The 16 best climbing parks & high ropes courses in Germany


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A trip to the climbing park is an exciting adventure for everyone, because courage, balance and skill are essential here. The perfect leisure time fun as a family, with friends or to promote team strength with work colleagues.

Climbing parks and high rope courses can be found in many holiday destinations in Germany , so that you can integrate your trip to the climbing park perfectly into your holiday in Germany. At lofty heights , naturally secured by a rope, you can walk over wobbly bridges, shimmy from rope to rope or zip down a zip line.

Below is a list of 16 options to find the right climbing forest for you in Germany and what exciting adventures await you there.

1. Biberach climbing forest (Baden-Württemberg)

climbing park

You can put your skills to the test on a total of nine courses and challenge yourself a little.

85 climbing elements ensure that there is guaranteed not to be bored. The various routes are designed for beginners, children and brave climbers, so everyone is guaranteed to have fun here.

The courses run at a height of four to 11 meters. There is also a children’s course that children aged 6 and over can climb when accompanied by an adult.

If you dare, you can jump off a platform from a height of ten meters or whiz down the beaver lightning, the longest and fastest cable car.

Address: Sonnenrain 10, 88400 Biberach

Opening times: from mid-April to early November, not open every day

2. Betzenstein Adventure Park (Bavaria)

climbing parks

In this climbing park in Bavaria you can put your climbing skills to the test in a natural environment .

11 different climbing paths are available to you.

Even children aged 5 and over can trust age-appropriate climbing paths here. The courses are different in their degrees of difficulty and have various surprises in store.

For example, you can get to a suspension bridge on the rock path along the rugged stone or slide a wooden sledge through the air on the toboggan course, even in summer.

On a cable car it goes over the heads of the bathers in the nearby outdoor pool and the sporty climbers can compete on the risk course. You should be real fighters for this path.

Address: Hauptstrasse 68, 91282 Betzenstein

Opening times: from March to mid-November, guests without registration only on individual days

3.Mount Mitte (Berlin)

climbing park

This high ropes course awaits you in the middle of Berlin. Around 92 climbing obstacles await you on three levels at a height of three to 15 meters . The order in which you climb the various stations is entirely up to you.

Some of the climbing courses are permitted from a height of 1.30 meters. You can conquer a total of six routes on the octagonal climbing tower. Conquer the “Brocken”, “Zugspitze”, “Kilimandjaro” or even the “Everest”.

You can find this highest route in the climbing park at a height of 13 meters – so only something for the very brave and only approved for ages 16 and over.

Tip: Combine your trip to Mount Mitte with a sightseeing tour through the capital and get to know the sights of Berlin .

Address: Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 8, 10115 Berlin

Opening times: all year round (except in bad weather), Mon. – Fri. from 2 p.m. to sunset, Sat./Sun. from 10 a.m. to sunset

4. Grünheide climbing forest (Brandenburg)

climbing parks

Located directly on the north beach of the Werlsee in Brandenburg you will find the climbing forest Grünheide.

The climbing forest is a natural high ropes course and does not wind through a steel structure, but through the middle of the forest. At 88 exciting climbing elements you can try you at five different courses.

The height of the climbing paths is between three and 16 meters. You can climb a ladder with a 70 percent gradient, fly through the air on zip lines or venture over wobbly wooden structures. The bravest climbers can dare to jump into a net from a height of 15 meters.

But the very little ones are also catered for in the Grünheide climbing forest. In the Mini’s climbing labyrinth ,  children aged 4 and  over can try their hand at 40 climbing elements.

A visit to the climbing park is an adventure for the whole family. You not only climb here in natural and unique surroundings , but you can also dare to jump into the Werlsee immediately after climbing or hang out on the beach.

Address: Friedrich-Engels-Str. 14b, 15537 Grünheide (Mark)

Opening times: from the end of March to the beginning of November, not open every day

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5. Lesum ropes course (Bremen)

climbing parks

The next climbing forest in Germany that we would like to show you can be found in Bremen Burglesum.

There you can register as a group, company or as a school class.

The focus here is on working in a team and communicating with one another. The high ropes course is located in the middle of the Friedehorst Park and therefore presents itself to you in a natural environment .

You can put your team skills to the test on eight high rope elements at heights of five to 14 meters .

Address: Friedehorstpark – Holthorster Weg, 28717 Bremen-Lesum

Opening times: by appointment only

6. High ropes course in Cap San Diego / Hamburg

climbing parks

You climb in a very special setting in the high ropes course Cap San Diego in the port of Hamburg.

On the museum freighter Cap San Diego you climb together as a team and conquer the most tricky tasks.

The offer is aimed at groups of 5 to 60 people and must be booked in advance. You climb from mast to mast and enjoy a great view over the port of Hamburg.

On the pilot ladder, which leads almost vertically upwards, it depends on the strength of the team and below deck you balance over wobbly wooden structures. Many of the climbing elements have to be tackled by the entire team, otherwise it won’t work.

So even with larger groups there is no boredom.

  • Do you want to spend not just hours, but days at a height of a few meters? How about an overnight stay in a tree house hotel ?

Address: Überseebrücke, 20459 Hamburg

Opening times: by arrangement

7. Climbing park Edersee in the Edertal (Hesse)

climbing parks

The Edersee climbing park in Hessen is the perfect destination for the whole family and guarantees variety and an exciting day in the fresh air.

In three to eleven meters high it goes for you from tree to tree. You climb over ropes, ropes, beams or wobbly elements.

Children from 10 years and a height of 1.40 meters are allowed to go on the climbing course here. A trip here is not only something for families, but also for stag parties , companies or individuals.

The climbing park is located directly on the Edersee, one of the most beautiful German bathing lakes and also offers many other exciting excursion destinations in the region.

Address: Am Eschelsberg 1, 34549 Edertal

Opening times: from the end of March to October, not open every day

8. Rügen forest rope park (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

climbing parks

On the Baltic Sea island of Rügen, you can not only breathe in the mountain air on a treetop path, but also let off steam on eight climbing routes on the Rügen Forest Rope Park.

Among other things, there is a zip line course , but also a climbing area for toddlers. Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to climb under the supervision of an adult.

With a wonderful view towards Stralsund you climb over various obstacles between old trees and can test your personal limits. As in all climbing parks in Germany, the following also applies here:

each as much as he can.

Address: Klingenberg 25, 18573 Altefähr

Opening times: by arrangement

9. Höhenwegarena climbing park in Schneverdingen (Lower Saxony)

climbing parks

Located in the middle of the natural wonder of Lüneburg Heath , the Höhenwegarena climbing park awaits brave climbers of all ages.

You can try your hand at over 150 climbing tasks at a height of up to 30 meters and six levels. With these dimensions, the Höhenwegarena is Europe’s largest climbing park .

There are no fixed parcours routes in the climbing park , you can just climb where you prefer. Overall, the obstacles are divided into three levels of difficulty.

Balance yourself at a dizzying height over wooden panels or make yourself comfortable on a beer tent set. Several free-fall abseiling points and zip lines complete the experience.

Since the surrounding landscape is very flat, with good visibility you can enjoy a kilometer-wide view of the Lüneburg Heath.

Address: Camp Reinsehlen 20 / Panzerwaschanlage, 29640 Schneverdingen

Opening times: from mid-March to mid-October, not open every day

10. Kletterwald Kassel (Hesse)

climbing parks

The Kassel climbing park is a particularly family-friendly climbing park in Hesse. The eight courses are suitable for different levels.

Children over one meter tall can try out their first balance exercises in the forest on the very easy knight’s course. Parents supervise their little ones from the ground.

Thanks to a circumferential safety system, children aged eight and over can even climb the green course on their own. The other family and adult courses offer everything else that can swing with slacklines, zip lines and stirrups .

The climbing time is between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the course. You climb up to 14 meters above the ground .

Address:  Hohes Gras, Habichtswald, 34131 Kassel

Opening times:  mid-May to mid-October, mainly open on weekends and during school holidays

11. Climbing forest Speyer (Rhineland-Palatinate)

climbing parks

In the climbing forest Speyer in Rhineland-Palatinate you can let off steam on ten courses and over 60,000 square meters of space .

You can find the paths at a height of between one and 12 meters. Children aged eight and over are allowed to go climbing here alone.

However, children under eight years of age are allowed on the climbing course when accompanied by an adult. In the middle of the forest you will find various  obstacles and platforms that lead you from tree to tree.

Shimmy along a rope or climb a rope ladder. You crawl a few meters above the ground through a wobbly tube.

Tip: visit the cathedral in Speyer. The Speyer Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in all of Germany .

Address: First Richtweg 5, 67346 Speyer

Opening times: late March to late October, not open every day

12.Climbing harbor Merzig (Saarland)

climbing parks

This climbing park is not located in the middle of a forest, but made of a wood and steel structure .

There are a total of ten climbing courses for every age group.

Children from the age of five and a reach height of 1.30 meters are allowed to climb the toddler course, but only when accompanied by an adult.

The other routes, which are divided into six levels of difficulty, go higher. A total of around 100 climbing obstacles cross your path and try to challenge you.

If that’s not enough, you can expand your skills on two instruction courses under the guidance of a trainer.

Among the obstacles you will also find jumps from 19 and 22 meters and five cable cars.

The special:

In this climbing park in Germany you can also climb at night on certain dates.

Our tip: Only half an hour’s drive separates you from the Saarschleife and the Cloef viewpoint. It is one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Germany and offers you a perfect panoramic view of the picturesque Saar loop.

Address: Saarwiesenring 14, 66663 Merzig

Opening times: from the end of March to the end of October

13. Sherwood Forest in Dippoldiswalde (Saxony)

climbing parks

The Sherwood Forest climbing garden is located directly at the Malter dam in Dippoldiswalde.

A total of 90 climbing obstacles on ten courses await you in the beautiful landscape of the Eastern Ore Mountains.

The trails are divided into easy, medium and difficult levels of difficulty and are located at a height of 0.5 to 12 meters .

Even the youngest visitors are allowed to balance on the lowest course without safety and thus experience an age-appropriate climbing experience. Each of the trails has a special element.

This can be a cable car up to 100 meters long , a net jump or a free fall. Adrenaline is definitely guaranteed.

The minimum age for the courses over one meter is five years, or a minimum height of 1.10 meters.

Address: Am Wald, 01744 Dippoldiswalde / OT Paulsdorf

Opening times: from April to October, not open every day

14. Koala climbing forest in Naumburg (Saxony-Anhalt)

In Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt you can go to the Koala climbing forest at a height of up to 13.5 meters .

You can prove your courage on seven courses.

Depending on which course you choose, you balance at a height of 1.3 to 13.5 meters over suspension bridges, snowboards , through tires or over wobbly wooden blocks .

With a cable car, you can quickly descend on individual courses.

Of course, you are always secure.

It is advisable to climb the routes from easy to difficult, this is the best way to get a safe feeling for the obstacles.

Address: Am Tennispl., 06618 Naumburg (Saale)

Opening times: from April to October, not open every day

15. Fehmarn high ropes course (Schleswig-Holstein)

climbing parks

This climbing adventure awaits you on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn at a height of up to ten meters.

The climbing park is artificially built and not in the middle of a forest. Of course, that doesn’t detract from the climbing fun, because you can expect a variety of tasks and obstacles .

How about a balancing act over a thin rope or over a beam? You climb rope ladders and nets, walk over wobbly wooden paths to the next platform.

Your skills are also important on the ground. You pile up with empty crates of drinks.

The climbing park is suitable for groups of 10 to 15 people and must be booked in advance.

You then climb under the direction of an experienced safety trainer.

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Address: Meeschendorf, 23769 Fehmarn

Opening times: by appointment, from the beginning of July to the end of August, climbing together every Thursday from 11 a.m.

16. Gera climbing forest (Thuringia)

climbing parks

You can test your limits and prove your courage on a total of seven climbing courses in the Gera climbing forest.

Over 100 climbing elements ensure that the day in the high ropes course is guaranteed not to be boring. The climbing routes are divided into different levels of difficulty and are located two to 12 meters above the ground.

Climb over wobbly bridges, shimmy around on ropes to the next platform or balance over tires and beams.

Children from 5 years and a height of at least 1.10 meters can test their climbing skills on two children’s courses.

zip line provides an additional adrenaline rush.

Address: Am Martinsgrund, 07548 Gera

Opening times: from April to October, not open every day

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