Are corona vaccine deniers in Germany being radicalized? Or are they waking up and choosing violence?


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In Germany, just like the protests against the corona restrictions in Vienna and Rotterdam, the protests are starting to take a more aggressive tone among. Appeals for violence and death threats are becoming more frequent. Is someone radicalizing the corona vaccine deniers?

Vaccine Vaccine Deniers: The demonstrations against the Corona measures are becoming an “orgy of violence”. It makes you wonder: Did dormant corona vaccine deniers simply wake up one day and decide to choose violence? Or is someone radicalizing them?

Is it a European phenomenon or calculated incitement?

Anti-corona demonstrations seem to have taken a foothold in Europe.

It makes you wonder: Is it about corona? or is someone or some entity taking advantage of the situation. Let’s be honest, there are other mandatory vaccines in Germany and across the globe.

Unless all these people demonstrating have never left their border, they must be aware that when vacationing in other countries, you might be required to have certain vaccinations.

Amsterdam Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Vienna Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Rome Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Zagreb Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Bern Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Athens Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Berlin Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Rotterdam Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Stuttgart Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Paris Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Leipzig Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Madrid Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Kassel Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Luxemburg Corona demonstrations

Vaccine Deniers

Brussels Corona demonstrations

Vaccine vaccine deniers in Germany seem to take a cue from other European countries

Observers and experts in Germany are starting to be alarmed by the tone of violence that the demonstrations are taking.

“My impression is, if you look at the last few days or weeks, that the sound gets rougher. Opponents of the vaccination see themselves partially reinforced by the demonstrations and riots in other European countries. Again and again violence is called for.”

Vaccine Deniers
Pia Lamberty, Social psychologist at the Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy (CeMAS)

“I notice in my own work that the extent of threats and insults, of trolling, is increasing significantly.”

Vaccine Deniers
Michael Blume, religious and political scientist and representative of the state government of Baden-Württemberg against anti-Semitism

“Many opponents of the vaccination are getting into the feeling that their rights of freedom are being threatened. That worries me when the these images are expressed so massively, maybe even then violence is seen as a legitimate means.”

Vaccine Deniers
Matthias Pöhlmann, sect representative of the Evangelical Church in Bavaria

Potential for violence

The Federal Criminal Police Office assessed the “vaccination opponents or corona deniers” at the beginning of November as a “relevant risk” in connection with attacks on vaccination centers or medical practices. The staff working there is at risk of being exposed to verbal hostility and – in the worst case – bodily harm. Exact figures are not yet available – but in many cases the state security is already investigating, reported the FAS.

As early as the beginning of November, Karl Lauterbach reported on Twitter about calls for murder that were circulating on the Internet about him.

Torch-bearing protesters gather outside the home of Saxony’s health minister

A protest against COVID-19 measures in front of Saxony’s health minster, Petra Köpping’s home, in which around 30 people took part in a torchlit demonstration, is clear indication of where things could go horribly wrong.

Demonstrations are operating like cult events

These “anti-corona measures” movements organized through Internet groups and Telegram, are encouraging the demonstrations that “function like cultic events”.

▶ People flock to convince themselves that they are speaking for the silent majority”. This false impression had collapsed in the past few months because the majority of Germans have already been vaccinated. 

According to countless surveys from the beginning of November, more than half of Germans are now in favor of compulsory vaccination. That means that demonstrators can no longer claim that they are speaking for the silent majority.

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