Do you have kids? Here are proven home remedies for your child in Germany


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The physical health of the child is particularly important to all parents! Especially in the first years of life, children develop their immune system.  You are then prone  to disease and infection.

Tried and tested home remedies can alleviate the symptoms and improve the health of children and adolescents, especially for minor ailments such as earache, cough or stomach ache .

However, home remedies are not a substitute for medical treatment: a visit to the pediatrician is necessary , especially in the case of severe symptoms or uncertainty , in order to rule out serious illnesses. If this is not available, contact the emergency aid of a hospital.

Home remedies for teething Problems

In a number of teething problems have old home remedies proven to the symptoms to alleviate natural way. Homemade herbal tea, onion juice or calf and neck wraps are just a few examples of home remedies that are still used today. The most common teething problems and which home remedies can help:

Home remedies for coughing

Coughing is a common symptom of the common cold. A homemade cough syrup , for example made from onions and herbs or radish and honey, can work wonders. Tea made from fennel or herbs has an expectorant effect and relieves the urge to cough. Even the inhalation with salt water  helps to loosen the mucus in the airways fixed. For  dry cough  you have a dry , a special cough suppressant for children can help to get a good night’s sleep. However, it should not be used over a longer period of time. 

Home remedies for ear and sore throat

If your child has a cold, they often have to deal with earaches and sore throats. A sachet of onions on the ears can help and relieve pain. If you have an additional fever, however, you should definitely consult a pediatrician.

For pain in the throat, a neck wrap , for example made from quark or potatoes, provides relief. But be careful: especially young children under five years of age should not be rubbed with cold balm made from eucalyptus or camphor, as this can lead to asthma attacks.

Home remedies for difficulties swallowing

Problems swallowing can be painful for your child. The first remedy is a cup of hot milk with honey or gargling with sage tea. Similar to a sore throat, a curd wrap around the neck can relieve the pain . If the symptoms are very severe, you should consult a pediatrician.

Home remedies for a cold

If their nose is runny and your child becomes restless, it could be that they are getting a cold. Mostly this is an infection of the upper respiratory tract, which activates the immune defense in children. As with us adults, the motto for children’s health is: rest, rest and more rest. 

Children of all ages should then be spared and physical exertion should be avoided . However, if your body temperature rises, you should exercise vigilance and consider a doctor’s visit. 

Home remedies for a sniff

Colds are common in young children. Since the immune system is not yet fully developed in toddlers through to teenage years, smaller infections can also spread to the throat, middle ear or lungs and can lead to a serious course. The main household resource is called here: liquid.

Whether tea, diluted juices or water: the main thing is that your child drinks enough to keep the nasal mucous membrane moist from the inside. You should definitely visit a pediatrician if your offspring is persistently dull, has a fever or complains of pain.

Home remedies for fatigue

home remedies

Infants and children up to six years of age should get more than eleven hours of sleep a day. If you have trouble falling asleep, a hot water bottle and a cup of chamomile tea can help. You should not give your child or adolescent sleeping pills to help them fall asleep!

D also och with adequate rest, it may be that your child tired and listless. A cup of cocoa in the morning works wonders. A balanced breakfast is also important to provide energy for the day. Your child should also drink enough and exercise a lot.

Home remedies for a headache in children

When the head hurts, small children in particular are not easy to identify. Because headaches can be diverse and  recognizing them as mother or father and classifying them correctly is often difficult. “Where does it hurt you?” Is a question that is not easy for toddlers to answer. 

Home remedies for conjunctivitis

As children grow, their eyes are particularly sensitive to environmental influences such as bright light, smoke or drafts. Conjunctivitis attacks the mucous membranes of the eye. If you have conjunctivitis, make sure that your child washes their hands frequently and does not rub their eyes . However, a visit to the pediatrician makes sense in order to quickly identify more serious illnesses.

Home remedies for sunburn

home remedies

Has your child been in the sun too long? A quark wrap can work wonders for skin that is still intact. It has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on irritated skin for about 30 minutes . But aloe vera can also soothe the skin. 

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