19 of the best internet providers in Germany (2022 ranking)


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The best internet providers in Germany ranked in 2022: Of the best 19 internet providers in Germany, which one is ranked #1 in 2022?

The best internet providers in Germany 2022: Which Internet providers deliver the best high-speed connections at the fairest price? Who is most reliable in fulfilling their promise of performance? Below is a ranking of 19 of the best internet providers in Germany.

best internet providers in germany

(Table) Ranking 19 of the best internet providers in Germany in 2022

RankProviderTest result 03/2022
1Telekom DSLVERY GOOD (1.4)
2o2 DSLGOOD (1.6)
3Vodafone cableGOOD (1.6)
41&1 DSLGOOD (1.7)
5Vodafone DSLGOOD (1.9)
7o2 cableGOOD (2.0)
8EazyGOOD (2.0)
9M-netGOOD (2.0)
10Smartmobil DSLGOOD (2.1)
11winSIM DSLGOOD (2.1)
12PremiumSIM DSLGOOD (2.1)
13NetCologneGOOD (2.2)
14NetAachenGOOD (2.2)
16Osnatel DSLGOOD (2.3)
18Congstar DSLSATISFACTORY (2.8)
1 = Best , 3 = Satisfactory

best internet providers in germany

1. Telekom DSL is the best internet provider in Germany

Telekom offers fast internet with speeds of up to 250 Mbit. In some areas even 1 Gbit/s is possible. What do the market leader’s DSL offers do in practice? The bottom line is that the overall rating is VERY GOOD.

Telekom is also attractive in terms of price thanks to the high starting advantages. Telekom is playing a trump card with its Magenta TV offers.

Tip: DSL + MagentaTV + NETFLIX for €21.61 per month

If you order Telekom television with 152 TV channels at the same time will receive the MagentaZuhause M tariff with MagentaTV Basic at an average price of just €21.61 per month (for the first 24 months). This means that the offer is available for a very small surcharge for the first two years. 

Netflix is ​​also included free of charge for 12 months. This make it one of the best internet providers in Germany.

Magenta Home Young offers for everyone under 28 with bonus

Telekom has launched its Magenta Home Young offers specifically for young people between the ages of 18 and 27. In terms of the scope of services, the DSL tariffs are identical to the normal Telekom home portfolio, but there is an additional discount as well.

For example, the 50 Mbit Magenta Home Young M complete package results in an average price of just €18.28/month over 24 months – that’s 24% cheaper than the provider.

2. o2 DSL scores with permanently low prices

o2 convinces with many good arguments: The provider has the cheapest DSL complete packages for Internet & telephone in the program and stands out from the competition with two special features: The offers can not only be booked via DSL, but also via LTE. 

In addition, all contracts are also available without a minimum term. Overall, o2 DSL achieved a strong 2nd place with the overall grade GOOD.

o2 DSL has a good result most tests

The clear recommendation among the DSL offers is the current special tariff “o2 my Home M Speed”. Customers receive a fast Internet connection with download speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s, an Internet flat rate and a telephone connection including a landline flat rate at a great price. 

The latest offer reduces the average price to €18.91 per month. Thanks to an immediate bonus of €85, the tariff is 29% cheaper than directly from o2. For optimal WiFi, customers can rent a WiFi router.

All o2 DSL offers for new customers and changers

All o2 DSL tariffs offer the same basic equipment and differ essentially in terms of speed and price. But be careful with o2 my Home S, because there is a built-in speed brake. Our recommendation is the special tariff o2 my Home M Speed. With this you get your Internet connection via the technology recommended for your address (DSL or LTE) – and at a very low average price.

o2 my Home for young people

Young people under the age of 29 can save even more at o2. You pay €5 per month less than other customers – and that permanently up to the age of 29. You can choose from the young version o2 my Home S, M, L and XL with speeds of up to 10, 50, 100 and 250 megabits per second.

Our recommendation for young people currently also applies to the o2 my Home M Speed ​​+ NETFLIX promotional tariff, as the tariff offers a lot of performance at a very reasonable price – it comes with an immediate bonus of €85. You can also use Netflix for free for 12 months. The price advantages result in a very low monthly price of €18.91 for the first 24 months.

3.  Vodafone cable scores in terms of price, performance and speed

Internet via the TV cable enables high speeds across the board. A consistently strong price-performance ratio brings Vodafone Kabel the strong 3rd place with the grade GOOD. The Internet packages are particularly cheap – for example Internet & Phone 250 for an average of €22.49 per month.

Vodafone Internet via cable: VERY GOOD in terms of price and performance

Consumers who not only have a telephone socket but also a TV cable socket in their household can usually choose between DSL and cable Internet. If you live in Vodafone’s cable area, you won’t go wrong with the provider’s all-inclusive offers.

They offer low price, a wide range of services and high Internet speeds. 

For switchers: Use Vodafone for up to 12 months free of charge

Do you still have an internet contract? Then you can easily switch from another Internet provider to Vodafone Kabel Deutschland / Unitymedia (e.g. Telekom DSL). As a switcher, you benefit in particular, because Vodafone simply provides the new Internet tariff free of charge until your old DSL contract expires. 

Both contracts can thus overlap for up to 12 months without double the costs. On the deadline, the old provider will turn off the Internet access and you will then have to pay Vodafone.

4. 1&1 DSL is consistent

1&1 has five tariffs for internet surfing and telephoning in the program, in the first areas even 1,000 Mbit/s are possible. It has consistent fast Internet, strong services and comprehensive customer service giving it the grade GOOD.

1&1 is focused on performance

1&1 DSL is Germany’s third largest landline Internet provider after Telekom and Vodafone and offers a wide range of tariffs. Compared to the competition, 1und1 is particularly convincing in terms of performance, the Internet speed that actually arrives on site and customer satisfaction. In our large provider test, 1&1 achieved the overall grade GOOD (1.7).

But which offer is currently the best? Among the complete packages with a maximum connection rate of 16, 50, 100 or 250 Mbit/s, 1&1 DSL 250 stands out in particular. Why? The fast 1&1 Internet connection in combination with a comprehensive range of services and a high price advantage for new customers results in a strong price-performance ratio.

In addition, 1&1 scores with high-performance WLAN hardware from the renowned manufacturer AVM (Fritz!Box) and the 1&1 HD television that can be booked on request. By the way: Instead of the current entry-level discounts, you can also get a discounted WiFi device (smart TV, Nintendo Switch,…).

5. Vodafone DSL is strong in terms of price and availability

Under the name “Red Internet & Phone”, Vodafone offers landline Internet via DSL and cable. If you don’t have a cable socket in your home, you can get DSL with speeds of up to 250 Mbit/s at a very fair price from Vodafone. High starting advantages for new customers catapult the provider forward in the price comparison. It scores an overall grade GOOD.

Price, performance, speed: Vodafone DSL with a clear GOOD score

The provider puts forward some very good arguments in favor of a complete Internet telephone package from Vodafone: Internet availability is particularly high thanks to the cable and DSL mix, the price level is fair and the discounts for new customers are substantial.

Depending on the location, Vodafone provides its Internet tariffs either via DSL or via cable.


Surf the Internet via the cable TV network: PYUR is not only a provider of cable television, but also provides fast Internet and telephone connections. PYUR scores above all in price and performance and thus achieves the overall grade GOOD (2.0). When ordering online, the PYUR offers are also 21% cheaper than directly from the provider.

High speeds and flexible tariff models give PYUR the grade GOOD (2.0)

Via its cable network, PYUR not only brings television programming to millions of households, but also Internet and landline telephony. PYUR is highly rated when it comes to the rate the high data transmission rates, the low prices and the consumer-friendly options for the contract period as positive.

However, we have to deduct points due to local availability. The PYUR cable network – which extends over the former areas of Tele Columbus, Primacom and Cablesurf – is in principle distributed throughout Germany, but has local focuses.

PYUR offers also with telephone connection on request

The PYUR offers concentrate on the essentials – on a fast internet connection. The complete packages can also be booked with a telephone connection at no additional cost. And if you make a lot of calls to the landline, it is better to order a PYUR offer with a landline flat rate directly. The whole thing is of course also available directly in combination with HDTV, then sofar with an Allnet flat rate for free calls to landline and mobile networks.

PYUR tariffs can also be booked without a long minimum term

The PYUR complete packages are the cheapest when booking with a minimum term of 24 months. If you want, you can also use the PYUR Flex offers. But then the full monthly package price has to be paid from the start.

7. o2 cable Internet for your home

Fast Internet via the TV cable network: This is also available from o2. The provider also switches its o2 Home tariffs with 50, 100 or 250 Mbit/s in 26 million households via cable. 

o2’s credo: Fast Internet for your home – regardless of the technology. In the test, o2 was convincing, the cable internet offers achieved the overall grade GOOD.

o2 is now cable internet provider

With o2 there is a free choice, in addition to DSL/VDSL and LTE, the tariffs can now also be ordered in the cable network. This means that consumers can book high-speed Internet via TV cable not only with the respective network operator, but also directly with o2. Internet via the TV cable socket is now available in 26 million households.

o2 my Home via cable with 50, 100 and 250 Mbit/s

o2 scores an overall GOOD grade with its cable Internet offers. Strong performances in actually all test areas are decisive for the good overall result. If there is a cable socket in the house, o2 Kabel Internet provides a strong all-round carefree package.

8. Eazy

Inexpensive Eazy offers in the Vodafone cable network result in an overall rating of GOOD.

Eazy offers nationwide internet and telephone with a maximum bandwidth of 40 Mbit/s via the Vodafone cable network. The low prices stand out – €13.99/month for a complete package is very cheap – and the high surfing speed that arrives on site. 

Eazy is VERY GOOD in terms of price & surf speed, but room for improvement in terms of availability

Internet via the cable network is not only available directly from Vodafone, Internet and telephone can also be ordered via Eazy. What is so special about it? With Eazy you get a cheaper fast Internet connection compared to getting the connection directly with Vodafone. 

eazy20 is permanently available for €13.99 per month and the eazy40 complete package is available for €17.99 per month. With Vodafone direct, the regular monthly price starts at €29.99.

And that’s the most valid argument for Eazy: 20 Mbit Internet is cheaper nowhere else in Germany. 

Major shortcoming of the offer: Eazy can only be booked in the Vodafone cable network and that is currently the case in 24 million households nationwide. 

9. M-Net DSL and fiber optics

Internet & telephone complete packages from the regional provider M-net are mainly available in Bavaria, for example in Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Ingolstadt or Kempten. In addition, the provider is also represented beyond the state border of Bavaria in the greater Ulm area and in the Hessian Main-Kinzig district. 

With a score of GOOD, M.net is a great option if you have access to it.

Strong overall result at M-net: GOOD in the provider test

If you are looking for a fast DSL Internet connection, then go with the modern fiber optic cable network for data transmission. 

If you live in Bavaria, in the Ulm area or in the Main-Kinzig district of Hesse, the complete packages from the fiber optic provider for Internet and telephony are definitely worth considering.

10. Smartmobil DSL DSL und WLAN

Smartmobil has landline internet in its portfolio: in addition to cheap smartphone tariffs, the provider offers DSL offers for fast internet and WLAN. 

Smartmobil offers a permanently low monthly price and high availability in Germany.

Smartmobil DSL and WLAN: Internet at a fixed price

Smartmobil is primarily known from the mobile communications sector. As a Drillisch brand, the provider mainly sells cheap smartphone tariffs. But it doesn’t stop there, because Smartmobil is now also involved in the market for fixed-line Internet. DSL and WLAN can be obtained from the provider Smartmobil.

A total of four Smartmobil DSL tariffs with download speeds of up to 250 Mbit/s are available. Since the offer is provided in cooperation with 1&1, the Smartmobil Internet tariffs are available throughout Germany.

best internet providers in germany

11. winSIM DSL

With up to 250 Mbit/s on the Internet: The winSIM WLAN tariffs are available at permanently low prices.

The Internet connection is available from winSIM for less than €20 a month. The package price is not only valid for a limited period of time, but over the entire contract period. winSIM WLAN can be booked directly, we present the winSIM DSL tariffs in detail.

WinSIM DSL makes Internet possible with up to 250 Mbit

With winSIM DSL, you get bandwidth ate peak times of up to 250 Mbit/s. An Internet flat rate ensures unlimited surfing with the Internet speed is therefore available without restrictions from the first to the last of the month.

Included: There is always a telephone connection on board, landline calls are covered by a flat rate, and a minute rate applies to all other calls.

The winSIM DSL complete packages can be ordered with 16, 50, 100 or 250 Mbit Internet. Due to the very good availability, the offers are available practically throughout Germany. The winSIM WLAN offer includes a Fritz!Box from the well-known manufacturer AVM, but you can also use your own device.


12. PremiumSIM DSL

PremiumSIM offers mobile phone tariffs and fast WLAN Internet for at home. Users get PremiumSIM DSL with speeds of up to 250 megabits per second. It starts at €19.99 per month.

PremiumSIM DSL: Fast Internet at an attractive price

PremiumSIM is known for its super cheap cell phone tariffs. An all-network flat rate for smartphones with plenty of volume is available for less than 10 euros per month. Now the discounter is adding fixed line Internet contracts to the market and is launching its own DSL tariffs. Premium DSL is available from €19.99 per month. Customers can rent a suitable WLAN router on request. The Internet offers are available throughout Germany – both for existing PremiumSIM customers with a mobile phone contract and for complete newcomers.

As you are used to from other Internet providers, the PremiumSIM DSL tariffs are also available in four speed variants. Basic Internet access is available with PremiumSIM DSL 16. But PremiumSIM DSL 50 or DSL 100 are better for an additional charge of €5 or €10 per month. Both offers can be booked over a wide area. That’s why our tariff tip is called PremiumSIM DSL 50. The permanently low price of €24.99 is convincing here.

13. NetCologne

NetCologne offers its Internet connections in the greater Cologne/Bonn area and, thanks to the Internet flat rate, always ensures unlimited surfing pleasure. NetCologne NetSpeed ​​50 is particularly recommended.

The 50 Mbit/s connection is available at an average price of €26.83 per month.  You can book a telephone flat rate for free calls to German landline network by specifically requesting it.

NetCologne in the test: Best speed values ​​& good performance

In addition to the large DSL providers such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone or o2, there are also local providers who provide consumers with attractive DSL offers. As a smaller regional provider from Cologne and the surrounding area, NetCologne provides its customers with fast Internet via fiber optic technology.

Book NetCologne DSL cheaper

NetCologne has a total of five bandwidths from 50 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s in its portfolio. 

A telephone flat rate can be added for an extra charge.

14. NetAachen

NetAachen’s complete Internet and telephone packages are available in Aachen, Düren, Heinsberg.

You can easily get data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s over the modern fiber optic lines. NetAachen also provides Internet tariffs via the classic DSL line.

NetAachen scores as a local provider with fiber optic infrastructure

When looking for a suitable Internet connection, you don’t always have to choose one of the major DSL providers such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone or 1&1. Instead, it is also worth taking a look at the local providers who also provide attractive DSL offers for their region. NetAachen provides powerful Internet connections in the Aachen, Düren and Heinsberg areas.


EWE (formerly EWE TEL) is a regional telecommunications provider in northern Germany that provides DSL tariffs in north-west Germany and parts of Brandenburg. 

Internet and telephone are available at a fair monthly all-inclusive price – Internet flat rate and landline flat rate always included.

The EWE DSL offers are very convincing

A total of three complete DSL packages, each with 25 Mbit/s, 50 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s, are available from EWE. In case the 50 Mbit connection is not yet possible, EWE DSL 25 is a sensible alternative. 

The availability of DSL 25 is already quite high in the EWE network, so that the offer can also be switched on at many locations. 

Note: In some cases, EWE also offers a 10 Mbit connection (upload 1 Mbit/s), the monthly tariff for the EWE DSL Basic package is identical to EWE DSL 25.

16. Osnatel DSL

In Osnabrück and Steinfurt, Osnatel offers combined tariffs for landline calls and internet surfing. With strong performance, the best speed test results and good service, the provider entered the DSL provider race with 82 points and the overall grade GOOD. 

Consumers can choose between DSL 25, DSL 50 and DSL 100. It is also possible to get up to 1,000 Mbit/s in the fiber optic expansion area. 

Osnatel is a competitive regional provider

Like SWB and EWE, Osnatel belongs to the EWE telecommunications group, which supplies various regions in northern and central Germany with Internet landline connections, among other things. In addition, Osnatel also has mobile and TV offers in its portfolio. 

In addition to regular DSL providers such as Telekom or Vodafone, consumers from Osnabrück and the Steinfurt district who are looking for a high-performance Internet connection should take a look at the regional provider Osnatel. 


The small Internet provider SWB offers complete DSL packages for Internet surfing and telephoning exclusively in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Stuhr, Weyhe and Thedinghausen. The full equipment is available from €29.99 per month.

SWB DSL is a great alternative to bigger DSl providers

The DSL provider belongs to the EWE TEL telecommunications group and exclusively provides competitive landline internet connections. In some cases, connections to the fiber optic network are even possible.

The provider offers three DSL speeds including an SWB DSL flat rate: Consumers surf the Internet at 25 Mbit/s, 50 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s. If you live in the provider area of service, then use the free availability checker to find out which bandwidth is actually available for your area.

18. Congstar DSL

Congstar DSL is weak in terms of price and performance and scores only with a rating of SATISFACTORY.

Congstar relies on the Deutsche Telekom network for its DSL tariffs and is therefore widely available. However, Congstar has some cons: The tariffs are too expensive and the scope of services can also be expanded. The overall grade is therefore only SATISFACTORY.

High availability, but clear deductions for Congstar in terms of price and performance

Congstar is known to many for its flexible mobile phone tariffs and cheeky advertising campaigns. However, consumers can also get Internet and landline services at home from the provider. For this purpose, Congstar uses the network of the parent company Telekom and achieves a high level of availability. 

With Congstar, users will therefore also get DSL tariffs that bundle Internet access and a telephone connection together with flat rates. However, while Telekom DSL scores with a wide range of products and many services, the program at Congstar is more limited to basic services.

In concrete terms, consumers can choose between 16 Mbit/s or 50 Mbit/s Internet with Congstar DSL. Prices start at EUR 24.99 per month.

19. Fonial DSL

Fonial offers powerful DSL tariffs for private and business customers. It provides pure internet connections. 

A special feature of Fonial DSL is the flexible term. In combination with a permanently inexpensive 16 Mbit basic Internet connection of €19.99/month and a fixed IP address, Fonial scores a rating of SATISFACTORY.

Fonial particularly outstanding in the entry-level tariff

In times when mobile phones are increasingly replacing the classic telephone and television is increasingly coming to the screen via the Internet, a simple Internet connection is sufficient for many consumers. Most providers now put together an internet landline package that covers internet and telephony at once with the corresponding flat rates. So you have to search a bit where a mere Internet connection via the telephone line is still available. 

Consumers will find what they are looking for at Fonial – because here they receive a DSL Internet connection including a fixed IP address and do not pay any additional services that ultimately remain unused.

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