What are Germany’s CHEAPEST and most EXPENSIVE cities?


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You just moved to Germany and are looking for a place to settle? Find out which are Germany’s CHEAPEST and most EXPENSIVE cities to live in.

SO what are CHEAPEST and most EXPENSIVE cities in Germany? Find out below

THAT is Germany’s cheapest city

CHEAPEST and most EXPENSIVE cities
The cheapest city in Germany is Greiz!

The cheapest city in Germany is Greiz! In the Thuringian city, residents pay an average of just € 4.64 rent per square meter – € 6 less than in Germany’s most expensive city.

The beautiful old town is idyllically located on the river Weisse Elster. Three castles and well-tended parks belong to the former royal seat of the Principality of Reuss.

Nevertheless, Greiz (22,000 inhabitants, 25 km to Zwickau) in Thuringia is Germany’s cheapest city, at least in terms of rent. According to the new F + B rent index index (350 German cities), the square meters here – as in Lemgo and Warstein (both in North Rhine-Westphalia) – averaged EUR 4.64 net rent. That is almost 6 euros less than in Karlsfeld near Munich, the most expensive city in Germany (BILD reported).

Cost: 262.53 euros cold (4.38 euros per square meter), 370.96 euros warm for a kitchen with window, bathroom with tub and window, study, bedroom, living room and west-facing balcony with a great view and sunset. 

Greiz is a dream for tenants. There is a lot of vacancy, so there is also a lot of choice. A cold rent of 7 euros per square meter is the highest of feelings.

What do people do in Greiz?

In addition to the cultural offerings through museums, a cinema and a theater, the district town also has a swimming pool, an outdoor pool and an ice rink. According to Böttger, jobs are not in short supply either – especially in craft businesses that are desperately looking for newcomers. “The landlords have to fight for every tenant, invest a lot in the apartments.” The unemployment rate is 5.6%.

Greiz does not have any large industry here. After the fall of the Wall the textile factory was closed, many moved to the West.

THAT is Germany’s most expensive city

CHEAPEST and most EXPENSIVE cities
The most expensive city in Germany is Karlsfeld!

The most expensive city in Germany is Karlsfeld! The most expensive municipality in Germany is Munich’s “little neighbor” Karlsfeld in the Dachau district with an average net rent of EUR 10.90 per square meter. The municipality of Karlsfeld, 20 kilometers from the gates of Munich, has a lake, a few schools, and an S-Bahn station. No attractive shopping mile, no noteworthy sights.

For the first time, Munich is no longer the most expensive metropolis

The architecture is shaped by the building boom of the 1950s, and displaced people found a new home here after the Second World War. And yet: The municipality (22,000 inhabitants) is Germany’s most expensive city!

Move over Munich! Karlfeld is here

Karlsfeld ousted Munich from first place – at least when it comes to rents: According to the latest rent index (350 German cities), the square meter averages 10.63 euros net rent excluding heating. And you don’t get luxury for it.

50 square meters will easily cost you over 1050 euros excluding rent – 20.80 euros per square meter!

The proximity to Munich, the S-Bahn and top employers in the area (MAN trucks, engine manufacturer MTU, tank builder Krauss-Maffei) make Karlsfeld so attractive.

Karlsfeld is completely built up. In the morning there is always chaos of traffic jams and the buses are jam-packed. In summer there is hardly any space left at the lake.

Changing rent dynamics in Germany

Overall, the comparison of the rent levels of selected cities in East and West Germany shows that the special position of the greater Munich area is weakening and Stuttgart (and the surrounding area) has reached a similarly high rent level. The first ten ranks are divided equally between these two southern German regions:

The top 30 cities with the highest level of local comparative rents in 2019

CHEAPEST and most EXPENSIVE cities

Stuttgart overtakes Munich

For the first time, the most expensive city for tenants is Stuttgart and not Munich. The people of Stuttgart pay an average of 10.41 euros per square meter of net rent for their apartments, which is 48% above the 7.04 euros per square meter that are paid on average in the rent index cities.

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