Why would China bans Quran and Bible apps from the app store? What’s the new German coalition government’s position?


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China has had the Koran app “Quran Majeed” removed from the App Store and mosques turned into pubs and toilets!

Religious freedoms in China are now under attack!

The Beijing government forced Apple to toss two Bible and Quran reading apps from its app store. Neither the Quran Majeed app nor the Olive Tree Bible app is currently available for download in China. The regime accuses the operators of illegally distributing religious texts, as reported by the ” BBC “.

The approximately one million Chinese users who have already downloaded “Quran Majeed” can continue to use the app.


Audible and LinkedIn also gone

The American operator of the Bible app, “Olive Tree Bible Software”, has been informed by the Chinese Internet authority that it needs special permits in order to “distribute applications with book or magazine content.”

China’s “justification”?

“The development of the Internet in China must also comply with Chinese laws and regulations,”

For the same reason, Amazon had to withdraw its audio book service “Audible” months ago from the App Store, as the company announced on Friday. However, it is unclear which permits companies need.

▶ ︎ One thing is certain: China has been restricting freedom on the Internet more and more since the beginning of the year. Microsoft surrendered to pressure from the censors on Friday and announced that it would close its social media platform LinkedIn in China. Profiles and contributions from human rights activists and authors critical of the regime were regularly blocked there.

It was not until the end of August that the regime ordered that children and young people were only allowed to play video games online for three hours a week (Friday to Sunday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.). Numerous video game apps have also disappeared from the stores.

According to a report, China wants to rewrite the Bible and the Koran according to “socialist values”.

Duolingo has also disappeared from China

The popular US language-learning app Duolingo disappeared from Apple’s China store over the summer, as have many video game apps.

▶ ︎ What appears to link Audible with the religious apps is that all were recently notified of permit requirements for published content.

Mosque turned into pubs and toilets


China has discriminated against Muslims and Christians for decades. The communist regime has put around one million Uyghurs, a Muslim Turkmen minority in the northwestern Chinese province of Xinjiang, in labor camps. There they are tortured and indoctrinated with communist propaganda.

In the Uyghur hometowns and towns, the communist regime is doing everything it can to suppress Islam. Mosques are being demolished or converted into pubs for ethnic Chinese tourists, as in Kashgar, one of the most important Islamic cities in the province.

▶ ︎ Xinjiang is one of the most heavily monitored provinces in China. The regime installed face-recognition cameras everywhere. In restaurant kitchens, the knives are tied with steel chains and barcodes are engraved so that they cannot be stolen and used in the event of a possible riot.

In the capital Beijing, halal signs disappeared from restaurants in 2019. An official told a restaurant owner that the labels that are used to mark pure food under Islamic law are too foreign.

Christian confirmation banned and bibles Burnt

The world is watching are christians are also persecuted in China. The Chinese government has banned not only Islamic Quran schools, but also confirmation classes. Especially in the Christian province of Zhejiang, authorities have removed many crosses from churches. Christians attending services outside one of the two state-controlled churches have been imprisoned repeatedly.

▶ ︎ The regime is said to have burned several Bibles in Henan province and forced Christians to abandon their faith, according to the US human rights organization ChinaAid.

How will the new German government deal with China and this assault on religion?

What position has the SPD taken in the past and how should they handle China now?

Olaf Scholz has not yet taken a clear position either. He only praised the trade agreement once and pointed out that issues such as the international labor standards of the International Labor Organization or environmental and social standards had been expressly included. But there are also critics of the agreement in the SPD.

FDP and Greens have been rather critical of China

The Greens stand for a course of “dialogue and hardship”. This could lead to a new balance between economic interests and values. It has often been emphasized that we are in a systemic competition with autocratic states like China and that we have to represent our values ​​more strongly. That became very clear in Mrs Baerbock’s election campaign. When it comes to criticism of China, the Greens are similar to the FDP.

Incoherence from the EU policy on China

Germany is an influential country in the EU. The EU has so far found it difficult to pursue a uniform China policy, also because of Germany’s economic interests in China. Have the conditions for a uniform EU-China policy changed with the election in Germany?

It is too early to say that, but the likely participation of the Greens and the FDP in a new government has improved the conditions for a unified EU policy. A new impetus could actually emerge, even if foreign policy and Europe were hardly mentioned in the election campaign. Annalena Baerbock in particular spoke out in favor of prioritizing Europe when dealing with China, but also Olaf Scholz.

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