What changes in Germany from August 2021?


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Expats should be aware of the following changes in Germany that will take effect starting in August 2021: The identity card is being modernized, families with low incomes can look forward to a bonus and the copyright on online platforms is changing …

Below are some of the changes in Germany that you can expect starting in August of 2021:

Identity card: only with fingerprint

changes in Germany
Fingerprints on the ID document are intended to provide more security

Anyone applying for a new ID card from August 2nd must hand in two fingerprints. These are saved on the ID card’s chip. The aim is to make the document more secure and make forgery more difficult.

If the security authorities have doubts about the identity of a person, in future they will no longer be able to use only the photo, but also the prints for verification. That helps enormously because: Fingerprints are unique. No two people have ever been found with the same print.

changes in Germany
Copyright: More protection for authors and artists

When dealing with works protected by copyright, new rules will apply from August. The Copyright Service Provider Act ( UrhDaG ) comes into effect on 1.8. in force. This affects online platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. What exactly does that mean?

Platform operators can be held liable if users upload various works by artists or authors without permission and there are no license agreements with the authors. Artists or authors receive direct payment claims from the platforms.

Exceptions: Videos and audios that are no longer than 15 seconds and images that are no larger than 125 kilobytes are excluded. Likewise press texts that are shorter than 160 characters. Quotations, caricatures and parodies of protected works are also allowed.

More time for the tax return

changes in Germany

Good news for everyone who has not yet filed their tax return and has already panicked! Actually, the deadline would be next Monday, August 2nd. But latecomers can now breathe a sigh of relief: The deadline has been extended to October 31, 2021. Everyone who has a tax advisor will have even more time – until May 31, 2022.

The reason: Because of the Corona crisis, the tax office receives a lot of applications. Therefore there is now more time for everyone.

Leisure bonus: money for children

changes in Germany
The bonus is intended for children’s leisure activities – after Corona there is a lot of catching up to do

Children under the age of 18 can look forward to it: As part of the federal government’s program “Catching up after Corona for children and young people” there will be cash from August – 100 euros per child. Families with a low income are entitled to this. The money is paid out once and is not offset against other services. The bonus is intended for vacation, sport and leisure activities.

In many cases no application is necessary, the bonus is given automatically. More information is available from the employment agency. It reveals who has a claim and who may have to submit an application after all.

Bafög: More pupils and students entitled

changes in Germany

From August 1st, more pupils and students can apply for Befög, there are more people eligible for funding. Because: The tax exemption on the parents’ income, which forms the basis for the calculation, will be increased. The maximum amount for training grants, however, remains the same. It is 861 euros per month.

Every taxi needs a sat nav

changes in Germany

So far, taxi drivers had to take a local knowledge test. This obligation no longer applies from August. To do this, every taxi must be equipped with an up-to-date navigation device, which can also run on a smartphone. This emerges from the amendment to the Passenger Transport Act (PBefG).

This weed remedy is now banned in German gardens

changes in Germany

Glyphosate has long been controversial. Now comes the end of the weed killer – at least for private use in your own garden. In addition, playgrounds, sports facilities and public parks should be able to do without glyphosate in the future, as well as water protection areas. The agent may only be used in exceptional cases on arable land. According to the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture, funds with final approval are still allowed.

Objective: The ban is intended to provide better protection for insects. Glyphosate kills everything that is green, thus destroying the livelihood of insects. Studies show: More than 75 percent of flying insects have already disappeared from parts of Germany.

This applies to newcomers

changes in Germany

From August, the following applies: Uniform corona rules for return travelers – for everyone from the age of twelve. In future, travelers must be fully vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. It does not matter from where or with which means of transport you return to Germany.

Attention: Anyone who comes from a virus variant area should have to do a test despite having been vaccinated completely. This rule should apply until the end of the year.

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