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BREXIT BRITS are desperately looking for truck drivers: Can I also apply from Germany?

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In the UK, truck drivers are running out and petrol is running low. Therefore, the British government begs Germans living in England to step in as drivers. Would that also be possible if citizens living here set out to hire on the island?

Initially, the truck drivers offer is only available to Germans who obtained their driver’s license in Germany before 1999 AND who already live in the United Kingdom. The driving license from back then still allows driving vehicles up to 7.5 tons today.

But can I also apply if I currently still live in Germany?

Can you also apply from Germany?

Even if the British transport authorities explicitly target Germans residing in Great Britain in their letter, the offer also applies to job seekers outside the country’s borders.

Last but not least, the government is also trying to bring back all those who have emigrated abroad in the past 1.5 years due to Brexit. These “economic refugees” are one of the reasons why this dramatic bottleneck has occurred in England. That is why the offer also includes those who already live outside the country.

This makes it possible to apply for the job from Germany. With some restrictions.

Because it should be considered: Since January 1st, 2020, due to Brexit, the freedom of movement between the EU (including Germany) and Great Britain also ended in the area of ​​choice of residence, for example to work in the United Kingdom. So if you want to pack yourself or your whole family to settle in England, you have to apply for a visa, for which not inconsiderable criteria have to be met and which requires advance notice.

Fast temporary visa despite Brexit

► What if you only work for a certain period of time?

The English government has already announced a quick solution here. A visa (for example for six months) officially takes a processing time of “at least three months” to date . Far too long for the current situation in the country.

Therefore, at least the issuing of temporary visas should now be considerably faster and less bureaucratic.

But this development is actually making it possible for job seekers in Germany to apply to Logistics UK, the largest British employer in the transport sector, for example.

Why is there a truck drivers problem in the UK?

It takes three of four months to get a driver applying to learn today to be in working in the sector. Even after gaining their driving license, there is a month to six weeks of training on the job and if you begin the process today then it’s unlikely you’ll be driving solo until the new year. The problem is that the UK needs solutions right now.

It is hard to differentiate between how many EU drivers left the industry because of Covid or because of Brexit, or for other reasons. The Annual Population Survey statistics show that 19,000 EU drivers left the industry in the year to March 2021.

Europe-wide problem

However, it must also be made clear that there is a strong need for truck drivers and employees in the logistics industry not only in Great Britain. The English health minister Sajid Javid told the Sky News news channel that around 400,000 drivers were also wanted on the “European mainland”.

The question arises: Why should people here or from other European countries go to Great Britain when the jobs are also available here?



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