Corona and Deutsche Bahn: tickets, goodwill and hygiene rules


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The  3G rule applies  in public transport: only those who have been fully vaccinated, recovered (not longer than 180 days) or tested are allowed to ride on local and long-distance trains as well as on buses, trams, underground and suburban trains.

Corona and Deutsche Bahn: Hygiene, ticket controls, expired tickets, on-board catering: This is how Corona restrictions affect train travel.

  • 3G rule in public transport
  • Occupancy display should prevent full trains
  • Increased hygiene measures

A negative test must not be older than 24 hours when starting the journey (documented negative rapid antigen test under supervision, no self-test, or current PCR test). Children under 6 years of age and schoolchildren are excluded.

Corona and Deutsche Bahn: 3G rule is randomly checked

Corona and Deutsche Bahn
© Deutsche Bahn AG

Compliance with the regulation should be checked on a spot-check basis. According to Deutsche Bahn, if a passenger does not have a 3G certificate, the security and control staff will ask to get off at the next stop and get the 3G certificate at a test center. A violation of the 3G rule is considered an administrative offense with a fine .

According to DB, it is only possible to pick someone up from the platform without a 3G certificate, which is only required for traveling on trains and buses. Canceling a ticket is only possible within the framework of the normal tariff regulations; according to the railway, there is no further goodwill due to the new regulations. Corona information from Deutsche Bahn.

▶ When wearing masks in public transport, the statutory provisions of the respective federal state regulations apply. DB recommends that passengers on the train and on platforms wear an FFP2 mask.

▶ The mask checks on long distance trains have been strengthened. If a passenger repeatedly fails to comply with the mask requirement, he or she can be excluded from transport; the Federal Police should regulate this in conflict situations. Those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons are not obliged to do so. The train crew is entitled to ask for a certificate.

As in all areas of public life, the hygiene rules issued by the Robert Koch Institute on buses and trains also apply to rail travel , including maintaining a minimum distance , washing your hands regularly and sneezing or coughing in the crook of your arm.

Information about current connections

Information on connections, restrictions and timetable adjustments in regional or long-distance transport as well as bus and train tickets or the BahnCard can be obtained contactless via the online service of Deutsche Bahn or using the “DB Navigator” app. There you can also read all the latest news.

No longer bookable if the occupancy is very high

Corona and Deutsche Bahn
© Deutsche Bahn AG

With the Deutsche Bahn occupancy display, customers can see how full a long-distance train is likely to be on the Deutsche Bahn website and in the DB Navigator app. This is a forecast based on the historical occupancy values ​​and the bookings already received, which is regularly adjusted to the current status until departure.

The connections are specially marked when the seat capacity is expected to be more than half the capacity. If exceptionally high occupancy is expected, the train is threatened with overcrowding on some sections of the route and many passengers have to stand still, ticket bookings and seat reservations are no longer possible.

▶ For all long-distance journeys, Deutsche Bahn generally recommends reserving a seat . DB also advises passengers not only to consider the fastest connection when buying tickets . Those who are willing to plan a little more time or accept an additional switch often benefit from less full trains. At the ticket machine, on the Deutsche Bahn website and in the DB Navigator app, you can deactivate the search for the fastest connection under “Connection details” and display alternatives .

The DB travel centers have opened nationwide. Plexiglass panes on the counters protect against droplet infection , in the queues the minimum distance of 1.5 meters applies.

Ticket control on the train in Corona times

Corona and Deutsche Bahn
© Deutsche Bahn AG

On the train, the ticket is checked in both local and long-distance traffic without contact . That means: only on sight and by scan. Passengers show their smartphones with the digital ticket in the DB Navigator app or a printed out paper ticket. With the convenience check-in function on the DB Navigator app or online, you can completely save yourself the ticket control.

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