[CORONA UPDATE] Berlin Senate adopts 2G rule – it applies from Monday the 15th of November!


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The Berlin Senate has passed a comprehensive 2G rule for Berlin. It is basically a lockdown for unvaccinated people over the age of 18. Rules in the workplace are also tightened.

Berlin expands 2G rules for everyone over the age of 18. From Monday it will be serious for the unvaccinated! They are banned from bars in the capital. Because anyone who wants to stop off in the restaurant business is subject to the new, binding 2G rule. Access to restaurants and bars only for vaccinated and convalescent people. In clubs for a long time anyway.

Berlin Senate

The Berlin Senate votes on the 2G rule

From Monday onwards, visiting restaurants, cinemas or events in Berlin will only be possible for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. Against the background of the sharp rise in corona incidences, the Senate has decided to expand the 2G rule.

Berliners without vaccination protection have to be prepared for further restrictions. The Senate decided on an extensive expansion of the 2G rule at a telephone conference on Wednesday afternoon . In addition, the rules in the workplace are being tightened again significantly. There is a recommendation for 50 percent home office. The test obligations in old people’s homes and hospitals are also tightened for vaccinated staff. The 2G rule should come into force on Monday the 15h of November.

What does the 2G rule mean for Berliners?

▶ Cinemas, theaters, opera houses, concert halls, museums, galleries, memorials

▶ Hairdresser, beauty salon and other personal care services – including prostitution

▶ Saunas, thermal baths and amusement facilities such as amusement parks and amusement arcades

▶ Zoo animal houses, greenhouses in the botanical garden.

▶ Events from 2000 present also outdoors. So also with Bundesliga football.

▶ When doing sports in covered facilities, fitness and dance studios – people under the age of 18 are allowed in with a negative test.

Christmas market operators can decide for themselves whether they want 2G or prefer to ask for masks.

Berlin Senate

2G rule does not apply to retail

The retail trade is completely exempt from the regulation in Berlin. In universities and libraries, the 3G rule remains, but a mask requirement will be reintroduced there. The 2G rule remains optional at Christmas markets, so operators can also opt for free access with a distance and a mask requirement. A daily test requirement will be introduced for non-vaccinated employees in the catering industry.

EXCEPTIONS: In the supermarket and all other shops are omitted 2G addition, generally children are not exempt Impfbare under 12 and for medical reasons.. The vaccination requirement does not apply to under 18-year-olds – they can also have tested negative.

Unvaccinated employees in the catering industry need a test every day. Hospital staff close to the patient must be vaccinated, recovered, or tested daily.

What’s new? In July, the home office requirement expired. The Senate is now recommending employers to leave at least 50 percent of their employees in the home office again.

2G-Plus not explicitly excluded for the future

The Senate has not yet agreed on a 2G-Plus regulation for certain areas of life. Müller suggested one of these last week. At larger events or club visits, vaccinated and convalescent people would also have to test themselves, wear a mask or keep a distance of 1.5 meters again. Unvaccinated people would no longer have access.

Berlin Senate

Berlin could also see a lockdown soon

In the past few days, the first experts such as the mobility researcher Kai Nagel from the Technical University of Berlin had once again brought a possible lockdown into play as a necessary measure. Nagel also thinks Müller’s 2G-Plus proposal makes sense. “The effect of testing is more than twice as great if the vaccinated and convalescents take part,” he told Tagesspiegel.

Berlin’s governing mayor, unlike Nagel, believes that another lockdown cannot be implemented. “I don’t think that another lockdown would be accepted over Christmas,” said the SPD politician. The test obligations in homes should be expanded again, said Müller. The Berlin Greens parliamentary group leader Silke Gebel had previously suggested.

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