CAR THEFT MAP OF GERMANY! Find out where car thieves strike, which car brands and models they steal the most in Germany


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The great car theft map! Where your car is most in danger in Germany ++ The nasty tricks car thieves use ++ How to protect yourself

Car Thieves: Winter and the dark season is almost here! And with it the fear grows: Will my car still be there tomorrow morning?

Depends on where you parked …

car thieves

2020 car theft summary

In 2020, 10,697 cars (previous year 14,229) were stolen in Germany, as reported by the GDV insurance association. And: car crackers are targeting increasingly expensive car models!

► Berlin remains the focal point: a total of 2,267 cars were stolen in the capital.

► Hamburg ranks second with 769 thefts. You can breathe a sigh of relief in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate – this is where cars (still!) Are the safest to park.

Fierce: The total damage to the insurance companies was 214 million euros!

Car theft map of Germany

Some car thieves in Germany don't spend much time trying to figure out the complicated door locks. The will simply chose a more primitive way of breaking into cars: smashing the glass roof.

car thieves

How to protect your vehicle in Germany

Car security experts recommend doing the following to protect your car in Germany:

► If possible, park on busy and well-lit streets.

► Always engage the steering wheel lock and protect the car with additional security (steering wheel claw, gear shift lock).

► Deactivate any keyless comfort system in the car.

► If not available: retrofit GPS tracking.

► Do not leave the Keyless Go key near the front door, the radio signal can be intercepted through the door. Alternatively: keep the key in the aluminum box.

► Retrofit the alarm system. Cheap from 30 euros, luxury versions over 1000 euros. Important: acoustic signals are not enough, always with an integrated immobilizer!

► Take out partial insurance against theft.

car thieves

That's how clever car crackers are

Practical: a remote control key for the car. BUT: also practical for thieves!

The problem: With one device, they can intercept and copy the signal unnoticed as they pass by. The car can later be opened and started with a copy of the key.

And which cars do the car thieves prefer to target?

► New, expensive, sporty - these are the particularly endangered individual models:

  1. Range Rover Velar (from 59 315 euros, photo)
  2. BMW X6 (from 78 700 euros)
  3. Kia Stinger (from 57,900 euros)
  4. Land Rover Range Rover (108 100 euros)
  5. Lexus NX (from 45,300 euros)

► These brands are most often stolen:

2Audi AG1360
3BMW (with Mini)1325
4thMercedes Benz1127
5Toyota (with Lexus)592


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