Corona rules in Germany: What do 1G, 2G, 3G and 3G plus mean?


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If you want to visit clubs, restaurants or events in the Corona autumn, you have to observe the G-rules. But what is the meaning of 1G, 2G, 3G and 3G plus corona rules?

Clubs, cinemas or stadiums can be visited again in Germany – but strict corona measures must be observed. Most of the time, the 2G, 3G or 3G plus rule apply. Here you can find out what is behind it and why a rapid antigen test is often no longer sufficient in Bavaria when the corona rules are enforced.

What does the 3G rule mean?

Corona rules

The 3G rule is that the access area G eimpfte, G enesene and G etestete is allowed. According to the federal government , this applies in Germany primarily in the following areas:

  • Indoor catering
  • Hotels
  • Events, festivals
  • Hospitals, old people’s homes, nursing homes
  • body-hugging services, e.g. at the hairdresser’s

As the federal government further explains, countries can suspend the 3G rule in counties with low numbers of infections.

3G plus in Bavaria: meaning explained

In Bavaria there is a stricter form of the 3G rule in clubs and discos , which the state government calls “3G plus”. Anyone who has not been vaccinated or recovered must present a PCR test, which must not be more than 48 hours old. In contrast to the normal 3G rule, a rapid antigen test is not accepted.

With 3G plus, according to the state government, “the mask requirement and the requirement of the minimum distance are abolished”. Possible upper limits for the number of visitors as well as alcohol bans at sporting and cultural events are no longer applicable.

Away from clubs and discos, organizers can voluntarily rely on 3G plus in order to benefit from the elimination of the mask requirement and distance rules. This is possible in all areas in which the 3G rule otherwise applies. These include theaters, cinemas, conferences, libraries, music schools and sports facilities.

3G proof in paper form or digitally via app

Evidence in paper form as well as digitally is possible with the Corona-Warn-App, the CovPass-App or the Luca-App. For the digital proof, vaccinated and convalescent people can receive so-called Covid-19 certificates in paper form in many pharmacies , which can be uploaded to the apps via QR code.

What is 2G all about?

Corona rules

For months, the following has been the rule in many areas of public life: access only for vaccinated, convalescent and tested people. The so-called 3G rule was previously considered a prerequisite for reopening leisure facilities in the pandemic that had to close for a long time due to the increased risk of infection indoors – for example pubs, restaurants, cinemas and night clubs.

In view of the increasing number of infections, there are increasing voices that the pandemic can no longer be contained with 3G. Because the error rate in rapid tests is simply too high. The requirement: Only G eimpfte or G enesene will in future be admitted to many areas – after the 2G rule.

Corona rules

Current corona rules in most parts of Germany

  • General recommendations: minimum distance of 1.5 meters, hand hygiene, adequate ventilation of rooms, medical face mask, where no distance is possible
  • Mask requirement: in buildings and closed rooms including closed public vehicle areas, cabins, etc. (medical mask); For open-air events with more than 1,000 visitors: in entrance and meeting areas
  • No mask requirement: in private rooms, at fixed seating, standing and workplaces with a reliable minimum distance (does not apply to public transport and long-distance transport), in the restaurant at table
  • 3 -G rule: applies from a 7-day incidence over 35; Access to many indoor offers only for vaccinated, convalescent or negatively tested people (see the justification for Bavaria here: 14. BayIfSMV§ 3); incidence-independent: at trade fairs and events with more than 1,000 people
  • No 3-G rule: in trade, in public transport and long-distance traffic, during exams, in polling stations and registration rooms, at church services, at meetings within the meaning of Art. 8 GG
  • Larger events: at most at the same time 25,000 people (exception: trade fairs)
  • Hospital, nursing and handicapped facilities: employees who have not been vaccinated / who have not recovered: testing on at least 2 days per week; visitors who have not been vaccinated / who have not recovered: testing when entering the
  • Hotel industry, accommodation: overnight stays open with the 3-G rule; If the test is required, repeat it every 72 hours

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Do you think that the German health system needs to be comprehensively reformed?


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