Punks have taken over Sylt! Chaostage Sylt 2022 – Thanks to the 9-euro ticket!


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The 9-euro ticket for 3 months seems to have caused a stir. The island of Sylt which is considered to be the island of the rich and a vacation spot for the wealthy in Germany will soon be overrun by “poor people” so much that the island will be “destroyed”. That type of self-entitlement is what’s fueling calls for Chaostage Sylt 2022

Chaostage Sylt 2022: Sylt is a posh island for the upper class in Germany. The Sylt council complained about the 9€ ticket could “overburden infrastructure” Translation:Oh no, all these poor people will end up coming to our island for a day trip and ruin everything“). That dog whistle pissed off a lot of people resulting in a Streisand effect … Sylt Raid 2022. Simply buy tons of cheap canned beer, turn on your boom box with annoying party hits and come to Sylt in the summer!

Chaostage (or Chaos days in German) are meetings of punks in different cities, which are accompanied by calls for violence and destruction in advance and great media attention.

UPDATE 04.06.2022: Punk party on Sylt Island

Instead of fine ladies with Louis Vuitton bags strolling through Westerland and elegant gentlemen roaring across the island in their Mercedes convertibles, punks in tattered jeans and leather jackets are now lounging around on the popular promenades.

Bawling, they let beer cans and grain bottles whirl around and have fun throwing surprise eggs.

The punks have taken to the promenades with beer cans and sleeping bags!

Prejudice on full display in Germany

Sylt, the island of the rich? Vacation spot for the wealthy? This prejudice will be on full display in 2022 because of the relief package from the German government. It’s 100% Streisand effect. Without the Sylt council complaining, nobody would have had the idea to use the ticket to go to Sylt.

The government is introducing the 9 euro ticket, a relief package for all citizens. From June 2022 to the end of August 2022 everyone can use all public transport for just 9 euros a month, with the exception of the IC and ICE. A holiday trip, which used to be very expensive by train, could only cost 45 euros for a family of five, no matter where. Read more HERE.

The people of Sylt are expecting a tourist rush to the island!

Chaostage Sylt 2022

An Inter-City train travels on the Marschbahn route in the direction of Westerland. The train over the Hindenburgdamm to Sylt is often at its limit in the summer months. The problem is on the one hand the route between the mainland and the island with the eye of the needle Hindenburgdamm and on the other hand, the public transport on the island itself trains on the Marschbahn route from Hamburg to Sylt as well as in the buses on the island.”

In the summer, the island per se is at times at the capacity limit, now “we don’t see the island optimally (equipped) for the 9-euro ticket and the associated expected rush,” said Luft.

He appealed to travelers to use off-peak times when they arrive and depart and to leave their bicycles and e-bikes at home. This could at least relieve the commuters, thousands of whom rely on the train every day on their way to and from Sylt.

Commuters, thousands of whom rely on the train every day to get to and from Sylt, are also rather critical of the 9-euro ticket. “The trains will be even fuller,” said the spokesman for the commuter initiative, Achim Bonnichsen. Since many commuters are reimbursed by their employers for the costs of monthly tickets, the 9-euro ticket does not make a difference.

How did the public react to the perceived prejudice?

You only have to check Twitter to understand why the Sylt council’s words have offended.

Sylt island profile

Chaostage Sylt 2022
  • 99 square kilometers in size
  • 38.5km long
  • approx. 400 m wide at the narrowest point (at the Königshafen near List)
  • approx. 12.5 km at the widest point (Westerland to Nösse-Deich)
  • largest North Sea island and fourth largest island in Germany
  • 26.7 square kilometers are under nature protection and 14.8 square kilometers are landscape protection areas
  • the UWE-DÜNE in Kampen is the highest elevation at approx. 52.5 m above sea level
  • the whole west coast consists of sandy beaches
  • near List there are 2 shifting dunes that are up to 1 km long and 25 m high
  • Sylt has about 20,800 inhabitants
  • approx. 250 km of cycling and hiking trails
  • approx. 11,000 beach chairs
  • 1 airfield
  • approx. 1700 hours of sunshine / year
  • Since 2009, there has been the municipality of Sylt with the districts of Westerland, Rantum, Tinnum, Munkmarsch, Keitum, Archsum and Morsum. The other places want to remain independent.
  • With the exception of Westerland, the districts are called “Seebad”. The district of Westerland bears the name “North Sea spa”.
  • Sylt is the northernmost island in Germany and is located in the middle of the North Sea. It is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Germany.
  • Sylt has a centuries-old history and has cultural monuments that are several million years old. Sylt was first mentioned in a document in 1141 (as Insula Sild).
  • Sylt belonged to Denmark for centuries. This only changed in 1864 with the German-Danish War. Sylt became part of the Kingdom of Prussia. In a referendum in 1920, the people decided to remain in Germany.
  • Since the district reform of 1970, Sylt has belonged to the district of North Friesland.
  • The islanders used to live mainly from the sea. Until the 16th century mainly from herring fishing. From the 17th century, the first Sylt captains went to the Arctic Ocean to fish for whales.
  • Towards the end of the 18th century, the first seaside resorts emerged (e.g. on Norderney). As a result of this development, the first bathers came to Sylt. The Westerland seaside resort was founded in 1855 with the first spa treatments on the beach. The discovery of the healing powers of the sea and the stimulating bracing climate also made the other communities on Sylt a popular travel destination for those seeking relaxation. The seaside resort of Wenningstedt flourished with the construction of the “Central Hotel” in 1889.
  • The island can be reached by ferry via the Danish island of Römö or via the Hindenburg Dam. The dam was built in the period 1923-1927. The 11.2 km long dam connects the mainland with the island of Sylt. It was inaugurated on June 1st, 1927 by Reich President Paul von Hindenburg. 


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