Corona “Recovered” status was just shortened retrospectively: NEW 2022 Information


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“Recovered” status after a corona infection is now only valid for three months.

Recovered corona status: Anyone who has survived a corona infection only receives the recovered status for three months. The Federal Ministry of Health confirmed that the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had changed its guidelines accordingly. So far, proof of recovery has been recognized up to six months after infection.


“Recovered” status was just shortened in Germany

The recovered status is shortened and is only valid for three months. Does this also apply retrospectively? Who counts as recovered? Below is the updated information:.

  • In Germany, the status of having recovered from Corona will soon only be valid for a shorter period of time
  • This causes uncertainty among many of those affected: Does the shortened convalescent status also apply retrospectively? How can you prove your recovery? What is changing now?
  • The most important information for those who have recovered can be found here at a glance

Vaccinated or recovered – that is currently the prerequisite for being able to take part in many areas of public life in Germany where 2G applies in many places. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has now published new guidelines for those who have recovered. These concern, among other things, the validity of the convalescent status.

When and how long is one considered recovered?

Previously, the status lasted for six months. Now it expires after three months from the date of the positive PCR test. According to the new regulation, the proof of recovery is now valid no earlier than 28 days after the positive test has been taken.

Only three months to recover: Why is recovered status shortened?

The shortening is due to the more contagious omicron variant, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. In addition, it is uncertain whether an infection protects against infection with other (future?) variants.


RKI: Who is still considered recovered?

At the same time, the infection must not date back more than three months. Instead of six months, the recovered status is only valid for three months. A booster vaccination is then recommended. People who have been proven to be infected with the corona virus will no longer come to restaurants and the like if the 2G rule applies there and their infection was more than three months ago.

The basis for a recovered status is still a PCR test result that proves an infection, i.e. is positive. According to the RKI, rapid tests do not count. The new rules have been in effect since January 15, 2022.

Does the reduction of the recovered status apply retrospectively?

The new Corona regulation is effective immediately. This means that all certificates of recovery older than three months are no longer valid.

Corona recovery status: what proof do I need?

According to the RKI, the date on which the positive test was taken must be “at least 28 days ago”. So far, two PCR tests have been necessary for proof, first the positive one, then the negative one, or the orders of the health department: first for quarantine, then for de-isolation. Proof of recovery is available from both the doctor and the pharmacy. But in January, the countries softened the quarantine rules: Infected people and contact persons should also be able to test themselves with a certified rapid antigen test with proof.


Double vaccinated and recovered: does that count as a booster?

Anyone who has recovered is considered immunized after just one dose of vaccination. With two vaccinations plus infection, a recovered person would be on the same level as person who has received a booter vaccine.

Technical Issue: According to a report in the Ärztezeitung, the Cov-Pass and Corona-Warn-App “do not understand this logic”. You cannot tell “whether it is the second vaccination of the basic immunization or a booster vaccination and therefore shows a two-week waiting period,” the RKI concedes.

Proof of “recovered” status: how easy is it to get the certificate?

So far, a PCR test is necessary. With increasing incidences, the laboratories are reaching their capacity limits. Yet it is not so far. In the event of an overload, prioritization occurs. Then, for example, people with symptoms have priority. This in turn means that those who have recovered have to wait for the chance to be tested. This harbors a source of conflict: tens of thousands infected people who do not feel any symptoms, want to end their quarantine, but cannot prove that they have long since recovered.

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