These are the best jobs in Germany in 2022 where you can earn the most!


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Find out why Germany is becoming a paradise for many workers!

Best jobs in Germany in 2022: Because there is a lack of skilled workers, experts are expecting a strong increase in wages for almost everyone this year. Reason: Employers are taking longer and longer to fill vacancies. This means that German employers have to pay more to retain their workers! Below is table of the best jobs in Germany in 2022!

best jobs in Germany in 2022

Why Expats and foreign nationals the best jobs in Germany in 2022

Research institutes and German industry associations point to a massive and structural shortage of skilled workers. Hundreds of thousands of qualified employees will soon be missing. Immigration and training can help in this situation.

But it’s not just wages that are rising: Finding a job is becoming easier and easier in Germany!

The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce estimates that there are currently almost 1.8 million vacancies. The trade alone lacks 250,000 employees (ZDH association), and 80 percent of the restaurants are also looking for employees (Dehoga association).

best jobs in Germany in 2022

These are the best jobs in Germany in 2022: Professionals are urgently needed!

Are you an expat in Germany or are looking for move to Germany? Find out which areas the application for a new job has the best chances – and how much you can expect to get paid per month.

Areas where staffing shortages are greatest and number of days employers have to search to fill vacancies.

Job in GermanyNumber of days a job stays unfilledMonthly salary
Caregiver223€ 2,954
Floor layer209€ 2,465
Plumber207€ 3,019
Equipment operator on construction site198€ 2,678
Nurse182€ 2,898
Power engineer179€ 3,576
Bus or train driver175€ 2,278
Physical education teacher outside of school/driving instructor173€ 3,002
Painter or plasterer171€ 2,374
Welder169€ 2,571
Livestock farmer165€ 2,209
Aerospace Engineer162€ 5,366
Food technician155€ 3,335
Orthopedist154€ 9,974
Cashier151€ 2,033
Programmer151€ 4,081
Interior architect / decorator151€ 3,048
Mechatronics engineer149€ 2,810
Doctor / dentist149€ 6,347
Waiter148€ 1,859
Tax consultant147€ 5,625
insurance broker146€ 3,800
Florist146€ 2,123
Garbage disposer145€ 2,627
Pharmacist139€ 2,745
Electrical engineer136€ 3,953
Technical illustrator135€ 2,642
Agricultural farmer133€ 2,548
Object and personal security133€ 2,305
Cook121€ 2,169
Machine builders121€ 4,441
Surveyor120€ 2,906
Retail Salesperson119€ 2,130
Source: Agentur für Arbeit and

The skills shortage in German in 2022

The German labor market is facing major challenges. A shortage of skilled workers was already apparent in many professions before the corona pandemic.

When it comes to the skills shortages in Germany, you have to remember the following:

  • Demographic change is increasingly exacerbating the shortage of skilled workers. Short- and medium-term solutions are necessary in order to increase the labor potential and attract skilled workers.
  • The workforce potential can be increased through various measures: meeting the desire for more working hours, integrating the long-term unemployed into the labor market, winning women back into the labor market, addressing unplaced applicants for training positions or recruiting skilled workers from abroad.
  • Specialists can be won for your own company through: openness to lateral entry, home office option , benefits, salary transparency as well as diversity hiring and inclusion. 


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