How to extend your vacation in 2022 with bridging days


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It’s not too early to start planning your 2022 holiday! Before you set the dates, find out how you can extend you vacation with bridging days.

When planning your vacation for 2022 you should really look very carefully: with a few cleverly arranged bridging days, the free time can almost be doubled.

Employees in Germany have an average of 28.3 vacation days per year. But if you are clever, you can take off up to 63 days a year with a little foresighted vacation planning. This is possible through a combination of vacation days and public holidays.

Employees in Bavaria are particularly lucky – there are 13 additional public holidays in addition to the vacation days. But planning is also worthwhile for everyone else:

New Year 2022 (Neujahr)

bridging days

New Year 2022: is January 1st a public holiday?

Yes, New Year’s Day on January 1st is one of the nine public holidays in Germany that apply in all federal states. So the people have time off, the shops are closed.

The first public holiday of the year on January 1st falls on a Saturday of all places.

  • If you still want to start the New Year comfortably, you can take a total of nine days of vacation with four vacation days : However, this is only possible in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt. January 6th is the holy three kings there
  • Those who still have vacation days in these federal states at the turn of the year can even take 16 days off: from December 25 to January 9, 2022

Easter 2022 (Ostern)

bridging days

Is Good Friday a public holiday in Germany?

Good Friday is a legal and at the same time a silent holiday throughout Germany. Special restrictions apply to public events on this day. The church is not festively decorated during the services on Good Friday. The altar is covered. The bells don’t ring. There is also a strict ban on dancing.

Are Easter Sunday and Easter Monday public holidays in Germany?

What hardly anyone knows: Easter Sunday is actually only a public holiday in Brandenburg, not in all other federal states. A few years ago, an employee who had worked on Easter Sunday, but did not receive a public holiday bonus, was allowed to learn this. Rightly so, as the Federal Labor Court (BAG) decided. In contrast to Easter Sunday, Easter Monday is a public holiday everywhere in Germany.

A relaxing short holiday at Easter is good – at least for those who don’t shy away from school holidays. Good Friday falls on April 15, 2022, and Easter Monday on April 18.

  • If you plan well in advance, you can travel a total of 16 days with just eight days of vacation. This is possible because employees take four vacation days before Good Friday and four days after Easter Monday
  • If you don’t want to invest eight vacation days so early in the year, you can organize a total of ten days off in a row with four vacation days after Easter Monday 

Ascension Day and Pentecost 2022 (Christi Himmelfahrt und Pfingsten)

bridging days

When is Ascension Day 2022?

The holiday of Ascension Day falls on Thursday, May 26th in 2022. Father’s Day is also celebrated on this day.

The holiday of Ascension Day always falls on a Thursday. Because Ascension is celebrated on the 40th day of Easter, 39 days after Easter Sunday. That is why the holiday is always ten days before Pentecost.

Since the date for Easter depends on the moon, the earliest possible date for Ascension Day is April 30th, the latest date would be June 3rd.

Wann sind Pfingstsonntag und Pfingstmontag?

Pfingsten wird immer 49 bzw. 50 Tage nach Ostern gefeiert. 2022 sind das die Termine:

  • Datum für Pfingstsonntag 2022: 5. Juni
  • Datum für Pfingstmontag 2022: 6. Juni

Ist Pfingstmontag gesetzlicher Feiertag in Deutschland?

Pfingstmontag ist überall in Deutschland ein Feiertag. Er gehört zu den neun gesetzlichen Feiertagen, die in jedem Bundesland gelten.

May 1st falls on a Sunday – but at the end of the month, with a few cleverly placed vacation days, you can achieve just under one and a half weeks of free time. Ascension Day falls on May 26th, a Thursday.

  • With four vacation days in the corresponding week, a total of nine days off can be achieved.
  • The whit this year falls on June 6. Here, too, a total of nine days of vacation can be achieved with just four vacation days 
  • In Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, June 16 is also a public holiday – Corpus Christi. So if in these states use the week after Whit Monday, and even during the week of 13 June invested four vacation days, has a proud 16 days holidays available

German Unity day 2022 (Tag der Deutschen Einheit)

How do you celebrate German Unity Day?

On the anniversary of German reunification, a citizens’ festival traditionally takes place on the Platz der Republiks in front of the Reichstag, on Straße des 17. Juni and around the Brandenburg Gate.

German Unity Day 2021 is a public holiday: Shops are closed

The Day of German Unity is one of the nine public holidays that apply throughout Germany. It is firmly linked to October 3rd and of course falls on this date every year.

Why is German Unity Day on October 3rd?

The Day of German Unity commemorates the “coming into effect of the accession of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) to the Federal Republic of Germany”. That was on October 3, 1990. Four days before its 41st founding day, the GDR ceased to exist as a sovereign state and joined the Federal Republic of Germany. Hundreds of thousands celebrated reunification in Berlin.

A public holiday in October also gives employees the chance to get more out of their vacation days. German Unity Day on October 3rd falls on a Monday in 2022.

  • Those who take the rest of the week off can go on vacation a total of nine days with just four vacation days

Christmas 2022 (Weihnachten)

Why do Christians celebrate December 26th?

Boxing Day is less about the birth of Jesus himself than about the fact that God became human and came to earth. While Boxing Day is a day of no work in many countries in Europe and the world, Boxing Day is not free everywhere. For example, the French have to work on December 26th.

In the Catholic liturgy, December 26th is also dedicated to Saint Stephen. He was the first martyr, i.e. the first person to be murdered because of his belief in Jesus.

Nine days of vacation with only four days of vacation will not be available again until the end of the year. Boxing Day on December 26, 2022 falls on a Monday.

  • If you take the rest of the week off, you can lengthen the Christmas spirit a little and take a total of nine days off


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