The 4 most beautiful Christmas markets in Baden Württemberg


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Chrismas markets in Baden Württemberg mean one thing: Advent, contemplation, family time and anticipation of the festival season to come. Although for some it’s abut destressing from the hectic Christmas season. Most people agree on one thing – Christmas markets in Baden Württemberg are great!

That is why we have created an overview of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Baden-Württemberg for you . Spend a nice day or evening with your family at one of the Christmas markets and enjoy the bratwurst and mulled wine.

Below are 4 of the most beautiful Chrismas markets in Baden Württemberg with tips and information to help you quickly find the way to “your” Christmas market.

1. Esslingen: Medieval Christmas Market

Christmas markets in Baden Württemberg

In Esslingen, the annual Christmas market is combined with the medieval market. Medieval life takes place on the Medieval Market with guided tours , archery and other medieval games . All of this makes the market not only one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, but also the most eventful . At over 180 stands you can find everything from wooden toys to soaps and herbs to Christmas decorations.

The highlight is the torchlight procession up to the castle . You will also find fire artists in all the alleys who throw their torches into the air and enchant you.

Opening times : November 12th – December 22nd

Address : Rathausplatz, 73728 Esslingen am Neckar


2. Stuttgart: Stuttgart Christmas Market

Christmas markets in Baden Württemberg

The Stuttgart Christmas market impresses with its lovingly designed stalls with glittering and sparkling lights . For that reason alone, it is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. In front of the new castle you dive into a unique pre-Christmas mood and are downright enchanted. This Christmas market is also one of the oldest in Europe.

The antique market , where more than 20 dealers offer unique rarities, is also part of the Christmas market. For the little Christmas lovers there is a children’s fairy tale land , a fertility tree and a living crib with real animals.

Opening times : November 27th – December 23rd

Address : Stuttgart city center near the main train station

3. Neubulach: Mining Christmas Market

Christmas markets in Baden Württemberg

Would you like to experience an extraordinary Christmas market ? Then you should go to Neubulach in the Black Forest for a weekend for the mining Christmas market . In the middle of the forest and in the mine you will be whisked away into a magical Christmas world. On the way down to the mine, draped with fairy lights, you can see the Christmas story and around 50 artisans line the way.

The special thing about it : You can find part of the Christmas market in a branch of the tunnel . Definitely unique and therefore one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. But only to visit on a weekend.

Opening times : December 14th – December 15th

Address : Tunnel Community of the Historic Mines Neubulach, 75387 Neubulach / Ziegelbach

4. Ludwigsburg: Baroque Christmas Market

Christmas markets in Baden Württemberg

A magical winter fairy tale awaits you at the baroque Christmas market in Ludwigsburg. It is not only the arrangement of the stalls at the Christmas market that is unique. These are arranged according to the model of baroque gardens . The imposing angels, which spread their glittering wings over the Christmas market, are an absolute eye-catcher and put you in a romantic pre-Christmas mood.

In the more than 180 stalls you will find all sorts of beautiful things such as smokers, woolen goods, toys and much more. So that you can strengthen yourself in between, there is everything your heart desires, from waffles, chestnuts and gingerbread to the typical Swabian Holzofendinnede.

Opening times : November 26th – December 22nd

Address : Marktplatz, 71634 Ludwigsburg

Corona has been a challenge and we are all looking forward t better times. 2020 was a year to think and rethink. You will soon get to travel to a much more quieter Baden Württemberg but the Christmas markets in Baden Württemberg will still be there, albeit a bit calmer than yester years. Enjoy your trip around Baden Württemberg in 2021!

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