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3 BUSY SPEED TRAPS FOR EACH STATE. There are over 4000 fixed speed cameras in Germany. Find our where you are most likely to trigger one while driving in Germany!

After a long struggle, the new catalog of fines for road traffic will apply from November 9th . Not all motorists are happy about this, as the penalties are tougher! Traffic offenders will then have to deduct significantly more money, especially for incorrectly parking and driving too fast.

speed cameras

Does Germany have too many speeding cameras?

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there are 4652 permanently installed speed cameras on Germany’s roadsides (as of July 2020). The law firm WKR from Berlin is currently investigating where most traffic offenders go online. According to its own information, it is one of the largest traffic law firms in Germany and has reviewed tens of thousands of fines in the past few years.

The law firm’s statistical evaluations regularly show that around every third notice of fines is incorrect. Especially if there is a threat of points in the register of fitness to drive or even a driving ban, it could be worth checking the notice of the fine.

speed cameras

Where is are the most successful speeding cameras in Germany?

For an overview of the “most successful” speed cameras in each individual federal state, WKR has for the first time evaluated all speed, red light and distance violations from the case files from 2018 to 2021. However, the law firm does not want to name specific case numbers, as this means that the competition could learn too much about their business volume.

Attention: If more than three speed cameras are specified per federal state, a check is carried out in both directions at one point!

Top speed cameras for every state

The following are speed ​​traps in Germany that have triggered the most speeding tickets in Germany recently:

StateLocationDirection of Travel
Baden-WuerttembergBundestrasse 27, district Walddorfhäslach at BullenbankTubingen
Baden-WuerttembergFederal motorway 7, at 764,450 kilometersWurzburg-Ulm
Baden-WuerttembergBundesautobahn 6, at kilometer 568.4Mannheim-Heilbronn
BavariaBundesautobahn 8, Irschenberg, section 1040 at kilometer 9.694Munich
BavariaBundesautobahn 8, Eurasburg, section 420 at kilometer 2.706Munich
BavariaBundesautobahn 9, Allershausen, section 1040 at km 7.988Munich
BerlinAt Osloerstrasse / KoloniestrassePrenzlauer Berg
BerlinErnst-Reuter-Platz / Otto-Suhr-AlleEveryone
BerlinBundesautobahn 100 Süd at the level of the ICC
BrandenburgBundesautobahn 2, at a height of kilometer 9.8Werder motorway triangle
BrandenburgBundesautobahn 9, at 38.1 kilometersLeipzig
BrandenburgBundesautobahn 10, at km 90.5Potsdam motorway triangle
BrandenburgBundesautobahn 10, at the height of kilometer 92.5Nuthetal motorway triangle
BremenBundesautobahn 1, at kilometer 104.4Hamburg
BremenA 281Federal motorway 1
BremenFederal motorway 27, at km 62.58North
BremenBundesautobahn 27, in the amount of kilometer 64.94South
HamburgAt Stresemannstrasse 147out of town
HamburgAt Stresemannstrasse 70into town
HamburgBundesautobahn 255, transition to Bundesautobahn 1, Kreuz Südsouth
HamburgAt Wallstrasse / Steinhauerdamm
HesseFederal motorway 7, Neuenstein, at 356.150 kilometersKassel-Fulda
HesseBundesautobahn 3, Elz, at kilometer 99.930Frankfurt / Main
HesseBundesautobahn 3, at 101,300 kilometersFrankfurt / Main
HesseBundesautobahn 4, Kirchheim, at 364,250 kilometersDresden
Lower SaxonyBundesautobahn 7, district Bispingen, at kilometer 52.657Hamburg
Lower SaxonyFederal motorway 7, Laubach district, at 290.840 kilometersNorth
Lower SaxonyBundesautobahn 7, district Horst, at a height of kilometer 18.4Hanover
Lower SaxonyBundesautobahn 7, district Horst, at a height of kilometer 18.9Hamburg
Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaBundesautobahn 24, Ludwigslust-Parchim district, at 130.923 kilometersBerlin
Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaBundesautobahn 24, at kilometer 89.502Berlin
Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaBundesautobahn 19, junction Waren (Müritz), at 38.050 kilometersRostock
Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaBundesautobahn 19, at 38.100 kilometersBerlin
Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaBundesstrasse 105, bypass road Bentwisch, height of section 400, kilometer 0.1Rostock
North Rhine-WestphaliaBundesautobahn 1, Burscheid, at 396.0 kilometersLeverkusen
North Rhine-WestphaliaBundesautobahn 2, Bielefeld, at km 329.415Hanover
North Rhine-WestphaliaBundesautobahn 2, Bergkamen, at 415,900 kilometersOberhausen
Rhineland-PalatinateBundesautobahn 3, district Neustadt / Wied, at km 48.050Cologne
Rhineland-PalatinateBundesautobahn 3, district Heiligenroth, at a height of 88.070 kilometersCologne
Rhineland-PalatinateBundesautobahn 1, district Mehren, at 80.230 kilometersSaarbrücken
SaarlandFederal motorway 8, at the Kohlhof rest areaZweibrücken
SaarlandBundesautobahn 8, in front of the SulzbachtalbrückeZweibrücken
SaarlandSaarbrücken-Fechingen, At the HeringsmühleProvincial Road
SaxonyBundesautobahn 72, at a height of kilometer 27.8Leipzig
SaxonyCity of Leipzig, confluence with Brandenburger Straße / Saxony side
SaxonyCity of Leipzig, junction Jahnallee / Waldstraße
Saxony-AnhaltBundesautobahn 2, Burg, at kilometer 73.4Hanover
Saxony-AnhaltBundesautobahn 38, Braunsbedra, at km 167.0Leipzig
Saxony-AnhaltBundesautobahn 2, Hohe Börde, at kilometer 104Berlin
Schleswig-HolsteinBundesautobahn 7, Wiemersdorf, at 110.850 kilometersHamburg
Schleswig-HolsteinBundesautobahn 7, Schönbeck, at kilometer 85.375Flensburg
Schleswig-HolsteinBundesautobahn 1, Todendorf, at 25,200 kilometersPuttgarden
ThuringiaBundesautobahn 9, Eisenberg, at km 177.5Munich
ThuringiaBundesautobahn 9, Schleifreisen, at a distance of 187.0 kilometersBerlin
ThuringiaBundesautobahn 4, Jena, at 170.670 kilometersErfurt
ThuringiaBundesautobahn 4, Jena, at 170.760 kilometersDresden
Source: | Status: November 4, 2021
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