Buch-0,31%2187,76 €2257,78€
86Schlachtensee-1,56%2513,30 €4213,51€
87Hansaviertel-3,30%3614,47 €6714,97 €
88Alt-Treptow-3,90%11111,51€10311,98 €
89Staaken-4,87%3808,00 €2798,40 €
90Markisches Viertel-11,34%1546,85 €767,72 €
91Schmockwitz-17,90%2411,10 €3213,52 €
92Falkenberg-29,37%288,64 €1112,23 €
Source: RealEstatePilot 2022


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