Corona vaccination in pharmacies in Germany will be possible from February 8th!


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From February 8th, pharmacies can also offer vaccinations against Covid-19. Find out what you need to know.

Corona vaccination in pharmacies: From February 8th, pharmacies in Germany can also offer vaccinations against Covid-19. What you should know. The Federal Association of Pharmacists’ Associations expects a few hundred to start with. Preparations are already being made for this. How many pharmacies are participating? How does this all work? And how can I find participating pharmacies? Find out more on the most important questions and answers.

Corona vaccination in pharmacies

How can I find pharmacies that vaccinate against the coronavirus? 

The Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) advises those interested in vaccination to go to the website ” “. Here you can enter your zip code, the page will show you pharmacies in your area. The website will only show whether they also vaccinate against the corona virus from February 8th. The data is updated regularly.

Some chambers of pharmacists also offer information on the subject separately on their websites. 

When searching for the Bavarian Chamber of Pharmacists, for example, users can filter for vaccination pharmacies. 

▶ The search function of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Pharmacists will also offer such a function. 

▶ And the Saarland Chamber of Pharmacists offers an Excel document on its website that is updated regularly.

How many pharmacies offer corona vaccinations? 

It is currently not possible to say exactly. According to the ABDA, a four-digit number of pharmacies have reported to their respective state chamber of pharmacists that they meet the personnel, spatial, and insurance requirements for vaccination. The management will in the end decide whether a pharmacy can vaccinate people.

In a press release from the ABDA, ABDA President Gabriele Regina Overwiening explains that the number of vaccinating pharmacies will increase over time. “We assume that several hundred pharmacies will start vaccinations next week,” says Overwiening.

survey by the ABDA from December 2021 showed that every second pharmacy was prepared to carry out vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2. The pharmacists’ chambers in various federal states are already reporting specific figures. In Bavaria, for example, 108 pharmacies reported at the beginning of February that they were carrying out corona vaccinations, in Baden-Württemberg, there were 20 and in Saarland 42.

Corona vaccination in pharmacies

What vaccine do pharmacies offer? 

Pharmacies can order all approved vaccines. Vaccines from Biontech /Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Novavax are approved. The vaccine from AstraZeneca has not been available in Germany since December 1st. The Novavax vaccine, on the other hand, will probably not be used in Germany until the end of February. 

Who can pharmacies vaccinate? 

According to ABDA guidelines, pharmacies can vaccinate anyone over the age of twelve. In some cases, however, pharmacies may only vaccinate people over the age of 18. This is the case if the pharmacy has completed medical training as part of a pilot project on influenza vaccination.

How much does a vaccination cost in the pharmacy? 

Vaccinations in pharmacies are – just like in the vaccination centers – free of charge.

Corona vaccination in pharmacies

What do I have to bring? 

Just like for corona vaccinations in medical practices or vaccination centers, you must bring your identity card and vaccination card with you. At the pharmacy, you’ll get an explanation of the corona vaccines, and then consent to the vaccination will be required from you. You can find more information on the website of your respective pharmacy or by telephone.

Do I need to make an appointment? 

The ABDA advises interested parties to make an appointment by phone to be on the safe side, or to find out more about it. Whether an appointment is really necessary depends on the pharmacy.

Is a corona vaccination in pharmacies safe? 

Pharmacies must complete medical training before offering COVID-19 vaccinations. In total, a good 6,000 pharmacists have now completed the necessary training, according to the Federal Union of German Pharmacists’ Associations.

Prerequisites for the vaccinations are several hours of theoretical and practical training by a doctor. The participants also learn first aid for emergencies, as the ABDA reports in a press release. In addition, special rooms must be set up and liability insurance must be maintained. According to ABDA President Overwiening, around 6,000 pharmacists have carried out the necessary training so far.

The pharmacies must report the requirements to the competent state chamber of pharmacists. In addition, vaccinations carried out must be passed on to the RKI’s vaccination surveillance department via an interface daily.


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