How much will a citizen corona test cost from October in Germany?


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What can unvaccinated people expect from the rules and for whom will the citizen corona tests remain free?

There are rapid tests on almost every street corner in Germany. With the end of the free citizen corona tests in October, the test offer is likely to shrink drastically.

citizen corona test
Rapid tests on almost every street corner. With the end of the free citizen tests in October, the test offer is likely to shrink drastically

Bye bye free German citizen corona test

From October 11th, the free citizen tests will be discontinued. In a survey for BamS, 60 percent of those questioned consider the measure to be the right one. A third of the respondents think it is wrong. In addition, a majority of 64 percent are in favor of those who have been vaccinated should regain more freedom than those who have not been vaccinated.

Free tests will soon only be available for children and adolescents and people for whom there is no vaccination recommendation. Other unvaccinated people have to pay for tests that allow access to indoor restaurants, indoor sports or the hairdresser.

citizen corona test


What do you need to know about the citizen corona tests from October

Will the network for free quick corona tests in Germany collapse in October?

There will be no collapse, but there will be a thinning. In cities like Berlin there will still be enough opportunities, but in the country? “The distances can be quite long and not everyone is so mobile that such circumstances are completely problem-free.

What about visitors to retirement and nursing homes in Germany?

The regulations for nursing homes remain as they are. The visitor test remains free of charge. ”Unlike the citizen test, it is not affected by the new regulation.

What have the free citizen tests cost the state so far?

The Federal Social Security Office has so far paid a good four billion euros to around 15,000 test centers in Germany.

How much has a test been remunerated so far?

8 euros for the effort, 3.50 for the contribution in kind.

What will a rapid test cost in the future?

The individual citizen will probably pay a little less than the state currently transfers to the test centers. Labs in Germany will probably charge eight to ten euros per antigen rapid test as a lower limit.

Will cheap tests from the Far East flood the market?

That will not happen because only test kits are approved that are on the list of the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

Will at least the pharmacies continue to carry out rapid tests?

According to the German Federal Chamber of Pharmacists there are currently around 5,000 pharmacies registered as quick test providers on the consumer portal Even if the demand for the tests declines, many pharmacies will certainly continue to test.

A PCR test should even be necessary for discos and concerts. What does that cost?

According to Techniker Krankenkasse, 35 euros is the lowest threshold, at airports you pay around 70 euros. Depending on the provider, well over 100 euros are also possible.

citizen corona test

Is discontinuing the free citizen corona tests a way of imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated in Germany?

Overall, the federal and state governments want to increase the pressure on unvaccinated people. According to the proposed resolution, a so-called 3G rule should apply in August, which regulates access to numerous areas of social life only for those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested. 

Those who have neither been vaccinated nor recently recovered from Covid-19 disease should only have access to hospitals, nursing homes, events, church services, fitness studios, hotels, as well as indoor catering and body-friendly services if they present a negative corona test.

What is the 3-G rule in Gerrmany?  It refers to the German words “geimpft, genesen, getestet” – it simply refers to the “vaccinated, recovered, tested”

A rapid antigen test must not be older than 24 hours, a PCR test not older than 48 hours. According to the proposed resolution, the federal states should be able to suspend the 3G rule in whole or in part if the seven-day incidence is stable and low “and an increase in the number of infections is not expected due to the suspension of the regulations”.

The draft resolution essentially takes up the proposal from German health minister Spahn’s strategy paper, which goes even further. There it says that in an emergency, unvaccinated people should generally no longer be admitted to events – not even with a negative rapid test.

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