When are Covid booster shots available for everyone in Germany?


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So far 1.6 million people in Germany have had their Covid booster shots

When are people in Germany finally getting their Covid booster shots? Six months after the second vaccination?

But when does it happen in Germany? And do we all need the booster vaccination soon?

The current status is: The competent Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) recommends booster vaccinations only for people over 70, for nursing and medical staff who have direct contact with patients, for people who have received the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson and for people with a weakened immune system.

The Covid vaccination certificate is only valid for one year?

But it is also a fact: The vaccination certificate expires after a year – by then at the latest, people who have been twice immunized would have to be vaccinated a third time in order to be able to attend some events according to 2G and 3G rules (without tests). SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach: “That is the provisional validity. But we urgently need to talk about whether that should be shortened. “

That has already happened in Israel. Since the beginning of October, the so-called “Green Pass” has only been valid for six months after the second vaccination dose. Then a booster is needed – for everyone.

Covid booster shots

When will the third Covid booster shots be available? That’s what the StiKo says

The Standing Vaccination Commission at the RKI: “There is currently (!) no recommendation for other population groups, data is currently still being processed / evaluated.”

The emphasis is on “currently”. The RKI emphasized, however, that one “cannot yet estimate when a decision will be made”.

But: On September 6th, the conference of health ministers decided that the booster should also be offered “to everyone over 60 years of age”, as the benefits of the booster vaccination for them have “already been adequately proven”.

First for the elderly

The German Federal Ministry of Health mentioned that there would be enough vaccine available for “all people from the above-mentioned group of people” (all over 60s, nursing staff, etc.). “Conservatively calculated”, that is “between 10 and 13 million people.”

And: EVERYONE is already entitled to receive a booster vaccination, the ministry said: “In addition, according to the Vaccine Ordinance, a booster vaccination is possible for everyone who was vaccinated more than six months ago.”

Biontech and Moderna already have approval for Covid booster shots

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), responsible for vaccines and biomedical drugs, comments: “The third dose as a booster is currently approved for the Comirnaty mRNA vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer.”

And for Spikevax from Moderna. On Tuesday morning, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave the green light: Now the third vaccination can also be carried out with Moderna.

And that could help. Karl Lauterbach recently shared a vaccination scheme on Twitter. And that showed: a vaccination change with the third vaccination works best.

Corona debate about booster vaccinations

According to the RKI, there have been a total of 95 487 vaccination breakthroughs among the almost 55 million vaccinated since week 5. But: Only 0.02 percent of them ended up in the intensive care unit. And: The small group of the unvaccinated currently makes up the majority of intensive care patients. This shows that the vaccine is working.

Country doctor Dr. Thomas Aßmann (58): Covid booster shots for the elderly are “urgently needed” because the vaccination protection “decreases significantly in old age due to the weakened immune system”. In plain language: Because the immune system of older people is weaker, the vaccination protection also declines earlier in them.

Covid booster shots

The third vaccination booster shot is already possible now

Aßmann: “You can get vaccinated by your family doctor even if you are younger.” His recommendation: For older patients over 70 after six months, for young and healthy people, a booster vaccination can wait around a year and a half.

The immunologist Carsten Watzl (50) is a little more offensive: “I would even say that everyone over the age of 60 no later than six months after the second vaccination.”

Karl Lauterbach: “In view of the increasing number of cases, including among older people, a new vaccination campaign to use the booster vaccinations in this age group is now absolutely necessary,” he tells the newspapers of the Funke media group.

Expert: The pace needs to be increased

The head of the Central Institute for Statutory Health Insurance (ZI), Dominik Stillfried, calls for more speed with third-party vaccinations. “Currently, only about 250,000 people can be given a booster per week,” he tells the “Handelsblatt”. “This pace should be increased urgently.”

Because: Until December, twice as many vaccinations per week are necessary in order to reach all people to whom the Stiko recommends the vaccination booster. That is 4.1 million people. So far, according to the RKI, only 1.6 million have been third-vaccinated.

Studies show that the so-called effectiveness (protection against symptomatic infection) with BioNTech and Moderna decreases with the months, but is still very high. And even more important: The protection against a severe course is, according to the “Pharmazeutische Zeitung”, at least four months after the second vaccination at 97 percent.

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