The craziest pictures on Google Street View


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Google’s Street View map service offers 3D insights around the world. Sometimes strange things happen. Check out these some of the craziest pictures ever captured!

Google Street View was launched in 2007 and is now an integral part of the Google Maps offering. But while the 360 ​° camera vehicles roll through the streets of the world, more private and eerie moments are also captured. Below are a few of the craziest pictures from South America to Australia.

Pretty left hanging

If a lion on the crane isn’t weird enough already, then one could complain about how the animal is being left hanging in this picture. Sometimes you really want a little more support.

There is sharp shooting on this highway

On a small country road not far from the Finnish capital Helsinki, soldiers are presumably waiting for enemy contact – but only cars pass the road in the picture .

Group bathing fun

This street view caution flourishes for visitors to “Jigokudani Park” in Japan. The local monkey, the so-called Japanese macaque, enjoys a bath in the warm water springs with its conspecifics. Visitors can watch the animals up close.

Pets on the other side of the world

This is what a typical day in front of a café on the island of Tasmania (part of Australia) looks like. There an elderly man sits in front of the “ Bossimis Sheffield Bakehouse ” and enjoys a cup of coffee with his alpaca.

Google can also be rowdy

The small village ” Puerto Williams ” is located in the southernmost part of South America . Even there, Google Street View has been on the road, sometimes accompanied by a boy on a bike. But after a few shots, the boy falls on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the still images whether he was hit by the Google car.

Parked incorrectly

Somebody parked their car wrong and got caught – in two ways. In the foothills of the Carpathians , it’s not just the police who are quickly on the spot.

Haven’t seen enough yet? Here are some more highlights:

Live at the car race.

What is hanging out of the loading area here?

Animals also want to be in front of the camera.

The buffet is open.

Tim Gumbert
Tim Gumbert
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