Oktoberfest 2022: This is where you can still find free Oktoberfest tables – HURRY & BOOK A TABLE! 


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You want to enjoy Oktoberfest 2022? Then book a table! In exactly three months, millions will flock to the Wiesn and tables are running out! Find out where you can STILL book Oktoberfest tables!

Oktoberfest tables: After a two-year Corona break, the Wiesn will take place again! And there is an enormous rush to the Oktoberfest tables – you don’t want to stand the whole time! Find out where you can still book a table at the Oktoberfest 2022.

Oktoberfest 2022: Many tents are already full but there are spots where you can book Oktoberfest tables (as of June 19):


Oktoberfest tables

Tables that are still free can be reserved directly on the tent’s website ( www.armbrustschuetzenzelt.de ). “Lunch reservations are definitely still possible, although the demand is a little higher than usual this year,” says landlord Peter Inselkammer.

Festzeit Tradition

Oktoberfest tables

“We still have a limited number of Oktoberfest tables available, mostly at lunchtime, of course,” says landlord Toni Winklhofer. 

You can reserve available tables online at (www.oktoberfestzelt-tradition.de). Otherwise, Munich residents can still get places in the Ratskeller via the Munich contingent (das Münchnerkontingent) on August 4th – including in the evenings and at weekends.


Oktoberfest tables

“There are always free places, since cancellations are immediately released again in the portal,” says the Fischer-Vroni team. 

You can book a table online at: reservierung.fischer-vroni.de. Normally around noon and during the week there is still something free.

Augustiner Festhalle 

Oktoberfest tables

The website of the Augustiner tent states that “due to the high volume of inquiries, our contingents are already exhausted”. You can book tables when reservations have been cancelled by others online at (www.festhalle-augustiner.com ).


Oktoberfest tables

“Thank God the reservation situation is the same as in 2019”, reports landlady Silja Schrank-Steinberg with relief. 

Remaining Coktoberfest tables are still available at noon from Monday to Thursday, bookable at www.hb-festzelt.de.

Käfer Wiesn-Schänke

Oktoberfest tables

“The anticipation is obviously huge and so is the demand,” says a spokeswoman. The Käfer Wiesn-Schänke is fully booked every day. 

You can try and book a table in the beer garden here.

Kufflers Weinzelt

Oktoberfest tables

In the Weinzelt there is still some free tables Traditional German Costumes: A guide for Expats and TouristsGerman Volksfests in 2022: Perfect list of festivals to dress up for!from Monday to Thursday at noon and in the afternoon/early evening. You can make your Oktoberfest table reservations online at www.weinzelt.com.


Oktoberfest tables

The website of the Hacker-Festzelt states that the reservation requests are currently being processed. 

If there are free Oktoberfest tables that you can book one online at www.hacker-festzelt.de from the end of June.


Oktoberfest tables

“Fortunately, there were very few cancellations from our regular guests,” says landlady Steffi Spendler. In the evening everything is gone. At lunchtime from Monday to Thursday there is still space both in the nave and in the boxes. The tables can be requested by email to mail@loewenbraeuzelt.de.

Marstall Festzelt

Oktoberfest tables

In the reservation portal of the Marstall tent, lunch menus are still available from Monday to Friday. You can try and book a table online at www.marstall-oktoberfest.de.


Oktoberfest tables

“The tent is already very well booked, but as always there are still places”, says landlady Antje Haber. Both lunch and dinner are still free. These can be booked at www.ochsenbraterei.de.

Paulaner Festzelt

Oktoberfest tables

According to the Paulaner tent reservation portal, there are still free tables for lunch from Monday to Friday and Sunday, as well as in the evening from Monday to Thursday. 

You can book Oktoberfest tables online at: www.paulanerfestzelt.de .


Oktoberfest tables

The evening tables in the new Bräurosl are all gone. In general, demand is high, according to landlord Peter Reichert. According to the website, it is still possible to get Oktoberfest tables at the midday from Monday to Thursday. Please send inquiries to reservierung@braeurosl.de

▶︎ The Bräurosl festival tent is brand new this year .


Oktoberfest tables

“Demand is high. We still have some available at lunchtime, otherwise we’re fully booked,” says landlord Konstantin Schottenhamel. There are free tables at lunchtime from Monday to Thursday ( festhalle-schottenhamel.de ).


Oktoberfest tables

The Schützen-Tent is currently reserved, as the reservation management reports. “Experience has shown that there are usually free capacities for the midday Oktoberfest over time.” These will be published on the website www.schuetzenfestzelt.com from mid-July .


Oktoberfest tables

The Herzkasperl tent is reserved for the first day of Oktoberfest, September 17th. Lunch reservations for a biergarten table are still available on the other days. Monday to Wednesday there is also a chance of a table in the evening. You can reserve Oktoberfest tables online at herzkasperlzelt.de.


Oktoberfest tables

In the Schützenlisl there are still free tables every day. You can book Oktoberfest tables online at www.stiftl-oktoberfest.de.

Oktoberfest 2022: Can I get a table in the Oktoberfest tent without a reservation?

If you get there in time, you can often get a table at the Wiesn without a reservation. After all, the festival tents always have to keep a quarter of the tables free. 

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays up to 3 p.m. even half of the tables have to remain unreserved, and then 35 percent. Exceptions are the Käfer wine taverns and the wine tent.

Oktoberfest: Munich residents get a priority for the free available tables on the weekend through das Münchnerkontingent

▶︎ Munich residents have a home advantage: On Saturdays and Sundays, the hosts can reserve an additional 15 percent of the tables if they hand them over as a so-called Münchnerkontingent (Munich contingent) without a minimum consumption. In order to get a table like this, the guests have to prove with their ID card when making the reservation that their main place of residence is Munich.

How much does a reservation in the beer tent at the Oktoberfest cost?

▶︎ Reserving a Oktoberfest table is free of charge. However, you have to buy tokens in advance, for example for two liters of beer and half a chicken. 

Per reserved table (which can accommodate eight to ten people) this means an average voucher cost of 350 euros. Consumption stamps that are left over can still be redeemed in the main establishments of the innkeepers after the Oktoberfest.

Beware of dubious offers on the Internet!

The Wiesn hosts have long been opposed to table reservations being resold. In April 2022, the Munich Regional Court even issued a ruling that prohibits the overpriced secondary sale of reservations. Nevertheless, offers from online dealers are circulating on the Internet, offering the coveted Oktoberfest tables for high prices!


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