The 4 most beautiful Christmas markets in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia)


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If you spend Christmas in Germany, you will have to include Christmas markets in your itinerary! Christmas lights start lining the streets in October already in some places. There are traditional Christmas cakes, cookies and drinks. That is what Christmas markets in NRW are like.

Christmas markets in NRW? Think about Christmas themed clothes: sweaters, socks, stockings and even Christmas underwear. Chrismas markets in NRW have them all! The thing to love most about Christmas time in Germany are the fantastic Christmas markets where you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

The Christmas ornaments are original and often handcrafted. There are lots of bratwurst and glüwhein. It’s aromatically spiced mulled wine which heats you up instantly.

Below is a list of 4 beautiful Christmas markets in NRW that you have to visit.

1. Cologne: Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral

Christmas markets in NRW

In NRW there is a Christmas market in particular, which is very popular with visitors and also really beautiful. The Christmas market in Cologne at Cologne Cathedral attracts four million people every year. The highlight is definitely the huge red spruce , which stands imposing and beautifully illuminated in front of the cathedral. And the around 150 stalls that are set up around the cathedral on the Domplatte inspire with individual gifts, delicious snacks and of course mulled wine.

There is also a varied program in which more than 100 artists ensure a good atmosphere for young and old. Whether choirs, big bands or solo artists, it’s going to be Christmassy.

Opening times : November 25th – December 23rd

Address : Domkloster 4, 50667 Cologne (Domplatte)


2. Düsseldorf: Christmas market at Jan-Wellem-Platz

Christmas markets in NRW

There are also some beautiful Christmas markets in Düsseldorf. The one on Jan-Wellem-Platz (named after Jan Wellem) is not necessarily the best known, but it has a special highlight and is becoming increasingly popular with visitors. Here you can skate in a romantic way on the specially constructed ice rink in the glow of the glittering fairy lights . If you don’t have your own ice skates, you can rent them on site for € 3.00 and put your ice skating skills to the test.

In the festively lit booths you can get bratwurst, Stollen and mulled wine as well as beautiful homemade gifts made of wood and wool.

Opening times : November 21st – December 30th

Address : Jan-Wellem-Platz, 40212 Düsseldorf

3. Herne: Cranger Christmas magic

Christmas markets in NRW

For the first time in Herne , it should be the winter experience 2018 – the Cranger Christmas market or Christmas fair. Because here there is not only stalls and mulled wine as you know it, here there is the full show program. You can skate on an ice rink , go curling and watch the big Christmas parade. There should also be a magical fairytale forest .

The highlight is the flying Santa Claus , who can fly back and forth and spray sparks. Since the Christmas fair lasts until December 31, a big fireworks display is also planned for the end of the year.

Opening times : November 21st – December 31st

Address : Cranger Kirmes, Dorstener Straße, Herne

4. Dortmund: Christmas market at Hansaplatz

Christmas markets in NRW

One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany also takes place in Dortmund. In addition, with around 300 stands, it is one of the largest . Here you can wonderfully stroll through the alleys and find handicrafts, toys, decorations and much more. You can also find a lot in culinary terms at the Dortmund Christmas Market.

There is a special children’s Christmas market for the little ones. Since 1996 the Christmas market on Hansaplatz has held the record for the largest Christmas tree with 45 meters and 48,000 small lights.

Opening times : November 25th – December 24th, 2019

Address : Hansastraße 72, 44137 Dortmund

Corona has been a challenge and we are all looking forward t better times. 2020 was a year to think and rethink. You will soon get to travel to a much more quieter NRW but the Christmas markets in NRW will still be there, albeit a bit calmer than yester years. Enjoy your trip around NRW in 2021!

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