Corona bonus for employees: Do you know who gets how much money?


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Schools, university clinics, police: Employees in these professional fields, among others, receive a special corona payment. But not only in the public service of the federal states can employees benefit from a bonus.

Until March 31 2022, employees can receive a corona bonus of a maximum of 1,500 euros from their employer – tax-free. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the money serves to alleviate the additional burden caused by the Corona crisis and is paid in addition to wages. Even mini-jobbers can receive tax-free bonus payments.

Corona bonus

1,300 euros for public sector employees in the federal states

▶ Public service workers in the federal states will receive, among other things, a tax-free and duty-free corona special payment of EUR 1,300, by next March at the latest. The unions and employers agreed on this at the beginning of the week.

▶ According to the union, it concerns employees, for example in state authorities, university clinics, schools, daycare centers, the police and fire brigade, road maintenance services, forestry or waste disposal companies. 

v Apprentices, interns and student employees also receive a corona bonus; they receive half, or 650 euros.

Corona bonus

Corona bonus for civil servants

The Free State of Bavaria also transfers the collective bargaining agreement for employees in the public service of the federal states to its civil servants0.

▶ Among other things, they should also receive a special corona payment of 1,300 euros. This is a clear signal to pay tribute to their valuable work. Bavaria’s Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU) said on Monday, especially with major challenges, such as the current management of the Corona crisis.

Bonuses, for example, from Post, Siemens and Adidas

According to the AFP news agency, Deutsche Post is planning to pay out a corona bonus of around EUR 200 million to around 550,000 employees. Siemens says it pays a special Covid payment of up to 1,000 euros to employees, as the company announced at the end of last year.

▶ The Bavarian sporting goods manufacturer Adidas announced at the end of last year that it would pay its around 60,000 employees around the world a Corona thank you bonus for Christmas – up to 1,000 euros, depending on the purchasing power in the respective country.

Corona bonus

The new German coalition government is planning a further care bonus

Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) wants to drastically increase the salary of nurses in intensive care units for a limited period from state funds. It brings a tax-free or even doubled salary into play for twelve months . Politicians now need a signal. “Now the fight is on in the intensive care units, now the people there are doing superhuman things, so the signals have to come very quickly,” said Holetschek.

The planned traffic light coalition also wants, among other things, to improve the financial situation of nurses in intensive care units. She has spoken out in favor of a renewed bonus for all nursing staff in homes and hospitals and wants to provide one billion euros for this. The tax exemption of the care bonus is to increase to 3,000 euros.


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