DHL, Hermes and Co. have made a commitment: You have to know these deadlines for Christmas


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Now that you have done your Christmas shopping or are about to do your shopping, you need to know what the shipping deadlines in Germany are.

Christmas shipping deadlines: Corona presents parcel shipping with new challenges for the second year in a row. The parcel volume will again reach a record level this year. Whether the Christmas mail arrives on time this year depends on deadlines, which you should be aware of.


Attention, send your Christmas mail off in good time this year too!

The Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik (BIEK), which represents the parcel services DPD, GLS, Hermes and UPS, expects a significantly higher courier, express and parcel shipment volume (CEP) in November and December. Around 445 million parcels are to be sent to private households by Christmas, according to the forecast.

At peak times during the Christmas season, up to 22 million shipments are transported in a single day in the networks of the parcel service providers. In order to cope with the high volume of shipments, up to 30,000 additional workers are employed and up to 25,000 additional vehicles are used.

When do I have to send my package?

If you want your Christmas present to arrive on time for the festival, you should be packagesend earlier this year too. The standard delivery time for standard shipments of one to two working days before Christmas cannot always be adhered to due to the volume of traffic and weather conditions, explains the BIEK.

These are the official deadlines!

Christmas Eve falls on a Friday this year.

DHL packages: As the latest shipping date for packages and parcels from DHL, which are sent within Germany and via branches or packing stations, applies on Monday, December 20, 2021 and no later than 12 noon.

DHL letters and postcards: For letters and postcards, Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021 is the final deadline for timely arrival. This date applies to all postings in post offices or yellow mailboxes of the Germanspost. Make sure to also pay attention to the emptying times. If you missed the appointment by even a minute, the letter or card may not arrive on time.

Hermes: Private parcels should be delivered to Hermes by December 20th so that they can be delivered by the festival. The deadline for international shipments is December 14th.

DPD: DPD accepts Christmas parcels until December 21st so that they arrive in time for Christmas Eve.

GLS: At GLS, December 20 is the deadline.


What about express deliveries?

The large parcel delivery services propose to their large and private customers that they should be stored early. In the case of express parcels in particular, consumers should have the parcels on their way by December 21st at the latest.

Express deliveries are usually possible within one working day. But in view of the expected “unusually high shipment volumes”, this cannot be guaranteed this time either. The background to this is that the parcel load in the previous year led to considerable challenges and delays. That could repeat itself in 2021.


When will my Amazon parcels arrive at Christmas?

The information is also important for online orders. There are no general order deadlines with the larger online providers. Amazon, Otto, Lidl, Zalando and Co. usually indicate expected delivery times in the respective item description.

Also this year, the online giant Amazon could indicate whether the package arrives in time for the festival or not. However, due to the delivery times of the large parcel providers, it is clear that if you only order from December 22nd, you shouldn’t expect a timely delivery before Christmas, even with premium shipping.

Expect delivery bottlenecks in 2021!

Due to impending delivery bottlenecks, consumers should have their Christmas presents this year at the latest in the first and second week of Advent. It is unclear whether consumers will still get enough toys, clothing, jewelry or electronic products by mid-December.

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