When is the right time to get the corona booster vaccination?


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If the vaccination protection against Covid-19 wears off, a corona booster vaccination is recommended in many cases. But many questions remain unanswered: For example, which vaccine is best?

In the meantime, around 2.7 million people in Germany have received a booster vaccination against the coronavirus. With more than 55 million fully vaccinated people, this still seems very little. This could also be related to the many ambiguities surrounding the corona booster vaccination.

corona booster vaccination

Important note: The information below is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. 

The right vaccine for your corona booster vaccination

Which vaccine must be used for the third (or, in the case of Johnson & Johnson, second) vaccination? When does the vaccination status expire and, for example, you can no longer go to a restaurant without a test? How can the vaccination status be restored with a booster vaccination? t-online clarifies important questions at a glance. 

When is the right time for the corona booster vaccination?

In principle, the booster vaccination should be carried out six months after the second vaccination at the earliest. Priority will initially be given to older people, medical staff or other vulnerable groups.

Exceptions apply to those vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson. You should receive the booster vaccination four weeks after the first vaccination. For Astrazeneca vaccinated people, however, the period of six months also applies.

In principle, the deadlines should be adhered to and, above all, not shortened. After just three or four months, most people still have adequate protection against the coronavirus.


Which vaccine should be used for booster vaccination?

Basically, only the mRNA vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna are used for all booster vaccinations in Germany . They have a high protective effect and are also sufficiently available, explains the Ministry of Health. The STIKO also recommends only the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer for both the basic immunization and the booster vaccination of under-30s.

In addition, the so-called cross vaccinations are particularly effective against the coronavirus: Anyone who was vaccinated with a vector vaccine from Johnson & Johnson or Astrazeneca in the first vaccination series should be protected even better by the booster vaccination.

Anyone who was vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine for the first and second vaccination should make sure to take the same vaccine again for the booster vaccination, at least that is the advice of the Federal Ministry of Health. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach , on the other hand, advises on Twitter to change vaccines in order to achieve the best possible protection.

Lauterbach cites a study that shows that a combination of Biontech works particularly well with the first and second and Moderna with the third vaccination. The reverse combination of Moderna and Biontech should work just as well. Those who were first vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson will therefore experience the best effect if they choose the Moderna vaccine for the booster vaccination.

When does the vaccination status in the vaccination pass or the Corona app expire?

The digital vaccination certificate expires after a technically defined period of twelve months, regardless of the actual vaccination protection. This period does not depend on the time of the vaccination itself, but on the time when the certificate was issued.

The first vaccination certificates will expire at the end of the second quarter of 2022, around a year after full vaccination protection has been achieved. Until then, there should be a uniform European solution so that the digital vaccination certificate can still be used after the deadline.

corona booster vaccination

Can the vaccination status be extended via the booster vaccination?

Yes and no, booster vaccinations can be displayed in the digital vaccination certificate, for example. The third vaccination is also entered in the paper vaccination pass. The documentation is the same as for the first, second or booster vaccination after recovery.

However, the period of validity of the European vaccination certificate remains unaffected by the booster vaccination. Depending on the observed duration of the vaccine’s effectiveness, the previous twelve-month period should be adjusted; the vaccination status may then be regularly renewed through booster vaccinations.

Who will get a booster vaccination?

In principle, anyone who had their second corona vaccination six months or more ago can get a third vaccination and does not have to pay for it. The booster vaccination is particularly recommended for certain groups of people, for example for immunocompromised or elderly people.

Are the vaccines for the third vaccination adapted to the new corona variants?

No, the vaccines have not yet been adapted to the circulating variants. Research is still ongoing and “new” or modified vaccines are not yet available.

However, various studies show that the current mRNA vaccines have been slightly weakened in their protective effect by the delta variant , but continue to provide good protection. Especially with regard to a severe course, there was no loss of effectiveness due to the delta variant.

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